Metaluna Musings and Saucer Speculations

By Martin Harris

Between the corporate madness of my day job and the fascinating but generally serious world of Uncensored News, I sometimes need to distract the old brain matter with some light entertainment. Ironically, it was one such occasion that inspired the composing of this blog. 

Anyone familiar with my blogs and comments  will know that when the subject turns to UFOs (a lifelong passion) it’s usually about clandestine military technology and psy-ops, which I do feel offer the best explanation for many close encounter cases. However, while relaxing and watching an old classic science fiction movie, “This Island Earth” (1955) I couldn’t help but analyse  the plot and allow my mind to speculate freely.

In the aforenamed movie, a tall blonde “Nordic” type humanoid named Exeter reveals himself to be an inhabitant of a dying world called Metaluna. On this planet, the citizens have all moved into a vast underground metropolis as the surface is hostile to life as a result of the destruction of the ionosphere. This was replaced by an artificial ionosphere, which Exeter reveals to the movie’s protagonists, is now also failing. This called to mind something happening in the real world in that same era of which few were aware. Military scientists were indeed working on replacing Earth’s natural ionosphere with an artificial one, by the shockingly reckless method of exploding nuclear bombs into the upper atmosphere! (projects Prime, Argus and Starfish).

These experiments were failures (although they succeeded in creating power blackouts over wide regions of the Pacific and multi-coloured skies!). A few decades later, however, the technicians at HAARP are once again screwing with the ionosphere, but this time using radio waves.

The other point about HAARP and similar antenna arrays around the world is that they are, of course, Over The Horizon Radars. This fact slots into my speculative musings as we proceed.

Meanwhile back on planet Metaluna, as if things weren’t desperate enough, the already-ravaged planet is under attack by malevolent invaders who use tractor-beam equipped spacecraft to steer blazing meteors towards the disintegrating planet, ultimately causing it’s total destruction and the end of poor Exeter’s civilisation. It was the sight of these meteors being nudged along by spacecraft (in glorious Technicolor, no less!) that made me think of the wealth of recent “Bright meteor” events around the world in recent years and the curious anomalies associated with many of these sightings.

So here comes my big speculation:

What if the earth has been under observation by Extraterrestrial probes for an indeterminate length of time, coming and going with impunity, perhaps based nearby, like a moon base perhaps. Suddenly along comes WW2, missiles and Radar. Remember Foo Fighters, those fiery orbs that followed bombers and fighters? The skies are no longer safe. Possibly an altercation or two takes place with our military, and the aliens adopt both Radar Invisibility and optical invisibility: Stealth and Cloaking devices. And of course because they are still always one step ahead of us they can outpace our jets too.

However, soon enough another challenge is presented to the visitors. Over the Horizon Radar and The Space Fence mean that even entering earth’s inner orbital space cannot be broached without being spotted. Although stealth and cloaking may work within the atmosphere, an alien craft would presumably be subjected to the same heat/friction issues that our own spacecraft must deal with on re-entry. Perhaps they have more efficient methods of shielding, perhaps using a plasma cloak. This would unfortunately make any Et vessel a highly visible target. take for instance this well known footage taken from a shuttle mission:

So how to get through without being seen?

Unless one “sneaks” in, Trojan Horse style, by hiding behind a large meteorite or a defunct satellite whose orbit has decayed and subsequently falls to Earth. Piggybacking on space junk or  a flaming rock, one might just get through.

Take for instance this recent case:


And my analysis:

What at first appears to a run of the mill meteor, actually seems to show something being “fired upon” and after the “meteor” disintegrates, a small orb of light is seen fleeing the scene rapidly, as my cropped and enlarged stills demonstrate. Even though the footage suggests the UFO has been detected, it appears to escape unscathed even after the meteorite is hit.

This is all interesting because it correlates to certain statements made in a UK MOD document called Project Condign, which officially concludes that UFOs actually exist and are composed of plasma:

*Buoyant plasmas: Formed when a meteor does not fully burn up during entry to the atmosphere and remains visible to the naked eye and/or radar (my emphasis)
*Loose plasma objects: These can create a physical field, from which light will not reflect, sometimes making them appear as “black triangular crafts” of up to hundreds of feet long – a very commonly described UFO sighting
*Plasmas affecting vehicles: Sometimes the presence of such plasmas can even cause car engines and radios to malfunction if nearby.

(Source: Project Condign Report)

But what if the “plasma” is actually a cloak surrounding a solid object; a drone or piloted vehicle?

This scenario brings to mind a mutual possible solution to a couple of the most dramatic and best documented UFO cases on record: The Rendlesham Encounter and the Cash-Landrum Incident.

Credit goes to Jenny Randles (an outstanding researcher) for first noting the coincidental timing between these two highly credible classic ufo cases, and more importantly, the coincidence with the re-entry of a defunct Russian satellite.

A full analysis of these two extraordinary cases is beyond the scope of this blog, and I encourage readers to research for themselves. I will focus on the points that relate to the theory.

On Christmas (25 December) of 1980, space junk relating to Russian satellite Cosmos 749 burned up spectacularly as it re-entered Earth’s atmosphere. Astronomers and the general public alike watched the fiery display. But there was something very odd about this event. Scientific observers noted that there was a discrepancy in the orbital decay figures and the actual angle of descent. A commercial aircraft reported an apparent close encounter with falling debris (backed up by radar) and two stunned ground witnesses in Portugal reported this “space junk” flying at such a low altitude, as they stood awestruck on a beach, that they felt a “prickly heat” sensation as passed, and observed turbulence over the ocean in it’s wake. To top it all off, the “space junk” then performed a sharp, abrupt change of direction!

The direction in which this object headed took it to the English East Coast, and specifically towards Orford Ness and one of the most militarily sensitive areas in Europe. However, by this stage, the vehicle was clearly not part of the Cosmos debris, and was apparently experiencing some difficulties. Hardly surprising given Orford Ness’s reputation and the kind of research and experimentation that took place there. At certain times, cars passing in the vicinity of the Radar facility would come to sudden stop, their electrical systems dead. (Refer to Codign report conclusion above!) Aircraft were alerted to stay clear of certain zones due to a project named Cobra Mist, Cobra Mist involved an Over the Horizon radar system that worked by reflecting high frequency radio waves off the ionosphere. In other words, it was a precursor to HAARP.

The encounter between military personnel and UFOs has become the stuff of legend, with a repeat encounter the following night!

Rendlesham UFOs

Only a few days later, a UFO fitting the description of the Rendlesham object (faceted, glowing, bank of blue lights and a pulsing red light) which appeared to be experiencing technical difficulties, irradiated and injured three terrified witnesses in the US. It was pursued by an armada of military helicopters.

Cash Landrum UFOs

While Jenny Randles suggested that Cobra Mist may have been responsible for the strange events of that night, another  researcher, Ian Ridpath, debunks her theory:

BUT, Ridpath never mentions another more advanced OTHR radar system that Randles does indeed discuss in her theory:

Cold Witness, which was operational at least until 1984:

In fact it is Cold Witness that was reported to be capable of affecting the flight path of Low Orbit satellites in the same manner as HAARP. Note that Ridpath debunks the whole Rendlesham scenario and while initially convincing, it soon becomes clear that he is very selective in his use of evidence. If an alien craft was caught in the field a Cold Witness experiment using the Cosmos debris as target practice, it’s plasma cloak could have been affected, perhaps partially disabling the vehicle. IF it was a vehicle, that is….


The Condign Report: What It May Be Covering

I first encountered the Condign Report while collating material for a blog on another classic from the UFO annals; The Kaikoura Lights of 1978.

After reading the pdf document that I had accessed via the British Government archives and pinned for linking to my text, I found to my horror that the document had been replaced by a message from Google that the link had been removed via third party intervention! Fortunately I had written down the document number and made enquiries with Kew Gardens via their online service, where I found that Condign had been re-classified due to national defence issues and was no longer publicly accessible. To make matters stranger, I soon afterwards discovered that the document is already in the public domain, as evidenced in the current blog! Someone at Kew Gardens playing games?

So what does Condign tell us? It claims ufos, which are referred to as UAPs, are  natural plasma phenomena. Mention is made of studying this phenomenon for potential military application, but the UAPs are not otherwise considered to be hostile or of defence concern, except  as a potential nuisance to air traffic. Condign claims that these balls of plasma can arrange themselves into formations and patterns, and make sudden changes of speed and direction.

Applying Occam’s Razor and simple logic, if these plasma balls behave as if under intelligence guidance, then they probably are! This gives us two possibilities: Either they are vehicles from an unknown origin, or they are actual life forms in their own right. Two authors, Ivan T. Sanderson, a renowned Cryptozoologist, and Trevor Constable, who provided curious photos of something he called “sky critters”

What if UFOs Are living creatures?

Two more researchers, Jacques Vallee and John Keel, have both long held that ufos have always been here and may co-exist and interact with us in ways we may not fully understand. They may masquerade as angels, demons, aliens or whatever according to our cultural and technological expectations. During the days of atmospheric nuclear testing (which did horrific things to our ionosphere) these entities often issued dire warnings and clearly had a vested interest in what we do to “our” planet (which is likely also theirs).

Take a look at the evidence presented in this blog: It is clear that the military does not view ufos as a threat, but as a NIUSANCE. Something that clutters our skies and interferes with their radars and atmospheric experiments. Are HAARP and other ionospheric heater/OTHR devices being used as giant “bug zappers”?

Taking this speculation further, the Condign Report mentions possible MILITARY  EXPLOITATION of the plasma-ufo phenomena. For several years now, has been monitoring the rapid increase and spread of noctilucent clouds, until recently a mainly polar phenomenon and seeded by meteorites and ionization. Military technology like HAARP is enhanced by such “charging” of the ionosphere, which normally has to be artificially induced by “beam painting” to create artificial auroras and huge “plasma bubbles” that work as a radar-reflecting mirror.

Could it be that the military powers are deliberately targeting and destroying meteorites and plasma-ufos in order to flood the upper atmosphere with radar-reflecting ionization?

“Noctilucent clouds are known to exhibit high radar reflectivity,[13] in a frequency range of 50 MHz to 1.3 GHz.[16] This behaviour is not well understood but a possible explanation is that the ice grains become coated with a thin metal film composed of sodium and iron, which makes the cloud far more reflective to radar,[13] although this explanation remains controversial.[17] Sodium and iron atoms are stripped from incoming micrometeors and settle into a layer just above the altitude of noctilucent clouds, and measurements have shown that these elements are severely depleted when the clouds are present. Other experiments have demonstrated that, at the extremely cold temperatures of a noctilucent cloud, sodium vapour can rapidly be deposited onto an ice surface.[18]”

If this is the case, they could be slaughtering living, intelligent plasma based life forms that have co-existed with us for millennia and thus may be an unrecognised but vital part of our ecosystem!

This follows a familiar and tragic pattern. As Jeff Wefferson constantly reminds us, the military-industrial complex has been bombarding our oceans with LFA sonar and Seismic Towed Arrays in order to make the seas and seabed transparent. In doing so they bring distress, injury, and often death, to our Cetacean oceanic kin (the only other mammals with which we share a Descended Larynx), the Whales and Dolphins. Both the Military and the oil industry perceive these mammals as a NUISANCE: why would they treat sky-dwelling or space-dwelling beings any differently?

In order to avoid the protest and outrage (ie more nuisance) that the attack on Cetaceans generates, something like the Condign paper would provide the ideal “cover” that ufos are nthing more than mindless blobs of plasma.

Clandestine military technology, visitors from another world/time/dimension, or plasmic life forms?

The answer is possibly: All three.

Hope you enjoyed my speculative ramble. Keep watching the skies!


Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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