Gitmo; The Global Power Narrative; Not A Drill, by G Squared

The GITMO Affair is to America’s enduring and permanent historic shame.
As if Vietnam were not enough. As if the use of; Atomic, Biological, and Chemical Weapons were not enough. As if Genocides were not enough!
America has Secret Prisons in Afghanistan, Egypt, Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Italy, and Israel. Why? The War Against Terror is a sham. It’s the relabelled Communism narrative.
If GWB, Clinton and Obama ventilated that they would close the known GITMO, were they lying to appease audiences, or were they unable?
Trump is having difficulty controlling The US Military. And there are all the various proxy armies under State Department and CIA control. Not controlled by the alleged Commander-in-Chief.
The Guantanamo Affair began with The USS Maine False Flag and Hoax of 15/2/1898. Actually scuttled in The FLorida Strait. The Lie that allowed the Invasions of Cuba, Hawaii, and The Philippines.
The Occupation of Cuba was to have ended in 1998. But who cares?
The GITMO Affair has developed a little community. The $750,000 Soccer Field is hardly for the unfortunates illegally detained and practice tortured there. And of course carnival days are also not for them.
Similarly, there are issues concerning America’s Occupation of Afghanistan.
America’s Black Economy Poppy Fields are hardly a secret. Australian and New Zealand Forces were used to ‘Protect’ them from Islamic Extremists and Fundamentaliusts.
Islam does not condone Drug Use. The Mujahideen and Taliban Histories, are not as pretended. Nor indeed is the current administration of that nation.
America of course also guards The Russian Pipelines. A trade-off to prevent Russia firebombing what effectively holds The American Economy in one piece. Apart from the unspoken agreements concerning Iran and The Strait of Hormuz.
Monsanto merged with Bayer ‘Guarded’ by the private CIA army Blackwater. Rebadged to Academi. But The US Military still lingers. As if Abu Ghraib were not enough. We had the magnificent American Military Images of The Great Heroes urinating on dead Afghanis. Freedom Fighters, Terrorists or whatever.
Now we have an issue of negelect in hospitals and a cover by command to ensure ‘A Positive Image’ not an Accurate Image. The difference is significant. And of course one risks condemnation by confusing the two. Or even releasing unfavourable material.
‘The Economist’ is running with the narrative that America is losing its role as a Global Power. Well at least it’s a tone down on THE Global Power narrative.
This will jolt the Anti-Trumperinas to ventilation. There could be a link to LGBT or Climate Change, for the fully informed, big thinkers and experts.
The reality is: AMERICA WAS NEVER A GLOBAL POWER. Get over it and read some Real History Not the Revisionist version, held so near and dear by the delusional. Not the MSM Headlines from decades past. Not the current MSM PR illusions of The Great World Constabulary.
Mobile airfields, bombers on genocidal missions, slaughtering and looting the weak; does not an empire make.
Was America really the great conqueror at the end of WWII. And its finest hour. If so: why did Potsdam deliver The Oder-Neisse Line to Russia. Why did America invent The Cold War. Couldn’t the great allies just march to Moscow.
If America had seen Russia as an Ally and not an Enemy; why was The Cold War invented by America. If Russia had invented it, the logic is not congruous after The 1945 Battle of Berlin. The Cold War was invented from a position of weakness by America.
Therefore America has always maintained Russia as an enemy. The only times America and Russia have appeared to be allies, was when Russia was defending intself.
SIS Stewart Menzies; unknown to Churchill; always ensured that Russian NKVD-GRU had the best Western Intel. The Cambridge Ring was created by SIS to feed Russia. It was realised; despite the idiotic politics of the day (and subsequently); that Russia was essential to control The Anglo-American invented NAZI Germany,
When Hitler reached Paris; he stayed only for a few hours. He was photographed and left. Paris was not attacked. The central banking consortium for NAZI Germany was Groupe Rothschild, based in Paris. Prescott Bush’s A. Harriman & Co. was based in New York. And other players were in The City of London.
The following clip is not about the silly NATO proxy. It’s about America. The thinking and attached classes know it. The Cold War Russian Stereotyping by American PR illusionsists still rests in the Belief Systems of the deluded. America delt it to its herds. It can now wear it.
America beyond the dubious War of Independence and the deceptive Civil War, became a False Flag, Opportunistic Aggressor. That era began with The False Flag and Hoaxes of The 1898 Spanish American War.
From there it became the illusionists’ paradise. In between was the slaughter of The Indians (including The Smallpox Genocide, invented by America The Moralist) and whoever it was determined, did not belong. And of course Slavery.
It didn’t really change. Economic Slavery is easy to hide. The Enslaved have a psychologically imperative, reality problem.
In Central America and The Caribbean, with The NAZI staffed CIA (Operation Paperclip). The idiocies of ideological differentials and illusions, sung to the herds, were sufficient a cover for the real agenda of Intervention, Regime Change, installing puppets, and looting the assets.
The bully boy of the school yard knocks over a weak target. Starts kicking them, steals their money, then runs away and hides. It keeps doing the same until it is stopped by Russia and China (Korea and Vietnam). The bully boy stands at the end of the yard making baseless threats, to maintain its falsely moralised gang of sycophantic vassals. That will never defend it.
Soft targets in The Middle East are identified and broken. Posturings begin in Eastern Europe and Eurasia; disguised as Civil Political Disturbances. Russia and China knowing that the aggressor dressed as a democratising humanitarian, will NEVER cross the lines it has been shown. (Vide: The Berlin Wall, The 38th. Parallel North.)
The fiction of Populist Uprisings, delivers the deception of Democracy. The version as invented by America.
Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, The Middle East, and Eastern Europe; did not play to script. America is isolated and must now behave in a civilised manner, or face the outcomes.
Trump, in his recent Vietnam tour, was asked to promote an American base near Hanoi to monitor Hainan Island. The audacity; after The Vietnam War was enough. One would have thought that a compensation offering as appeasement and rapproachment to Vietnam Cambodia and Laos, would have been a good start. Say a meagre five or six trillion dollars or so. But sadly no. Great Negotiation philosophies bought nothing.
However it was quietly agreed that as America has lost the Syrian War it started, lost Ukraine it started, and has a problem posturing against Russia and China; that it go away.
Warmongering has delivered the bankrupted economy it would. America’s deficit is far more than the admitted $20 trillion. $6 trillion of which was wasted in The Middle East aggressions, just from 1990 to date. Not the $1 trillion tutored to the herds.
The Winners are America’s Military Industrial Complex which has looted The American Economy to pay for Phoney Wars. And The Banking Cartels which looted the banks, assets, and resources of the invaded and broken nation states.
The EU and America are both bankrupt, almost virtually beyond salvation; without a major economic reset. The currencies are worthless and hyperinflated. They display an exchangeability by virtue of manipulated markets.
Both The EU and The US are in total denial, at the peril of their trapped citizenry. The EU bankrupted itself by its insane Deep State Governance. The US by its incessant Warmongering, Deep State, believing itself to be exceptional with hegemonic delusions, and an Empire. Refusing to live peacefully in The Real World.
Both The EU and The US desperately needed to be merged as The NWO, to save them both. As well as deliver the globalist insanity. And so the theory sang.
Clinton in 2016 was the key. There is never any way that zero plus zero would become a positive number. Trade, loot, threaten, and sanction, all they want.
Americans of the enslaved classes work to ‘earn’ fractional, leveraged, taxed, debt, fiat currency as Credits. But the issuing America is bankrupt, and the theorised ‘Value’ of The US Dollar (and its Petro-Dollar, and World Reserve Currency SHAMS) is based on economic accounting manipulations and deceptions.
The belief that ‘Printed’ fictional funds for mortgages, would not hyperinflate the currency; as the fractional leveraged currency was not directly linked and there would be a Return through real created assets as interest; also failed. As it would.
Mortgage Loans were pushed hard. They were then packaged with imaginings; evolved in London in the late 70s. I was there at the time. The packaged were labelled incorrectly by the main American Rating Agencies, and sold as secondary ‘Investments’.
There was never a reality that these would not explode on the second tier of Investment Banking through their client base. Pension and other Funds would fall.
I saw this all First Hand, years in advance, and warned about it. As variously depicted in certain books, and ‘The Big Short’ and ‘Margin Call’. The outcome of my correct assessments and warnings had me variously declared Persona Non Grata.
Appropriately Demonised, Expunged, Excluded, Refused Entry, and declared Not a Fit and Proper Person. This was later followed by certain characters searching for solutions, attempting to repair bridges; and all was a misunderstanding. But by that time; the damage was irreversible, and many others had understood what I had written and said at the time.
It was too late in many regards. There was a cross-over between Intel and International Banking Cartels. There were a number of attempts on my life, and I was gaoled for over a decade in The Politically Correct West. The attempts on my life continued. I’m an old warrior. I live with the physical incapacities. I became mentally stronger. I don’t do Opinions or Versions of anything.
In real economic value, One US Dollar in 1913 (when The Fed and The IRS to feed The Fed were formed) is worth three cents in 2017.
Then the mantle of world moralist and ideology instructor, appeared. The Slaughters, Devastations, and Lootings, were all just Collateral Damage against Soft Targets.
Slaughters from Japan to Syria hardly proved a moral constabulary. More a gangster, no less than Nazi Germany. (vide: The Rat Lines, Operation Paperclip, NASA, The CIA, The Cold War).
America’s military failures are legend. But it was never about ‘Winning’ or reforming anything. It was always about devastation and looting broken states. England left operational nation states behind it. America leaves what it does and runs.
England had a functioning Empire. America has nothing.
America tagged onto the alleged ‘Winners’ of WWI. Bearing in mind it was an Armistice, and WWII was definately Part II.
WWII was somewhat confusing. From the days of The Bolshevik Revolution; Russia refused to co-operate with its devout enemies; The Anglo-American Franco Germanic hidden Consortium.
From 882 AD, the failures kept rolling; The handlers of; Napoleon, Hitler, and Churchill, never understood The Bear.
The only injuries America can inflict on Real Players; is their being hospitalised for stress sustained through uncontrolled laughter.
The current self-caused American domestic psycho-turmoil, is what message.
Social Order in America does not exist. The Feminese have turned into never-ending, never-listening screech factories. Men like quiet. In Your Face American Feminism is a bad move. MSM is not covering the massive rise in the number of women requiring craneo-facial reconstruction. And that’s just the nechanical side of the events.
I’m sorry your honour, she just kept diving onto my fist with her face. It all stopped when she closed her mouth. Women also don’t understand that men can do gaol. Women can’t. And that the trade-off for giving their ears a rest, seems reasonable.
There are some clips that I can’t send out. They’re involved in legal actions, and concern serious injuries to women. They exist due to CCTV or the ubiquitous girlfriend associate of the ‘victims’; shooting for Youtube greatness.
It isn’t new. It’s contemporary variants of what was always there. The Feminese are claiming 85% of women agree with them and their behaviour. I would doubt that the meltdown and unaccountability would occupy more than point 5 percent of Western women. And zero percent in most other nations.
Sick Momma was the clarion and meeting point for the Feminese. They were going to be even further empowered to destroy men. For what men had done to them.
When it all failed, the cage doora were left open.
On another plane; America was to merge with The EU as the great New World Order. That was The Clinton Agenda. You didn’t really believe that the usually drunk and permanently deranged Sick Momma, represented anything beyond that; surely.
The game changed with Trump. Very few knew the reality of The 2016 Election. That ignorance is well expressed in the following clips.
There are morons in their tens of millions, who still believe the whole affair was about Clinton being the first pantsuit queen to occupy The Oval Office. Those lost in space are beyond rationality. And who cares if they were to have been delivered what they deserved.
They will fight you for their right to terminal stupidity.
(Editor’s note: There are 12 parts to this YouTube series, I have embedded the first and the reader may find the rest at the source)
The herds believing in celebrity, talking faces, and MSM endorsement. Believing that incessant denigration of Trump would move the ballot box herds to Clinton. The retards who regarded Clinton’s monumental baggage and lies, as irrelevant. The retards who denigrated, categorised, and stereotyped potential Trump voters.
In early 2016 I predicted Trump would defeat Clinton. Both candidates were predictable to emerge.
Nut cases such as Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Donna Brazile (although she subsequently tried to distance) would emerge as backroom players with Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, Susan Rice, Heather Samuleson, Loretta Lynch, Lois Lerner, Elizabeth Warren, Holly Paz, Nancy Pelosi, Ruth Ginsburg, and the rest of The Pantsuit Mafia.
They would destroy The Democratic Party. Leaving it with no champion and no message. Just cabals of brain dead, livid, ill-informed, ignorant, arrogant; celebrity and MSM talking faces. Lost in their own voids.
The lying, thieving Clinton out spent Trump 8 to 1; out staffed him 5 to 1; had 960,000 people as ‘ground staff’; and was ‘endorsed’ by 249 newspapers, virtually all Television and Radio, and a significant percentage of Alternative Media.
Trump’s prople ran on passion. Clinton’s lived on lies and deceptions.
Not a drill; after Obama started breaching The Vienna Convention; by raiding Russian Diplomatic Properties in America; confiscating them and deporting staff; The Russian Police began making house calls on American Diplomatic Properties. They found Biological and Chemical Weapons Caches. Now who would have believed?
Obama then theatened to release a lie that America had found drug stores in the Russian properties. The counter to that was a strike by Russian Forces on American drug manufacturing and storage facilities. Obama went quietly as a remaining thread of American pseudo-solvency was under threat.
Russia flushed all American compounds and deported ten times the number of staff, to that by America; about 740.
America has LOST The Drug Wars in Russia. It LOST The Intel Wars. Note in the second clip, the Russians spoke English and German to particular targets. The wholesale levels of American drug distribution.
The Russians are jingoistic and proud at destroying American drug cartels in Russia. And why not?
And of course Russia has also militarily defeated America in The Middle East and Eastern Europe. Hopefully Peace and Order will soon return to both regions.
Incidentally the ‘Operation Geronimo’ Bin Laden Capture Video was actually an old training video I had seen a long time ago. That Seal Team 6 had a helicopter ‘accident’. The current ‘6’ is not the same personnel. Hillary photographed holding her face at the shock and horror of the video, says what of her?
And of course Bin Laden was CIA Tim Osman who died in hospital. As per CIA files. Before 9/11. It would have been awkward if the well-known Bin Laden, having been elevated to ‘Most Wanted’, was actually found.
Then the true story of Che Guevara (CIA Ernie Lynch) is very different to the romanticised version.

G Squared

Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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