“Longskulls” Of Paracas: DNA Results Update From Brian Foerster

At Uncensored we’ve long been intrigued by the South American Longskulls. While we are aware that some are the result of cranial deformation (“banding”) it seems these were caste status imitations of the real deal: A separate strand of humans with extraordinary features.

Researcher and travel guide Brian Foerster gives us the latest news on the long awaited results of DNA tests of some of these skulls with interesting revelations:

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Martin Harris

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  1. No complete DNA sequence, no answer about Paracas skulls lineage. Maybe you have determined their motherland from Caucasian area, but nothing else. Maybe Paracas people had an AB0 and cde blood system like human and primates, but we need a complete DNA nuclear sequence to compare genes involved in brain development and skull bones development. To understand if there are some specifics mutations or not.

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