A Repeat Circus, by G Squared

In Sept. 2018, a repeat circus is to occur. Congress is again required to pass The Government Appropriation Bills. Expect grand theatrics from The Democrats and the insincere RINOs in the leadup to The 6/11/2018, Mid Term Elections.

Expect Chuck Schumer and Nanvy Pelosi to lead a charge into yet one more dark alley of ideological non sequiturs.
The thought that Pelosi sleeps with Bob Mueller, is like the image of Charley and Camilla. At least that ended. Which beggars the question of what were they thinking!
I had met Anne in London, some years ago. The tabloid inventions of her partying with Camila’s ex, does not gel. Gatcomb and Highgrove are a short distance apart, but silly Diana refused to allow Anne to be a Godmother to either of her sons, and the fact that she would never allow Charles to visit Gatcombe were slights that Anne could never accept.
The Camilla Factor also damaged Charley’s relationships with other Royals. Although he was bequeathed Clarence House, from his grandmother, and lived there, while separated from Diana, who lived at Kensington Palace; he was forbidden from living there with Camilla. As such they lived in St. James Palace.
Buck House is The Office, and residence away from Balmoral and Windsor (the real ‘home’). Large enough to claim a number of other Royal estates (King Constantine, The Mountbattens et al) on its lands. As well as Ascot and its village, Eton, The Royal Burial Grounds at Frogmorre (where the two missing Romanov ‘children’ are layed to rest under different names). The close direct Royals are interred in St.George’s Chapel Windsor.Queen tax haven
Behind The High Altar at Westminster Abbey, not in view, is the Throne Room and chapel of The Garter Knights. Between those two areas are stacks of sarcophagi, three high, with barely room to pass betweeen them. They are all immediate Royals of past history. I have been to these areas. They are not correctly depicted on floor plans. The Abbey is referred to as A Royal Peculiar, as is The Tower of London and many other properties. All of Regent St. is owned by The Monarch. Westminster Abbey is exempt from all jurisdictions except that of the Monarch.
As The Left Progressive Liberals have no message and no champion, they need to posture through MSM, anything that they can grasp to ponce, that they have the voters interests at heart and are representing what they believe are the demands of that constituency, which Trump has allegedly not represented.
If The Dems had a semblance of representation; they would have been fielding The Obamas, The Clintons, and The Sanders’. But the cupboard is bare. The illusions and deceptions have gone.
The Obama White House was a Realty TV Show. GET OVER IT. It was tested to run through Bill Clinton and GWB. Neither of whom had a clue beyond reading scripts. GWB is thick. He was not pretending. Forget the Ivy League University Credentials of any of these characters. Use your imagination. Bill occupied himself with his two addictions; Sex and Coke.
Hillary ran the shop by the agenda of her random thought patterns or her insanity. The only pauses being for her to read the scripts of The Usual Suspects. Otherwise it was a continuation of ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’, in live living colour, with Hillary as the orchestra leader. The inmates were in power and running the asylum.
The Obamas, as every other TV fiction family, has now broken into its parts. Michael LaVaughn Robinson (yes, born as a male on 17/1/1964, honesty is the preferred option), has moved on to his separate life. Barry Soetoro (Obama), leaves home for diminishing offers of paid speeches. Currently appealing a $400 million court loss, concerning a particular ‘fraud’ while in office. The two Nesbitt girls have returned to the correct family, and the young Kenyan token adoptee boy has been handed to another family.
Barry sits around smoking pot most of the day. And doing a little coke, of course.
I met Hillary at a reception of sorts at The US Embassy at Grosvenor Square London. She was very Presidential in a superbly arrogant style. Even though she was supposedly only First Lady, and Bill was somewhere else, doing what Bill did.
Grosvenor Square is down the road from Spook Town; The South Audley and Curzon Sts. Sector. The Millennium Hotel, where Litvinenko and other CIA Ops. would have ‘meetings’, is there. Tomas Harris and his double agent friend Juan Pujol, would meet at his Chesterfield Gardens house. Reporting to Victor Rothschild up at Trinity Cambridge. Chesterfield Gardens was also where Philby was arrested by SIS, after a meeting. The documentary and movie versions of The Cambridge Ring, and ill-informed books as the concocted; ‘Spy Catcher’ are so far from the reality of the events and my personal experiences; that they are relating a fiction, which I cannot relate to any reality.
And what did these millions of disengaged from reality, idiots, think they were going to accomplish by voting The Clintons back into The White House. A modern, forward, prigressive liberal, non-sexist, non-racist, inclusive, female equal, intellectual, minority representative world, flooded with Illegals, the hiding of crimes, Deep State enhanced, Ideological terrorism, the rampaging of weak foreign nation states, sabre-rattling and running at the first sight of real confrontation, a cult of concocted personality. WAKE UP.
Yes Liberal Progressive America voted for a Realty TV concoction. They were warned. But who listens to Racist and Sexist Comment, and Conspiracy Theories. Particularly from Privileged Straight, White Males. How could it possibly be that a TV ‘Family’ like The Osbournes, The Nelsons, The Monkees, The Waltons, or The Beverley Hillbillys, or even The Truman Show, or Lost in Space; end up a living Reality show voted for, and occupying The White House, as The Constitutional Executive Branch of The United States? And they wonder why America can never be taken seriously again.
Trump willl produce his ecnomic score card. Which is not as understandable as the tabloidal noises and decpetions of the alleged Dem. platform.
Unless Trump manages a capture of both Houses, and able to exclude RINOs as Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell, he may as well go golfing for the next two years.
Trump’s silly ‘Negotiation’ ethos has excluded him being able to claim the brokering of The Unification of The Two Koreas, Peace in Syria (albeit America caused all the problems), a Settlement in The Ukraine (albeit again, America has caused all the probems in the region. And a legitimate Trade Agreement with Russia and China.
He couldn’t go too far in expressing a partnership with a peaceful Russia. That would enliven the deception of Russian Collusion.
In many ways Trump is trapped by the deceptions that have been manufactured around him. He lacks a lot of control, that he would never have imagined when coming into the job some fifteen months ago. It is sad for him, and sad for The American People. And indeed those parts of The World directly affected by the insane foreign policy of The US.
It has distanced America, caused tremendous damages, and developed a collective hatred against America, that began with the gross error of America inventing The Cold War, and the posture of the contiuum of tension.
Expect the idiocy of a Score Card for Trump to be presented by these non-representative, self-interested, Deep State harbouring, hidden agenda liars.
Expect the lies of “Russian Collusion”, Abortion, The 2nd. Amendment, Racism, Sexism, The Cost of The Wall, and Immigration, to again rear to another round of nausea. Expect Trump to do nothing but blame them for deceit and holding The Government and People of America to ransom, for their dysfunctional minority views of The Progressive Liberal braindeads.
As I have mentioned previously, there is a revolving motion on The House Floor to ensure Government funding. It will all pass prior to the November polls. How well the Dems deceive, and how well the GOP does not react will be determined by the poll that will follow.
The pathetic game of The American Illusion of Democracy and The Two Party System; In a Post Truth World.
Real issues of course will never be raised. They cannot be packaged for absorbtion.The American People cannot handle the truth, and are even not entitled to it!

G SquaredG Squared

Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of theCONTrail.com community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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