Stirring The Waters by G Squared

CAL Cargo Airlines, based at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv, began operations in June 1976, with two 747-200Fs leased from El Al.
In 1997 CAL purchased LACHS (Liege Airport Cargo Handling Services) Terminal. Which CAL operates as a Hub. Now jointly with Airlines Belgium and its owner ASL Ireland Airlines.
In early 1999 CAL received Israeli Government Licences for particular types of freight.
From 2007 it operates three known aircraft (tail numbers but no livery); 747-400BCF, 747-400ERF (purchased from Jade Cargo; 35172), and a 747-400F.(412F tail number 4X-ICB, leased from Singapore Airlines, 26553). The first two delivered through Victorville VCV, San Bernardino; SCLA (Southern California Logistics Airport).
In 2010 CAL was purchased privately by Offer Gilboa, from Muli Ravina, and his stakeholders.
CAL carries approximately 100,000 tons annually including; ‘All categories of nonstandard cargo: temperature controlled, pharmaceutical and healthcare products, live animals, dangerous goods, oversize and overweight cargo, fresh perishable products and valuable goods including fine art.’
‘The process of clearing customs has traditionally presented challenges and delays for critical time sensitive shipments, when lag time can translate to significant financial setbacks. At LACHS, our warehouse is fully bonded and we have established a customs simplification process to ensure timely handling of your cargo.
Our customs approved process includes the ability to load and unload trucks without the presence of a customs agent, print customs documents locally rather than traveling to the customs office, and clear customs documents simply and more quickly than ever before.’
Apart from Tel Aviv and Liege; there are daily flights from JFK. Also flights from Mexico City, Larnaca Cyprus, and Gardermoen Oslo. Through Vienna International Airport, CAL Codeshares (ASL) with Airlines Belgium (formerly TNT Australia, and owned by ASL Airlines Ireland; Shared Liege terminal). CAL also passes Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.
On Sunday, 17/12/2017 a ‘Small Fire’ in an underground cable tunnel, caused major problems at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Initernational Airport. The entire airport was without power and closed for 11 hours. Over 1,000 flights were cancelled, and hundreds of thousands of people were stranded and disadvantaged.
The double backup generators did not function. Emergency power systems did not function. And the Nuclear Material Detection Systems at that major airport (terrorist activity, nuclear weapon detection) were disengaged.
Two days later, reports from FBI-DOJ, Atlanta Police, Atlanta Fire Department, ATF, Georgia Power, and concurring with the co-cordinated statements issued from the offices of; Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Initernational Airport Administration, The Mayor of Atlanta, and The Governor of Georgia, delivered the official version that there was; ‘No Foul Play’, and ‘No Terrorist Activity’.
At 12:38 pm Georgia Power reported a Power Outage, affecting ‘Several parts of The Airport’. Confirmed by Airport Management at 1:06. Atlanta Fire Department, and Atlanta Police were notified, and responded. Georgia Power sent emergency crews to The Airport. The Fire Department reported that it took one hour to locate and extinguish the fire. Which was underground in a tunnel and with very limited oxygen supply to feed a fire.
At approximately 3:30pm Georgia Power emergency crews reported that power was restored. But not officially restored until 12 midnight.
At 1 pm following the 12:38 power outage, an unmarked CAL 747-412F landed at The Airport. The aircraft departed at 6:27pm the same day (during the shutdown). Not at 12:26am the following morning; as ‘officially’ listed.
Officially it flew in from Mexico City. A landing at Los Alamos, was not listed. From Atlanta, it flew to Liege, then to Larnaca, then to Tel Aviv.
CAL is immune to customs and any authority oversight. It was carrying Chemical Weapons and W80 Nuclear Warheads. These variable yield mini-nukes (W40) were used in Towers 1 and 2 of 9/11. As I wrote at the time.
There are thirteen military bases in Georgia. Three are near The Airport. Robins AFB is 100 miles from Atlanta. In Los Alamos; there are three main NNSA (National Nuclear Security Administration) Facilities, forming The LANL (Los Alamos National Laboratory). For the ‘Solving of Biothreats’ and advancing Green Technology.
For the non-delusional, Los Alamos has been involved in the development of every Nuclear Weapon, since that age began. It also has the stewardship of nuclear stockpiles, and the lesser known stockpiles of Bio and Chemical Weapons. This from the stocks of Mustard Gas, removed after WWI (Bechtel and Sandia are two of the many contractors at the facility) and the confiscated Smallpox stocks from The WHO.
Bio-Chem Weapons are stored in nine main US Facilities; Umatilla Chemical Depot (4,000 tons), Desert CD (14,000 tons), Johnston Atoll CD (3,000 tons), Pueblo CD (3,000 tons), Pine Bluff Chemical Authoroty (4,000 tons), Newport CD (2,000 tons), Edgewood CA, (2,000 tons), Blue Grass CA (1,000 tons), and Anniston CA (3,000 tons).
Some 34,000 tons of Biological and Chemical Weapons, that are known. Apart from that stored in American vassal nation states. WHY? Was Operation Ranch Hand such a brilliant success. Were the blamimg of Iraq, Serbia, and Syria, such great Public Relations successes
LANL (Los Alamos National Laboratory) is the most interesting of the 24 facilities managed through The Energy Department. Incidents and Accidents occasioning some forty reports were needed for events from 2005 to 2016, just in that one facility.
After a particular incident in Aug 2011, Facility PF-4 the main Plutonium handling, weapons and defence reactor facility, was closed for four years. The official reported cost being $1.36 million per day. Sixty Accidents occurred at that facility alone. The current 2018 Congressional budget has apportioned $1.4 billion for LANL.
Interestingly; The Pentagon has just ‘lost’ a further ‘advised’ $800 million. Rumsfeld’s declarations of 9/10, 2001 is interesting. Particularly when it is linked to the bombing of The Pentagon Accounting Offices the following day and the interesting role of Dov Zakheim in the accounting fiascos and 9/11. About which I have previously written in detail.
An amazingingly inventive and predictable, intellectualised and opportunist Industry has evolved around The 9/11 False Flag. An absurd scenario has been developed around a simple series of events. They can’t help themselves. Where would AltMedia be without the wild imaginings and intellectualised idiocy that now underpins it.
The PF-4 incidents mostly involve ‘Blue Glow’ or Cherenkov Radiation. Poor handling techniques create critical masses by the placement of certain types of rods in proximity to each other. Human bodies and even hands can act to reflect radiation.
Apart from the commonly known detonations of nuclear weapons; there are also Radiation Weapons. Where radioactive material can be positioned in a residential area that would affect numbers of people over many of years. A high incidence of cancers and radioactive illnesses would occur.
Sadly these ‘Weapons’ have been ‘tested’. Very small amounts could be fired into position, and would not be ordinarily detected. Bio-Weapons have also been well-tested. Ingenious ones have been invented, and there are more in stall for the next few years.
For those unfamiliar with the great American Napalm Genocidal Weapon, and what it did for infants and children, in particular, in The Vietnam War, it’s worth the research.
America is the only nation in the world, ever to have deployed and used, Chemical, Biological, Nuclear and Radioactive Weapons.
In June 2017, the nuclear ‘Experts’ wanted to photograph eight Plutonium rods next to each other. A photograph that sanely has never been taken before. Only moments were at issue before unstoppable critical mass effects would begin. The photo was taken, but not without problems. The Administrator of the facility had reported she had no idea what the engineers were doing. When she returned from lunch,
Syria had been ‘Settled’. The America, IS consortium, CIA and State Department faction proxies, Moderates, Israeli Interests and the like, had been driven out of Syria and into Iraq by Russia and China.
The unreported China had been involved from 2012. America for the third time, since 1950 was again attempting to defeat its created adversaries in the field, and failed.
The consortium of Russia and China being the broom that has continually swept America and its playmates from Asia since the insanity of the inception of America’s China Policy, and its derivative Domino Theory after WWII (Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos). The reversal of the delusions of Hegemonic Empire, the world had to have.
Syria was freed from the scourge. The outcome was Russia developing its long wanted Warm Sea Base at Latakia. Iran, Hezbollah, and Turkey (having changeed sides after the SU downing, the murder of The Russia Ambassador, threats of blocking The Russian Navy passing The Sea of Marmara, and threats concerning Russian missile overflights from The Caspian Sea). The involvement of Kurdistan and its oil reserves being that of self-protection.
After Syria was settled and America LOST its current; confused to the herds involvement; Russia held its peace settlement; excluding America and its playmates. American official statements remained deafeningly silent.
Comments through The White House Press Room listed IS as ‘Defeated’ and one of the current administration’s victories. But The White House and The Commander-in-Chief, do not control the factional armies functioned through American Deep State Rogue Departments and Agencies. The Middle East is a notorious playground of wars and pilfering, never understood by The Western Herds.
The current demonisings of Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran; while ignoring Saudi Arabia, and the events in Yemen, South Sudan, Ukraine, Macedonia, The Maghreb, and Libya, are typical media filtrations. Trump’s exclusion from correct intel, was made clear from The North Korean Amada Idiocy, to the Patrols of North Korea, to China’s ‘Aggressions’ and ‘Provocations’ in the Asian seas, to USN incessant ‘Accidents’ as a consequence of its dramatically failed attempt to block freight sea lanes in the region, to the ‘Operational Pause’ of The 5th. Fleet,
Then a few weeks ago; in continuance of the stupidity of the failed policy of Middle East dominantion, Trump advices that America will move its embassy to Jerusalem. A meaningless exercise. However, with a little prompting, it created noises from Arabian ( alleged Terrorist) interests in the region, resulting in a further meaningless UNGA vote. An opportunity to reduce further wastes that have been credited by America to The UN, Palestine, those who vote against America, and Pakistan for good measure.
The exercise over the meaningless Jerusalem embassy placement fed into Palestinian, Anti-Israel sentiments, and the opportunity presented itself.
Now following on from this scenario, Israel postures that it is being ‘threatened’ by Syria and Iranain Forces in Syria. The Terrorist Narrative. It isn’t. Israel’s alleged ‘victories’ in Lebanon are not.
Russia was not included. Even after posturing that in The 1982 Beqaa Valley War, Israel had defeated Russian SAMs and The Syrian Army. That would be a major tactical error. But Israel is not beyond it. The threat to Germany by International Jewry prior to WWII (, is well recorded. As are the events of The Sharon led Sabra and Shatilla Massacres; (
If Israel is such a strong force in The Middle East, apart from The Palestinian Issue, then where are the Spoils and Concessions? Where are the gains? Apart from pushes with Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and the ousting of Britain from its agreed Mandate, Israel has NEVER been under threat as it has threatened others in its vicinity and beyond.
Israel has variuously postured attacks, real and invented, from The PLO, through to Hamas, The Hezbollah and IS consortiums. Apart from the usual concerning its surrounding neighbours. If Israel is the alleged big target of the region; why hasn’t it suffered large scale cointinuous ‘Terrorist’ and regional proxy attacks. Is it because Israel is the largest and most powerful in the region; or is there a further issue concerning realities and fictions.
Israel has gained The West Bank, pushed Palestine (wanting Palestine to acknowledge the existence of Israel) to the sea in The Gaza Strip and to the edge of The (now Israeli) Leviathan Gas Field, and occupies two thirds of The Golan Heights Oil Fields, from Syria and Lebanon. The purpose of the Six Day War. Not Defence of attack by Syria, Lebanon, Jordan or Egypt, with the absurd, attempted occupation of the entire Sinai Peninsular, or the fresh water narrative. While it still receives gas from a Russian pipeline.
Israel is not under attack. There are also two gates leading into The Gaza Strip. One is to Israel and the other to Egypt.
Now that Israel has had its armoury restocked by America; we will wait to see what eventuates. The W80s can be controlled to give an outcome of a large conventional device. But if that claim of delivery is by a small theatre missile; it can be questioned.
Chemical Weapons off-loaded at Liege for NATO, signal a False Flag near the Eastern European Borders of Russia. NATO and America used Chemical Weapons in The Yugoslave War. Serbia was blamed.
Fake War Crimes Trials were perpetrated by ICTY and ICC against Milosovich (murdered in prison after he won his ICC appeal), and Mladic. As fake as the Hussein, Noriega, Marcos and other theatres. A long history goiong back to the political nonsense of Nuremberg (Operation Paperclip, The Rat Lines), and even Eichman and many other polittical trials to the present era.
As America had LOST WWII to Russia (1945 Battle of Berlin, Potsdam Conference), America needed to ponce some reality; real or invented. The grand moral theatre of the determinations of The Nuremberg Trials created that illusion for Western Herd consumption.
The forty-four year illusion of A Cold War against Russia (Anglo-America’s strongest ally) and the unwillingness of America to move past the line in the sand of The Berlin Wall, and its prior Berlin Airlift. told a greater reality.
As indeed has the true history of The 38th. Parallel North from 1953 to the present. Actually from 1946, when Russia drew the demarcation on behalf of America. Which America attempted to breach from 1950 to 1953.
I have previously written of the nonsencse of the alleged and dud missiles fired against Japan by North Korea. Japan has been guilty of massive genocidal incursions, not only in China, but also some thirteen times against Korea. Historical realities are not always easily washed away by revisionist and concocted versions.
Also the fact that the two Koreas will merge. America is attempting to position to claim a victory in this regard by the illusion of Diplomatic Intervention. It won’t steal that reality from Russia and China, if it does not respond differenetly, to the continuous demonising propaganda it delivers.
Russia has developed the infrastructure through to The 38th. Parallel North. Both Russia and China are playing lip service to the idiotic American Sanctions Serenade against North Korea. Un is not the sole dictator of North Korea as The Western Media addicted believe.
Americans buying ‘Made in China’ products, because America’s manufacturing foundation has been destroyed by its Government Economic Experts and Ideologically Morose, are buying products manufactured in North Korea that are differently labelled, as in a previous era, where Chinese products were marked, ‘Made in Hong Kong’.
In early 2017, Moon Jae-in of South Korea visited Trump and advised of the intended unification. Moon was well aware of the over-riding militarist intel that would be fed to Trump by his own advisors. The recent efforts by North Korea to merge into South Korea through The Pyeong Chang Olympics, had the idiotic Pence missing the opportunity by following the lead of his advisors.
He sat during the joint team parade. Did not attend a dinner. And sat like the proverbial and non-communicative next to Kim Yo-jong. He would have known they would be seated together. Any diplomatic breakthrough that would appear for the herds to begin to digest, was lost.
There is little doubt that the intelligence of those with whom Trump has surrounded himself is questionable. It also needs to be remembered that Pence; in a past era; was also tied to The Clintons during his governorship.
When Tillerson was summoned by Putin to Moscow to meet with Lavrov after the American False Flag of Khan Sheikhoun and The American Act of War of Shayrat; he also behaved as a fool, in a press conference. To the point that Lavrov needed to deliver a history lesson.
A similar event to when Cameron was delivering wild imaginings in a press conference, standing next to Putin. The latter delivering Cameron a history lesson concerning the ‘Terrorists’ in Syria, and who funded those eating the hearts of their ‘captives’. No doubt to demonstrate great strength and resolve. America bought poorly, and paid the price.
A further comedy outing concerned the retarded Rogues Scholar Abbott as Prime Minister of Australia, at the 2014 Brisbane G-20 Conference. He postured as the pathetic American puppet that he would. And always contrary to Australia’s best interests and sovereignty. The theatrics of his isolation of Putin; even at the time of a lunch; had Putin leave the Conference earlier than expected.
That act of stupidity by Abbott, and also being the only nation that actually adherred to The Obama Sanctions Serenade against Russia, over America’s expulsion from its occupation of Crimea, and delivered the failed and problematic Ukraine as its reward; had Australia lose trade with Russia; which it will not recover.
The 1980 Moscow Olympics had the idiotic Fraser, as Prime Minister of Australia, obey American instructions to block Australian Athletes from competing.
Nothing was ever gained by the Fraser idiocy. As nothing will ever be gained by The Abbott idiocy. Or by obeying American instructions to the detriment of self-determination, and true sovereignty.
The transition of Australia being a vassal state of Englnad and then to one of America, after WWII, has been detrimental to Australia, to the point that it will never recover.
If Chemical Weapons are again used in Syria against the civilian population, as occured with The False Flag American War Crimes of Ghouta and Khan Sheikhoun and the attempted cover of the latter by The American Act of War (albeit failed) against Shayrat. Then as it is postured by America and Israel that there are ‘Enemies’ of Israel and ‘Terrorists’ in Syria, as well as an alleged ‘Anti-Humanitarian’ Syrian Administration. Who is the ‘Enemy’, what are the ‘Threats’, and who is being defended?
So the present state of Syria as The Enemy, needs further very specific defining. It needs more than The Greater Israel being depicted on the letterhead of The Bank of Israel and on the back of The Ten Agorot Coin.
Israel, as America’s covert [sic] Attack Dog in the region, needs to be re-thought and re-defined. Israel needs to be Developed as a legitimate and responsible nation state in the region, irrespective of its UN ‘legitimacy’.
It’s aggresive foundations are before The Dimona Affair, and The Vela Incident ( South Africa was never a Nuclear Power. The Double Flashes, were accidentally detected after Israel switched off The American Weather (Surveillance) satellite passing over South Africa, Prince Edward and Crozet.
The recent Israeli aggressions in Syria, saw an Israeli F-35 shot down. The Narrative that Iran sent a drone into Israel is absurd. The Narrative that Israel struck back wit great force against Syria after its fighter was shot down is also absurd. What was the initial incursion; a challenge and demonstration of force, or a nonsense theatric that should never have occurred?
There was never a real or substative threat from Syria or Iran at this time requiring any response whatsoever. If Iran is the alleged big threat in the region, then Israel should directly attack Iran until the point that Israel is a memory in past geography.
The demonstrated lessons of Russian Military Technology is forgotten when bluster to the herds is required. Bluster and opportunist aggressions are never translated into political postures in the contemporary. Faded propagandas from passed eras, do not translate.
Why isn’t Israel extended to Beirut, Cairo, Amman, or even Damascus. Is it because of charity or humanitarian concerns, being a good neighbour, or just proving a point as far as ‘defence’ is concerned.
Russia is also not involved in the nonsense Western Propaganda, False Flag, Hoax, and Fakeries delivered to the herds. Neither Russia nor China are interested in what the Belief Systems of The Western Herds have been conditioned to swallow.
The U2, SR-71, Kursk, Vincennes, and American Sanctions Incidents cost America very dearly. The herds were not advised. As indeed they remain willfully ignorant of MS-17 (failed False Flag), MS-370 (theft of micro-RFID Technology), PA-103 (as with the Yvonne Fletcher Affair, attempt to justify Libyan demonising), KAL-007 (warning to America, as with the American Surveillance Satellites collided).
America has caused devastation in some one hundred nation states throughout the world, since the end of WWII. it has smashed and pillaged wherever it found an opportunity. It has never left any of its adventurisms better off for the experience. It has developed a generationally deep collective hatred, over which oit cannot step. It is now in a state that it cannot destroy its enemies, faster than it crates them.
It did NOT win WWII, The Cold War, or any of its moralised, ideological pretences of democratising, regime change, defeating dictators, intervention, occupation, fighting Anarchists, Communists, or Terrorists, or drug dealers, human traffickers, war criminals, money launderers, paedophiles, or any confection of its invention.
Israel as an independent, still young nation, should distance itself from American proxy aggressions (a lesson from The USS Liberty False Flag), and concentrate on living peacefully in its neighbourhood.
The world has changed. Even last year’s attempt to ‘Control’ for ‘Security’ Jummah at The Dome on The Rock and The Al Aqsa, backfired immediately and dramatically for Israeli aspirtions.
Jerusalem is an internatioinal city. It is ‘Owned’ by Christianity (Christ), Judaism (The Temples), and postures by Islam concerning Muhammed. If undisturbed, it works fine.
Continually stirring waters for no reason beyond supremacist notions, will never reach a stable foundation. Nor will following the dictates of those who purport to feed you.

G SquaredG Squared

Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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