Terminal Self Destruction, by G Squared

America is now in a state of terminal self-destruction. Only the time frames are a variant. The shortest lived ‘Empire’ in world history. And the one with the greatest potential and greatest advantages of all.

The socio-economic damage will not be as enduring, had The Insane One been elected on 8/11/2016. Certainly The Clintons Colluded financially with Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia. And certainly Obama attempted to interfere in The Israeli Elections of March 2015.
None of which would have largely come to light; had the protagonists and the guilty not insisted on attempting to foist their wrondoings and crimes on “The Other” through their attempted Russian Collusion Blame Game.
One year by Mueller exposing nothing more than his Deep State aligned partisan conglomerate of ‘investigative’ career dross and professional misfits.
Flynn allegedly pleading guilty to the professional liar (false affidavits Carter Page Affair) deluded Strzok, being brought before an exposed FISA bench warmer (Contreras) acting in a District Jurisdiction of Columbia, attempted theatric, being removed and replaced by Judge Emmet Sullivan. The cleanser of the notorious Ted Stevens Affair, where Obama’s puppet Holder, was forced to back out and drop the case in 2009. After the prior false conviction the previous year.
Mueller also having the temerity and arrogance to attempt to lay charges against Russian nationals. Good Luck. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Russia to hand over Snowden. The chances of comic political warrents being honoured by Russia, is fairly slim. But then the matter is more concerned with stealing foreign assets that can be reached by America.
Mueller certainly does not want to initiate costly unending trials in America. That could also turn negative. That does not serve the purpose. The underlying agenda is not any ‘guilt’, but the presumption of a ‘success’ and the theft to cover the cost of the idiocy.
After Obama had a tizzy over Crimea, he started raiding Russian Diplomatic and Consular properties in America. He decided to seize propertise and expel staff in blatant contradiction of The Vienna Convention. Russia protested.
When it became known through the interntional intel community, that Obama was to say that arms, cash and drugs were found during the raids. Russia immediately acted and changed the ground rules.
A combined SVR-GRU-FSB-Spetznaz unit began raiding American diplomatic and consular properties in Russia. The occupants were warned and allowed to leave, but nothing to be removed. American State Department protests began in earnest. Vienna Convention breaches were fine for America, but not for Russia.
The events were filmed from the front line of the operations. Walls had to be pulled away to open entrances. There was no ability for anything to be ‘planted’ in the very heavily fortified properties at issue.
Unlike The Obama Raids, The Russian footages were made available, and I have studied them. Stocks of Assault Weapons, Munitions, Chemical and Biological Weapons were found in large warehouses, purported to be Consular properties.
Obama and his State Department lackeys went quiet, as Russia expelled some seven hundred America ‘staff’ compared to Obama’s seventy or so.
Thanks to Mueller’s attempts against Trump; It was further confirmed that Obama colluded with Iran, and radicalised, trained, armed, funded, and supplied various IS factions in The Middle East.
The recent raid on Obama’s stronghold in Thailand; purchased by The American Government through a fraudulent company, revealed more than Obama would like known.
These being real events, unlike the absurd footage (a training video I had previously seen) of the Fake Bin Laden Capture in Pakistan. The body ‘buried’ at sea, being of itself confirmation of the absurdity, if the truths were not known. It was followed by the tragic deaths of all Seal Team Six, who allegedly conducted the raid.
The further blame of all things Jewish for America’s self-inflicted ills, is not fully true. Certainly there is a problem in the Banking and Financial Sectors, as there may be internationally. But why would such a sector destroy its willingly captured audiences; who insist on feeding it so well. Markets were created, and demands are fulfilled. Borrowing, Credits, and playing in markets are not forced activities.
On the other hand, intensive Government sponsored Israeli Archaeological endeavours over a number of years, in the region, have revealed that there is no evidence that can support the narratives of The Old Testament. Indeed: ‘The Title Deeds’ do not exist. However; a right to a ‘Peaceful’ Homeland should not be denied.
Interference in The Democratic Process of America; to the point of massive voter fraud to aid Clinton on the day; has been demonstrated as an aside. The initial recount demands by The Greens (less than 1% of the popular vote and only running in a few states) was halted by them, after The Broken (Voter Box) Seals Affair.
The continued agitations by The DNC and cohorts; brought about The White House Investigation. From there it was confirmed that; Bussing, Multi-Voting, Out of State Registrations, Non-Citizen Voting, Pre-Poll Frauds, Voting The Dead, and Box Stuffing; all fell at the feet of The Clinton Campaign.
The CIA (factional) commenced Voter Tally Computer Hack on the night, was halted by an opposing faction. it was at the time when the tallies seemed to freeze for about an hour or so. Trump’s legitimate numbers were to be crossed over with those of HRC. I wrote about this at the time.
When the realities of the true HRC popular vote started leaking; a succession of frivilous court actions began to block the derived demands for computer roll cleansing and voter identification. Issues that do not aid institutionalised DNC Electoral Frauds. The White House Investigation, was bogged down by the litigeous meanderings of states as California.
The initial inquiry was then handed to The DHS.
The FISA Affair was accompanied by False Affidavits in support of The Fraudulent Steele Dossier (initially and on each renewal). The Dossier was funded by The Usual Suspects. In order to fraudulently obtain The Carter Page FISA 702 Warrent to ‘legalise’ the ongoing illegal FBI-DOJ (under Lynch and Comey, with the connivance of CIA Brennan and NSI Clapper, and the duped NSA Rogers) surveillance of The Trump Campaign.
Illegalities to the point of clearing HRC for the greatest breech of American Intel Security, since The Cold War, and the hiding of her Benghazi False Flag.
A pretence for The White House, by a mentally deranged; unbelievably baggaged; puppet HRC. To the point of requiring two body doubles; Teresa Barnwell and Operative ‘Lazy Eye’. They had use of Airforce One, addressed DNC rallies (Colorado etc.), and gave MSM interviews. If that was the audacity and arrogance at that stage; what would have occurred with the occupation of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
No wonder there are hints of problems in Camp Rothschild. Albeit some fifteen trillion dollars is a long but very cushioned affair. Particularly since there is no sight to the end of international political and banking corruption. And ‘owning’ the international Central Bank Fraud is secure for the present.
One of the prime operative puppets, Soros, was not amused when he delivered his absurd, out of place, Anti-Trump diatribe at the recent Davos drivelfest.
Within its own framework; America behaves as having sequences of uncontrolled psychotic episodes.
As I wrote, over two years ago; North and South Korea are to merge. The dud missiles allegedly fired by North Korea at Japan, the alleged American Naval and Air patrols up to The 38th. Parallel North (As The Berlin Wall, America is big on mouth, but dares not breach The 1953 Armistice with Russia and China), the alleged nuclear weapons development, and the alleged Sanctions by America incorporating alleged co-operation of China and Russia are all the nonsense that the sane would interpret it to be.
From American Deep State (Pence is a member as I have written) to the delivery of wrong intel causing The Trump Amada stupidity to the buffoonery of Pence at The Pyeongchang Olympics; ignoring Kim’s sister seated next to him, and failing to attend official dinners. He was well aware of the seating arrangements before he landed.
When the two Koreas met to celebrate the planned diplomatic ‘breakthrough’ of The Olympics; Trump immediately shipped Ivanka to join Kim’s sister and her delegation at The Olympics. The photo op. serenade began.
America having ignored and lost the recent Russian Peace Initiative in Syria, began a succession of False Flags in an attempt to demonstrate that Russia had misread the situation. The carnage began with targetted civilian bombings in the Ghouta area. Including six False Flag gassings (Sarin and Chlorine).
Israel stepping back when it lost an aircraft. It did not charge on; as the standard rhetoric delivers. The waffles of an Iranian drone shot down over northern Israel, supported by Bibi (the corruption king), by holding up something resembling a floorboard is hardly evidence of anything, beyond Bibi’s infatuation with fiction.
A piece of a small surveillance drone that size , as a result of an alleged missile strike is ridiculous. Anything larger than a surveillance drone is absurd. But this is further compounded by why that would occur. If Iran wanted ground intel; which it does not need; Russian Satellites are permanently positioned in the region; with technological clarity that makes America and its playmate’s eyes water.
Honest Bibi of course being the master of truth. His 2015 MSM interview in the house of one of his servant’s; to reference his austere lifestyle; (Chez Bibi being a media no-go zone); was cause for concern when Honest Bibi The Showman; foolishly took the crew on a tour. He could not find the kitchen. Well; he might eat sandwhiches at his desk. And besides; the producer promised only an appropriately edited piece would go to air. But then there are political factions in Israel and Obama was using American government funds in that particular attempted electoral interference.
Honest Bibi (Groupe Rothschild and Chanan Kushner’s puppet) having all the trappings of a dedicated to The People Political Representative. His connection with showmanship being confirmed with his cringe 2012 UNGA presentation of his Iranian Bomb Speech.
At least Powell’s UNSC WMD Lie was more palatable. The Palestinian UNGA Moses Speech, and The Krushchev UNGA Shoe Banging, were deleted by digital magic, apart from the ongoing incessant digital filtration and covert censorship; only confirm that there can NEVER be A Paperless World.
Early in 2017, Moon Jae-in; South Korean President visited Trump. He advised Trump of the impending merging (as the two Germanys). Trump started attempting to ‘negotiate’ to bring America up in the game of electronics. Which will never occur.
Trump needs to lose his ‘Negotiation’ knee jerks (plagiarised logic from Norman Vincent Peale). He needs to concenrate on managing America. Certainly there was no sound choice at the time of 8/11/2016, apart from Trump.
A lot of his support was from the disgruntled after Clinton had fraudulently removed Sanders as the rightful Democratic Candidate. Despite the baggage, sanity could have seen Clinton as Vice-President under Sanders, with a massive ‘clean-up’ of America by Deep State. Her then running for President in 2020. But, of course, the psychotic and chronic liar Clinton is incapable.
Moon; after his Trump Meeting in 2017; left the literacy challenged and delusional with his ‘advisors’ to their omphaloskeptic determinations. The schizoidal ramblings from The White House continued.
Huckerbee-Sanders being left to attempt palatable logic from what is thrown to her; to a room of terminally disengaged, easily distracted, partisan ‘Correspondents’
Subsequently a hint at America waving some ‘Diplomatic Solution’ began to float from the dark corridors. America lost the initiative in Syria. Russia took the momentum and withdrew (partly) with a ‘peace settlement’. America as the prime protagnist, was not invited by Russia. We were spared the theatrics.
Tillerson after being summoned by Putin to meet Lavrov, following The American War Crime and False Flag of Khan Sheikhoun and the following American Act of War of Shayrat; delivered a pathetic rendition of distortion to the disengaged American MSM retinue, accompanying the great one.
Lavrov stepped in and delivered a history lesson and corrected the deceptions. Encapsulated in the full press conference. But Tillersons’ deceptions were what was run in American MSM. A repeat of Putin correcting Cameron at a press conference. When Cameron delivered the deception of his not being a part owner of IS atrociities in Syria. Cameroin and Mark Thatcher being gun runners about The Middle East. Prior to the deceptive Cameron and Thatcher’s mother (the Witch of Downing Street) having political epiphanies.
I wrote recently of the movement of ‘materiel’ (W80s and Chemical Weapons), through Atlanta Airport; on the day of its Lock Down. The deliveries were to NATO and America, through Belgium, and Israel and America through Israel. It didn’t take too long for the gassings in Syria to commence.
Six in three weeks, commencing the current round of aggressions in Syria. And of course, the IS factions driven back to Iraq by Russia, were re-introduced by America.
NATO-American arms caches were destroyed by Russian missiles on two occasions last year, in Ukraine. Prior to that on two occassions, Russia fly thirty-five kilometers into Georgia and destroyed similar caches.

It could be that NATO-America will not bring its latest delivery of toys too close to Russia’s Western Borders. For now they remain in Belgium, while plans of False Flags are being hatched.
MH-17, KAL-007, The Kursk Incident (USS Memphis and USS Toledo ramming; they could not ‘see’ the stealth Kursk when about to test Super-Cavitation Torpedoes, that America does not have), The USS Virginia Incident (further verifying that America does NOT have stealth technology known from The Yugoslav War; further confused by The USS Montpelier Incident), The EMP Incidents concerning The USS Donald Cook, The USS Ross, and The USS Porter disablings, the hidden Rand Report confirming the reality of The FA-35 JSF, the final replacement of the junk B1 and B2 bombers; the long history of American attempts at Military Dominance, even Deterrence (the failed Trident Tests off Florida); from the days of The Gary Powers U2 Incident, to the failures of The SR71, to The Murmansk Incident, to The Collided Satellites Incident, to the present; America has certainly tried its best.
Those ‘saved’ through Op. Paperclip, are not living up to expectations after all. The Fake Shuttle Disasters, and the Fake Moon Landings, being strictly for the adoring and believing domestic audiences. The admittted inoperable Missile System, the nutralizing of American Carrier Groups by The Zircon Missile, and the inability to fly to low earth orbit to service The ISS, without The RSA, define what state?
The Seventh Fleet is in ‘Operational Pause’ since the dramatic failures to block the Asian Sea Lanes. The Fifth Fleet is behaving and threatening Iranian speed boats since The USS Vincennes Incident, and the despertion by America not to have The Strait or Hormuz closed. The Sixth Fleet is behaving since The Russian Navy established its Latakia stronghold, courtesy of America and its poor geo-strategic planning, concerning Syria. Apart from Russia now standing in The Alboran, Aegean, and East Mediterranean Seas. The century long efforts to deny a Russian warm sea port outside of Sevastopol, failed dramatically. The Russian Navy now also patrolling The English Channel, to the expected consternation. And of course The Russian Bases of Santa Clara, and Lourdes in Cuba, and TU overflights, being more than American domestic audiences would be capable of managing within the confines of their tutored Belief Systems. The uniquely American industry of psycho-Closure would be overwhelmed.
One of the major propaganda mistakes by America during its invented Cold War Era was portraying The Russian Military as peasantry and buffoons. Now the climb down and adjustment by American Audiences is that much more severe. And particularly since Russia and China (who vanquished America in Korea in 1953, and Vietnam in 1975, despite American attempts to rewrite the history), and incessantly portrayed as ‘Enemies’. Both The Iranian and North Korean serenades are empty. And the incessant Syrian fixation is no less an impasse than staring transfixed at The Berlin Wall for twenty-eight years.
Russia has now re-entered The Syrian Conflict, denying the current American and Israeli False Flags, and will patrol The UN Cease Fire initiative. America attempting to act as the great, peaceful, and trusted mediator or the introduction of a UN ‘Peace Keeping’ Force will be rejected. If not openly; then by covert Russian proxy strikes.
The infants and small children murdered by The Chlorine War Crimes in Ghouta is horrendous. Again; as with other such crimes in Iraq, and prior in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and elsewhere, photos and footages that circulate the international Intel and Independent Media; cannot be publicly shown.
The scene of children running down a road away from an American Napalm Strike on a civilian village in Vietnam; was fairly ‘passive’; but delivered the message. American developed Napalm is a combination of a burning agent and an adhesive gel.
In the tropical Asian areas America had invaded during Its Vietnam War, infants and small children are barely clothed. Napalm purposely dropped in the civilain villages particularly struck infants and small children. This was never collateral or accidental damage. Throughout the history of conflict and engagement, Shock and Awe enrages. It never stuns.
Adults are able to strip off burning clothing. Infants and small children died horrifically with the burning gel affixed to their bare skin; unaffected by water or covering, and unable to be removed without chunks of flesh. The screams, smell, writhing in agonising prolonged death, mothers lifting infants, and themselves burning to death in the process; are all memories that never erase in the minds of the journalists on that front line.
America has since learnt, not to allow journalists to witness its activites. Unless of course they are approved, ’embedded’ and agree to editorial filtration and contractual agreements that will covertly criminalise. The number of journalists who have ‘disappeared’ or ‘killed in action’ has increased in recent years.
Footage that ‘escaped’ concerning certain American military who had been captured in Iraq was not a good look for American Morale or the viewing by Western MSM audiences. The outcome was an American tank being brought up to the side of the ‘safe’ hotel where journalists were sleeping. Their floor was blasted away to the yelps and hoorahs of the tank crew and their cohort observers.
Comparable to the Assange released helicopter murder of an unarmed film crew and civilians, including a child in a van in Iraq.
American Pride was the issue. And that footage was distributed. Then later removed and denied. As Me Lai was not an isolated incident; Calley of course walked in the front door and out the back of the prison; so too Abu Ghraib was far from a single event. Nor was the proud American Warrior urination scene of dead Freedom Fighters in Afghanistan. When is a Freedom Fighter a Terrorist.
When that induced collective hatred visits the nation of the protagonist, it is unimaginable. And indeed a cause celebre and casus belli for further ‘activities’ against ‘foreign enemies’ ‘Jealous of The American Lifestyle’. After they have been ‘Liberated’ from the Dictators who ran their home countries. Causing broken states to deliver millions of displaced to transform the social fabric and culture of the flooded European states.
And even Me Lai was not unique. Hundreds of villages were systematically subjected to genocidal raids. Apart from the gymnastics of ‘official’ American digital renditions; approximately four million people were murdered in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos during ‘The Vietnam War’. Approximately one and a half million were Freedom Fighters.
Syria flared over rhe past month under American, Israeli, and proxy War Crimes and Acts of War. An MSM stunt to present Russia as running mercenary proxies in Syria, and America responding to this has also failed. As have attempts to demonise Kurd, Turkish, Iranian, and Syrian Government factions, by being variouslly rebadged and demonised by American fed MSM.
America has exacerbation its self-inflicted abstract ideological stupidities and perverse concepts, which have overrun as the new normative, progressive, and virtuous culture.
Trump in full operational mode, was already too little too late. The way Deep State, and The Shadow Government are behaving, signals much.
Obama and The Clinton’s blackmailing state dinners around the globe, as if they need to be maintained amused for when their faction returns to the control of the great nation, is unparalleled.
The Hatch, Logan, and Espionage Acts are not relevant to people purporting immunity to any criminal prosecution. Individuals with irrefutable evidence of Collusion with Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Iran etc. currently chasing Trump on a lie of Collusion with Russia.
An Education System that inculcates ‘What to Think’ and not ‘How to Think’. A Media that produces and tutors not ‘What The People Want’, but ‘What The Media determines ‘What The People Want’.
Self-Appointed Leaders of sanctimonius Liberal miasmas have materialised to lecture on irrelevant ‘Progressive’ fads, The Lecturing of idiocies as profound ‘normative’ social comment, as against any articulation of truths and realities.
Gender, Race, and Minorities are not ‘Studies’. English, Mathematics, History, Geography, and Economics, in their unaltered, unrevised states are the essentials on which to build.
If there are objectionable students or parents to this: fine, kick them out to their own illusions of ‘education’ in their own fantasyland institutions and lose another generation of morons. They’re not worth the effort to maintain and try to convince.
Trump just clipped The Department of Education. Primarily they should be closing their idiotic Community Education Programs. They have failed to demonstrate the efficacy of their literacy programs.
They have become community centres for the tutoring and spread of disgruntlement and illusions of ventilation. Derived from tutorings as the distortions of White Privilege, Diversity, Minority, Racism, and the spectrum of Feminese Delusions. Pawns for manipulated street protests and property damage, in reaction to The Other being responsible for their bad life choices, fuelled by bad education.
Media; as the mutual tool; with government; of a past era: has emerged to politicise fictions and drive meaningless diversions into the cultural social fabric. Dysfunctionality and misinformation feeding Belief Systems already damaged, from all levels of a deeply flawed education system.
‘Celebrities’ of various concoction, delivering politicised rants of abject and determined idiocy.
Innate Rational and Critical Thought, permanently retired to manufactured; Paranoia, Prejudice, and Naivete.
Agitprop emerging from the new elitist class of hypocritical, Leftist, Progressive, Liberal Academia and talking face confections. Along with Apparatchiks, fronting Deep State and Shadow Government Actors, in turn fronting agendas from Owners and Controllers about whom they have virtually no idea beyond their personal illusions and self-interests.
The disconnected losers of ‘Progressive’, political, ideological incantations, emerging in ‘Entertainment’ and ‘Sports’
In the contemporary, Anti-Trump Rants on MSM spike audiences. But from a significantly diminished and further diminishing market share of a permanently damaged culture. The whole of which remains scratching to assert reality.
The total late night TV audiences of; ABC, CBS, and NBC combined; has currently peaked at some eight million and falling. Prior to The Rant Era, purporting comedic expression and illusions of entertainment; those audience totalled between fifteen and twenty-six million.
Viewing audiences for The NFL have fallen since its politicised anthem stupidities, attempting to make commentary. As has the audience for the mutual admiration and marketing exercises as The Emmys.
Stilted commentary wedged through mawkish stupidity at ‘Award’ events, are as legislators delivering through karaoke.
TV has foolishly formed itself into a Political Niche Market. Instead of following The Public, it has attempted to lead. Diatribes are not critiques or satire.
Throughout American MSM, some seven percent of writers currently identify themselves as Conservative or Non-RINO Republican. Of the forty-nine ‘seats’ of The White House Press Corps; The Correspondents; the number is zero percent. What they produce through MSM writers reflects the questions they ask, and the irrelevant fixations they drive as agenda.
The Psychological Dependence or Addicition that drives and maintains the entrapped, away from Rational and Critical Thought.
The Government Technocracy that gained traction, power maximised, and self-embedded in the mass, as Deep State. is intrinsically tied to Academia; the lecturing elite. It’s from there that the future of America stands precarious.
Every two years there are Congressional reshuffles. And every four years a White House reshuffle. But Academia, Teaching, Expertism, Career Government, and Courts, are seemless, power maximising and tractioned. The economy is pulled about to suit the interests of the various controlling elements.
All the believing are the slaves of what they have allowed to evolve and have no idea of their economic and social entrapment. America at best would take two generations to recover from its devastation. Which it also first has to recognise. You are free when you first realise that you are not. The journey then begins. But America is still in the miasma of it being an economic and military powerhouse.
The non reaction by the nations that hold those actual titles; is due to the economic manipulation of the enslaved of America. And a small measure of charity to protect the consumerised debt slaves.
The shackels are the Bernays indocrinated consumption by induced desire, not rational need. The pre-purchase at inordiate cost, and its continued cycle. Which produces the debt game and the lifetime enslavement
Inaction always viewed by America, in The Other, as ‘Weakness’. Revised, concocted, pasteurised, and homogenised reality, never delivers truth. And of course, who bothers to correct the mush termed The American Belief System. Idiots can drown in their own swill. Ever tried to explain the truths of False Flags, Hoaxes, or Fakeries to braindeads?Dali Pelley
They think you are the moron. Their empirical reference point is MSM, digital deceptions, misinformation, and the written and verbal warbles of the ill-informed, posturing intellectualised expertism. Nothing beyond that. Never comparative reasoning or commonsense derived from Rational and Critical Thought. Non Sequiturs, Syllogisms, and peer support being the foundations of the propounded idiocies. The disengagement from reality being what American and Americanised (Western Vassal) herds term, Normative.
The enduring legacy of Hyperliberalism is the evolved Technocracy of Academia. It encompasses the hypercritical practice of Elitist Exemption. “Do as I say Not as I do”. The essence of Popular Culture and Progressive Academia.
Over the past fifteen years; the per class teaching fees for university lecturers has risen by an average of one percent. That of University Presidents has risen by fifty-eight percent. The latter, effectively political and ideological engagements, are salaried at an average of half a million to three and a half million dollars a year.
But there are also vast disparities, depending on what is lectured and in what institutions. Forty-Eight percent of the units at California State University are paid at three thousand dollars per class.
Paul Krugman left lecturing Economics at Princeton for a professorship in ‘Inequality’ at The City University of New York, and write for The New York Times. ‘Inequality’ being worth Two Hundred and Twenty Thousand Dollars a speech.
Economist Joseph Stiglitz of Columbia University is paid a mere forty thousand dollars a speech, for his rants on ‘Inequality’.
John Welty spent twenty-two years as President of California State University Fresno. A ‘National Leader in Higher Education’. His Diversity and other ideological theories concerning the restructuring of his campus, was in reality the blocking of those capable, in order to create a mix based on race, class; and gender, by tokenism.
Higher Education based on unrelated political illusions. As relevant as the colour of underwear. Despite the politicised rhetoric; the outcome is what would be expected when theories and illusions do not intersect reality. By tagging those not able and refusing those capable; The American Education System, has aided the economic decline of America.
Al Gore, preaching Climate Deceptions (Weather), to damage the remaining Western Economies, under the illusion that there will be a magical transference of wealth and capacity to The Third World; has a ‘Carbon Footprint’ for his little Memphis cottage; equivalent to thirty average American homes. The owners of which he rails against as a continuum.
The Steyer Brothers, who live in Private Enterpriseland America, rail against the ‘Corruption’ that is the ‘Private Enterprise’ that feeds them, and allows them the luxury of idiotic over-thought and champagne socialist miasmas.
University curricular have dramatically changed in America. Perspective has become the foundation, not Truth and Reality. Mythologies have overshadowed The Human Experience.
There are no visible ramifications to the illusions and practices of abstract hyperliberlism. There are no connections to the functioning real world.
The hierachy of The Unversity of California at Berkeley became obsessed with Proposition 209, obstructing and tokenising as a mania.
One of the initial problems was to remove Asian students from the campus, whom it was thought were ‘over-represented’ as against Black and Coloured. According to obtuse hyperliberal theories. A further shock came when it was realised that White Students were actually under-represented. According to their own idiotic determinations.
Quotas became the guide, not merit. The reduction of History to politicised superficiality. An educational institution; as many others in contemporary America; obsessed with issues as the voting of The California Legislature on transgender restrooms. Teaching becoming almost irrelevant, substituted by indoctrination and abstract, meaningless ideologies.

There are four recognised Military History Programmes in American Tertiary Educational Institutions. There are two hundred and thirty ‘Peace Studies’ Programmes.

G SquaredG Squared


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I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of theCONTrail.com community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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