Packing Their Bags For Downing Street

Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Watson are packing their bags for Downing Street, as Theresa May, Amber Rudd, Gavin Williamson, and Boris Johnson, are having a secret meeting, to determine if their combined IQs can reach a double digit.

Johnson of course being unbelievable at least since his Aid flights to Anguilla contained no Aid, but a military presence. As pathetic as the deception of chikenshit nutcase HRC saying she arrived in Bosnia ‘Under Fire’.
Only since the days of The Iron Goose (Thatcher, whose claims to fame were totally dysfunctional economic policies, war in The Falklands to defend the commercial interests of FOGL, the destruction of The British Coal Industry, and stealing milk from the children of impoverished households), has there been a mounting stench within The Conservative Party; greater than that from the constituency as a whole.
After Cameron took the opportunity to return to his prior and preferred career (Middle East Arms Runner, together with Mark Thatcher (son), Tony Blair (remember ‘New Labour’), and Princes Charley (code: ‘Black Spider’; more than ‘political comment’), and Andrew (when not travelling with American ‘playmates’); the reach around the room found an eager token in the form of a presumed innocuous Theresa May.
But then; those appearing least harmful can often become overwhelmed by the belief in their own concocted relevance, to the point that their prior perceived ‘Caretaker Tokenism’ overwhelms the whole.
She became imbued, by the perceived mantle of greatness cast upon her majestic shoulders. So she called a general election; against far wiser counsel than her mental capacity could ever produce. Fifty-Seven days away. She was going to capitalise on the product of her fantasies as against any realities.UK UN
She loses the election, by devastating the majority held by The Conservative Party, and is unable to Form a Government. She was so confident in her delusions that she repeated the disastrous HRC non sequitur theorem, of not even turning up to pre-arranged and agreed, essential political debates and interviews. Totally disregarding the reality; that candidates trapped in the bad timing of a snap election needed to present an image of a unified party with a stable leader, able to speak to a message and a manifesto. Not the adversarial posture of those who lost the Brexit debate.
The obvious and predictable disaster comes to fruition. Unable to Form a Government, she holds the de facto Primeministership pending a coalition. Having steered the majority she was given to caretake at the outset, into the insanity that she did; she blunders yet again; in a seamless disregard for reality. With the totally clueless Amber Rudd at her side, experience was long gone out the window.
Desperately reaching for a coalition partner, to prevent Jeremy Corbyn rightfully Forming a Government, she reaches for the minor Irish DUP, instead of the greater numbers, and essential to Brexit, Scottish SNP. A serious political engagement error, that has yet to be realised, and will be the trigger for a further general election. Which will form the mess of the Brexit economic interests, not only of Oil and Fishing essential to the devolved Scotland, but against the minor interests of The Irish-EU Border, and the insane Brexit negotiation agreements that May has just befallen onto The UK. And virtually on the eve of The Lisbon Agreement, which would have been the final devastation of The UK. It barely surviving The Maastrict Treaty.
Farage and the saner have predominantly remained silent. As any concluded Brexit; to regain British sovereignty is better than no Brexit at all. The incompetent May being the best choice for The EU to keep it solvent at Britain’s enduring expense until the end of 2020.
She (and her inner clutch of ignorant and arrogant advisors) never recognised the very essential elements that would have allowed The UK to negotiate its own terms; instead of the almost unbelievable blackmails that were rendered against The UK, by the most pathetic clutch of EU apparatchiks imaginable.
And from this magnificent foundation of unquestioned mental debasement, we enter The Skripal Age. Even after May directly witnessed The Litvinenko False Flag with CIA Blair as Prime Minister, and The Berezovsky False Flag when she was Home Secretary and stooge Cameron was Prime Minister, she grabs The Skripal False Flag and runs it as hard as she can into a dark alley; actually believing she can affect the looming Russian Presidential Election; when her own political acumen in her own nation, has verified her as being one of the most clueless individuals, ever to have crossed the threshold of No.10.
That idiocy fails. The carry-over to affect The Russian World Cup (someone forgot to tell her that The 1980 Moscow Olympics Boycott also failed), left her with the standard petulant responce of suicidal and unenforceable Economic Sanctions and the sacking of diplomatic envoys. Without any thought towards negative consequences or even retaliations. None of which would be acceptable to an economically damaged UK; under her incompetent watch.
The concocted Anti-Russian Serenade that further continues with the new acolyte Trump; having yet again; abandoned reality for political expediency.
While America and playmate Israel are continuing their War Crime Agenda against Civilian Populations in Syria, pretending to fight The Syrian Government, which they have designated as ‘The Enemy’. Why are they there? Are they attempting to relieve the lot of The Syrian People under the concocted ruthless regime of Assad. Dictator of The Month: Following Hussein and Gadaffi?
Or are they there under the misguided belief that they can actually defeat Russia in direct engagement. And after all, Israel holds the biblical title deeds to the entire region.
American hit and runs against Syrian civilian soft targets (Terrorism) is not going to bring about an internal uprising against Assad or Russia. It’s going to strengthen the resolve against America and Israel. The families of those murderd know who pulled the triggers or gassed them. They are not waiting for American MSM to deliver ‘The Facts and Realities’ to them. Those deceptions are strictly for the idiot brigades in The American World; devoid of Rational Capacity; sucking in the brain numbing deceptions, as fast as they can be manufactured.
Russia does not chase former traitors or former caught double agents around the world to kill them. And certainly not after it has released or traded them.
If Russia captures a value double or foreign agent, after interrogation, they are killed.
If Russia uses a nerve agent to kill someone, they are not incapacitated with an ability to recover; they are dead. The Chemical Weapons used by America and Israel in Syria, and previously in Gaza or Labanon, have survivors, because of the wide distribution of the weapon. Apart for example of American Napalm used in The Vietnam War, where it would slowly and agonisingly kill small children and infants caught in that bombing.
Russia is not interested in American Domestic Propaganda. And it is not transferrable in any political context into any Russian Political Sphere.
If Russia for example shoots down a civilian airliner, it is after repeated and unheeded warnings. Russia will immediately raise its hand to the event and reiterate its reasons. Russia did shoot down KAL-007, but not MH-17.
Russia strikes but never uses False Flags, Hoaxes, or Fakeries. It particuarly does not see the relevance of such meaningless propaganda idiocies. Their having become a culture in The Americanized World, beggars the question of institutionalized stupidity.
In The Skripal Affair: NOTHING HAPPENED. No one was poisoned by Novichok or anything else. There were not scores of people admitted to Salisbury Hospital. And the admission files for the two Skriplas and Bailey, were manufactured after the event.
There were no samples on The Restaurant Table, The Pub, The Park Bench, the car, or Skripal’s house. The CIA Novichok sample was given by Bailey to Porton Down, as having been forensically gathered at the Park Bench Site.
Porton Down was not involved and had identified the sample as not of its own making or that of Russia. Which is why it innocently asked Russia to provide a check sample. America had already refused, as Russia refused. How could May and her kindergarden brigade, including The BBC state categorically that the postured Novichok was of Russian origin.
The folow-on searches by Porton Down, found no further evidence of any substance, beyond what was given to them by Bailey. The hospital records were ‘adjusted’ to meet the crucial requirements of an issue of National Security.
It needs to be noted at this point that the only three nations not to have signed The Chemical Weapons Convention are; North Korea, Egypt, and Israel. The latter ‘signed’ but never ratified. The standard deception, when a nation states that it has agreed and is a party. Unless ratified, there is no meaninig.
Initially a sample of Sarin (VX) was to have been presented, until Psyops 77 Brigade determined that Novichok should be used, as it sounded more ‘Russian’. And further avoided the connection with Sarin and Chlorine being used in the nine American gas attack False Flags, blamed on Syria, murdering its own people. As impressive an argument as WMDs in Iraq.
In passing: an interesting issue is that of The Anthrax posted about America in 2001. Part of the buildup to the Iraq WMD Lie. Hussein was going to post Anthrax about America in 2001. Is the idiocy of American propaganda more clear.
When the samples were examined, did someone in the brains trust of American Intel (try the American stereotyping of Russian Intel, actually being that of American) believe that they would not be examined and origin identified? And it was found that they were from good old reliable Fort Detrick; the postings stopped.
It was time for Plan B. Good old reliable, loyal American Four Star General Colin Powell, would stand up before the entire world at The UN Security Council and lie his little heart out. Now who would have thought? Scripts were then sent around to the puppets in vassale states for reading in their Parliaments.
On cue; The Gaggle read the script; GWB in America, Blair in Britain, Harper in Canada, Rasmussen in Denmark, and Howard in Australia.
Nothing much seems to have changed. You would think that even the most mentally challenged would object to the repetition!

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