Prayer Or The Heimlich Manoeuvre? by G Squared

Were the laws of nature suspended, or did a young Jewish girl tell a fib?
If you are choking, do you want the people around you to start praying, or do you want someone to attempt The Heimlich Manoeuvre?

If an ambulance arrives, do you want immediate care and to be transported to a hospital, or do you want all to hold hands and pray?
In Third World Soccer Games, where the players incessantly bless themselves and remarkably kiss their thumbs, before the commencement, and at the time of scoring goals, from both teams; are they asking God to make a choice, and then grateful when they score? Are the prayers testing as to who are the chosen, with the greatest belief and faith?
If The Pope speaks for God, knows his thoughts, and is infallible, why did he determine that Galileo was to be Excommunicated because he expressed the truth concerning The Earth rotating about The Sun (Heliocentricity)? And why did a following “infallible one” determine that Galileo was rehabilitated, when it was realised beyond rationality, that Galileo was right and the initiating “infallible one” was wrong. The Vatican began moving backwards from the idiotic 1633 decision in 1979, and travelled as far as it dared towards reality by 4/11/1992. The Vatican postured that Galileo argued in defence of his ‘Heresy’ charge in The Inquisitional Court. When in fact he should have argued The Science. Therefore Galileo was wrong, even though his insane persecutors may have ‘erred’. But specifically Galileo was arguing The Science. And specifically The Inquisitors were not able to understand that on which they postured themselves ‘expert’ when they ‘erred’. Nothing has changed. And to compound the ‘Erring’ of The Vatican, what was ‘The Index of Forbidden Books’? If The Pope was speaking on behalf of God and knew his mind, was God wrong?
Why were people gaoled, and variously executed by The Vatican controlling The Power Base. The Inquisition began with a hunt for Jews. It converted to hunting itself.
The Inquisition; the extant Congregation for The Declaratipn of The Faith, not only determined it knew all concerning Science, as it still does (Biology and interestingly no indiction of micro-organisms in The Bible, apart from precautions related to the then lack of refrigeration. A further confirmation that The Bible was manmade and not Inspired by God); but it also knew all concerning Art and Writing. Free Speech, Assembly, and Free Thought are not permitted under a Vatican dominated World. That history is very clear, if only from the continuos fixation with Totalitarianism. (The Vatican is a Sponsor of The NWO). The great painter El Greco (Domenikos Theotokopoulos) was brought before The Inquisitional Court and charged with having painting pictures with the heads of individuals higher than that of God.
Why is The Vatican obsessed with the sexual behaviour of its ‘Believers’?
(changing laws when able to manipulate the political powers of the day and place) when its own history is such an absurdity of criminality and immorality. On what Biblical Inspirations do they base their dogma and teachings?
Why is the ‘face’ of Jesus that of Cesare Borgia, the illegitimate son and ‘appointed’ Cardinal of Pope Alexander VI?

Why is the alleged birth of Christ, shared with that of Isis and Mithra?
If Jesus was born in Nazareth why is there an elaborate concoction concerning his alleged birth in Bethlehem? And there was no census.
Why is the God of The Old Testament vengeful, and that of The New, compassionate? Is God bipolar? Why was Jesus the human equivalent of The Sacrificial Goat. Was God not able to forgive our imperfect lives, which He created, and instruct us to understand His requirements better without the theatre of Jesus and perpetuating a variation of The Sacrifice Philosophy? Why was there a rigid obsession with complying with The Davidian Old Testament recipe?
Why are there so many historical errors in The Bible, while the events are required to be accepted on Faith Alone?
Why are the genealogies of Jesus in The Bible, so different?
Why are women regarded as chattels and beasts of burden in The Ten Commandments?
Why is Genesis an aggregation of The Gilgamesh Epic, Mosaic (Priestly), Deuteronic, Yahwistic, and Eloistic, traditions and narratives?
Why did Augustine of Hippo (The Great St. Augustine) invent Limbo. It having to be rejected in 2000. The infallible one was involved in both instances. Was God wrong, or was there a breakdown in communications with him?
Why was (Agnes) Anjeze Gonxhe Bojxhiu, also known as Mother Teresa and Saint Teresa of Calcutta, who died on 5/9/1997, beatified on 19/10/2003, and canonized on 4/10/2016? The two required ‘miracles’ became one. And the alleged ‘cure’ of a woman with cancer, being her actually in remission after medical treatment. Was it because Teresa was in fact a major roving fund raiser for The Vatican; which was her actual prime agenda and function? A concocted travelling carnival.
Why do The Jesuits pray for the salvation of Lucifer, as a great spirit, on the basis that if he is ‘saved’ then all evil in the world will end?
Why was the paedophile John Bosco canonized? Why was his prime victim Dominic Savio canonized?
Why do the Death Homes of Mother Teresa appear as NAZI Death Camps? Stretchers on the ground, no visitors permitted, no medication given, and basic food and water; despite the hundreds of millions of dollars sent through to The Vatican, and the expansion of the franchise to some two hundred and seventy such institutions. All bearing her name, as the developed Vatican Teresa Cult of piety and adoration. Is it a lame attempt in the era of Information Overload, developed retirement of attention span, belief in all things authoritarian, the retirement of Rational and Critcal Thought, and Regurgitative centred ‘learning’ in a Reality Revised Fake World; to cover the historic realities of The Catholic Church. Is it sane that the dying be maintained as they are, in order to deliver ‘Penance’ to God for The World.
Abraham was hearing voices and decided that he should gut his son, to show how much he loved God. Then he changed his mind. Or so the narrative to cover a revealed history flows. How does this balance with The Ashkelon Mass Grave. One hundred infants, each less than a week old, were buried alive in a mass grave. A great ‘Sacrifice’; for some rich and powerful insane one, expressing his great love for God.
Did the nuns in an Irish convent, hospital and orphanage for the care of their young Catholic unwed mothers and their infants, have the right to murder the infants (over 700 bodies found in one pit. The infants were thrown live to drown in a Cesspit), in recent decades, because Augustine of Hippo wrote that they were of Original Sin. As he wrote of all Un-Catholocised infants. But those were particularly bad; mommy hadn’t married. And besides the nuns at issue could role into confession the following day, and all was forgiven, by God himself, through the local priest.
Why have Popes been apologising for all that they have denied over the past centuries, concerning The Missionary, Political and other activities?
Is The Vatican and all it represents (wars, drugs, devastations, dominations, immorality, criminality); in a recession of Belief and Faith. Is the postured number of one billion followers to be believed, from an historically proven distorter of truth. Why is its foundation fixed in Third World, poor and uneducated nation states. Is its contradictory spleandour, in respect for God, or itself; and contrary to its own ‘teachings’.
Why were three popes murdered (poisoned) in The Twentieth Century?
What are: Absolution, Dispensation, Indulgences, Remission, and Infallibility?
Where did Purgatory come from and why?
Where is Cardinal Law of Boston. And is he one of the characters who sit under The Sistine Chapel, and vote to determine who will be the next infallible one. Is he a candidiate? Being ‘Sentenced’ to a life of prayer, does not sit well with the hundreds of thousands of victims denied (movie ‘Spotlight’ gives an insight) by the culture and evolved institution of Paedophilia and Child Abuse.abuse
What is Liberation Theology, and why has it caused such disruption in the reality chain of The Vatican.?Why is Non-Sequitur Logic the basis of ‘Faith’. Are mere mortals unable to grasp the intellectual ‘gifts’ only granted to those of ‘Holy Orders’ and their apologists. Why must the true history be denied or masked. Why does it take as much as sixteen hundred years to admit a monstrous wrong (Augustine).
Why was The Bible translated into Latin (The Vulgate), hidden and denied to Catholics? Substituted by Catechisms and Dogma. Where The Bible is at variance with church ‘Teaching’; The ‘Teaching’ prevails, because it is Inspired by God, not The Bible. Does that mean that The Bible is a concocted fiction.
Why was the original Jeruslaem Bible of 1962, and its first consolidation of 1964; after The Dominicans were entrusted to search original texts for some two decades, and deliver correctly translated redactions; initially given; Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat affirmations; later to be denied until the subsequently published versions were altered to be brought into line with Vatican ‘Teaching’ and ‘Inspired Dogma’.
Why were the very first treaties and agreements (after first coming to power) of both Mussolin (Lateran) and Hitler, with The Vatican. Why did it take until 1964 for The Vatican to advise that it was not The Jews (generic) who murdered Jesus, and that ‘The Final Solution’ may have been misinterpretted from Vatican narratives.
Why have there been over a hundred and fifty rewrites of The Bible since The King James; despite the ‘instruction’ that it should not be altered? Why is the prime arguement of support, that it is made simpler to understand, when Revelations is primarily untouched?
Why is ‘Bible Study’; never the reading of The Bible as a book, but Proof Texting through the filtrations of the ‘religion’ at issue?
Throughout history; why is it a continuum that when Science and Religion clash, Religion always loses, by irrefutable fact? On that basis; if Humankind has been on The Earth (however evolved, adapted or created) for at least 250,000 years, but say 100,000 years, why was it just 2,000 or even some 4,500 years ago, that we were delivered The Commandments (613 or just 10). Was it that God was wrong for some 96,000 years? Was it that he was experimenting and didn’t know? was it that there was no one to advise, or that he thought we might work it out?
Why is it that all major religions believe that unless we sign up to them, we cannot be ‘saved’? That they are the unique and chosen ones with The Heaven Franchise?
If religion is denied; do humans run into the street to rape, pillage and murder. The Socio-Political Base, has been sufficiently demonstrated throughoput history to be impotent in the control of masses; as the control of the few not being the control of the many. Or is it that morality is an aspect of evolved intellect.
The massacres of The Sabra and Shatila Refugee Camps (16-18/1982); where some 3,500 unarmed civilians (mostly Palestinian and Lebanese women and children) were slaughtered, was a False Flag conducted by The Maronite Catholic Phalangests (Kataeb). Sharon had correctly disowned it when pressed.
In Nicaragua; The Catholic Church (Cardinal Bravo) initiated The Contra Movement, and subsequently stalled the ‘peace’ negotiations.
The Catholic Church was instrumental in the Armenian Holocaust by The Ottomans, to aid The Catholic Church to gain footholds in the south.
The Death Squads in Guatemala and El Salvador (Reagan; including Archbishop Romero murdered during a church service by The CIA Mano Blanco 24/3/1980 and 4 nuns, Clarke, Ford, Kazel, and Donovan brutally raped and murdered 2/12/1980) were False Flags to cover the political acivities of The Catholic Church with The CIA, in El Salvador. Movie ‘Salvador’ with Woods, gives some insight). The current MS13 is a derivative. The ideological focus of Communism, being the current Terrorist narrative.
The Vatican using the newly formed Teresa Cult, has established some one hundred ‘Training’ facillities for The Missionaries of Charity. Completely obedient, uneducated, poverty indoctrinated, servants of The Vatican. Teresa’s private jet (Charles Keating, together with one and half million dollars in cash for a character reference), her private helicopter, milllions through Third World Dicatatorships, (e.g. Haiti), and links to The Clinton Foundation, are not exposed. But of course, she had no means of support, and dedicated her life in Calcutta to the care of the poor, sick, and dying.
The Mary Cult derived from three Bibliacl references and two alleged apparition sites. The Teresa Cult has more traction.
Why was Roberto Calvi (Vatican Bank, Banca Ambrosia) Masonically Executed in London. Why is The P2 Vatican Masonic Lodge, as The British Royal Alpha Lodge denied their existennce.
A divine birth and unique revelations, are in most religions. The mother as a ‘virgin’ delivering the divine child, teaching and having allegedly performed miracles (Lazarus and daughter of Jairus (12 years ill or 12 years of age) are not advanced. Nor are any Miracles beyond the minimum of 70 years past the events in narratives through verbal transmission), and a burial (time of day) of a person not dead) and allegedly raising themselves, are not reasons to disregard eveything now, and follow me.
The Privilege of Faith over Reason. Faith is not Science based. And Science has continually been the cause of reversal of doctrinal imperatives (e.g. Galileo, The Inquistions). The preference of a Junk explanation, to no explanation at all. The psycho-dissonant Authority and Closure Addiction. Throughout history; the cult of Clerical Bullying and Intimidation, by The Owners of The Truth. The rigid belief that religions are not falsifiable by fact and evidence. An objective of Reality, is ro search for Truth, no matter how unwelcomed. Not the delusion of intellectualised and moralised ‘Impartiality’.
As the Great ‘Religions’ of; Egypt, Rome, Byzantium, South America, and elswhere, have been cast aside; so too in due course will the currrent fictional adherences be equally moved to the irrelevant. Despite the tremendous devastations they each caused. They were all based on the philosophical unknown, and attempts to control by the purveyors of mystical faith. The beliefs in an afterlife, of rewards, as a feint explanation for innate morality.

There is no intersection between Human Morality, Intellect, and Reality, on one side, and unquestioned Faith in a deceitful, totalitarian fraudulent ‘religion’, trafficking its deceptions and devastations for two millennia.

G SquaredG Squared

Martin comments:

That’s a whole lot of questions G! Very good questions.

Given sufficient time I could probably write a detailed follow up answering those questions. But for now I’ll let you readers ponder them! (Feel free to provide your own answers in the comments box).


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