Ivanka’s Presidential Ambitions According To Controversial New Book

The Media machine is in a frenzy over a controversial new book, and with such world shaking revelations as The secrets of Donald Trump’s hair, who wouldn’t get excited ? (ahem…)

The book’s big “bombshell” is of course, the alleged presidential ambitions of Ivanka. Personally I have little doubt that this would mean Jared Kushner would gain tremendous influence. As if he didn’t have enough already.

Article From Stuff:

Controversial stories about US President Donald Trump’s election and White House residency have hit with the release of journalist Michael Wolff’s book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.
The USA Today journalist purportedly lifts the lid on stories very much outside of the Oval Office’s official statements.
With The New Republic reporting that Wolff has a reputation as “possibly the bitchiest media bigfoot writing today”, one might expect nothing less.


Ivanka Trump accepted positions in the West Wing “over the advice of almost everyone they knew” because of the prospect she could one day become US president, according to a new book.

Here are the top revelations from the book:
* Melania ‘cried on night Trump won’
* Trump sets lawyers on Bannon
* Trump: ‘Bannon lost his mind’
* Meryl Streep calls out Melania
* The secrets of Donald Trump’s hair

According to Wolff, Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner accepted positions in the West Wing “over the advice of almost everyone they knew” because of the future possibility of Ivanka, not Hillary Clinton, being the first woman US president.
The BBC’s Anthony Zurcher commented that “thanks to familial ties [Jared and Ivanka] had the president’s ear and apparently harboured dynastic hopes”.



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