A Reverse Blackmail Of Their Own Creation

The DOJ-FBI are caught in a reverse blackmail, of their own creation. Far from The Nunes Memo being a threat to National Security or any ongoing investigations (are they referring to The Mueller Witch Hunt?); the concern is a light shone on DOJ-FBI illegalities.
‘If they have nothing to hide, they have nothing to fear’. The standard throw-away from every rogue element of fraudulent and criminal Power Base, we had to have. Another cute one is; ‘If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime’. Both that and the accusation of ‘Having a poor attitude to sentencing‘, and ‘An inability to adapt to lawful society‘, all sit very well with all those wrongfully convicted and gaoled.
Believed by the real world to be something in the order of 25% in the Free World. The industry of law that has delivered what it would; in so many nations purporting protections against such events and a morality beyond reproach. Apart from where matters as statistics and political media focus being the real issues at hand.
Gaoling innocents provides statistics, and serves Mission Statements, and measurable morality. As crime naturally rises (wrongful criminalising), then indeed there are issues that need to be addressed.
More money, training and resources must be allocated, as the people justly demand of their servants. And indeed ‘tougher’ legislation, empowering The Power Base against The People even further. For the Protection of The People of course.
More is the answer. Never less or sane logic. And tougher legislation to meet the new threats, is a significant factor. Gross errors and illegalities are explained by momentary lapses in judgement. And of course the system has ample ability to correct the very few errors that might occur. So the tired and very sick theory chimes.
The bigger the problem, the bigger the lie to cover it. Expendables, Sacrifices, Hoaxes, False Flags, Fakeries, and general concoctions and revisions of truth and fact, are issues that are easily pasteurised and homogenised through deceptions and dysinformation.
Apart from the herds having a notoriously short attention span, they have an inculcated addictive authorrity syndrome. Me Command – You Obey. Obeying is the imperative. Not any real issue at hand. The People need to be liked.
They like mass anything, and work in teams, they believe they have meaning, and are correctly tutored, What to Think, and not, How to Think. Brain mush, has a relevance and moral reasoning. By palpably knowing nothing, they believe they are fully informed.
Between The People being Fully-Informed, and The Public Servant believing they are the masters of all; certainly that is sufficient NEVER to negotiate with anyone and to release any material. If Trump is attacked politically, then indeed the planned blowback leading to October 2018, should be implemented, as forcefully as possible.
As I wrote some two years ago, The Democratic Party has suicided as it would. The new second party in The Two Party System will form before 2020 from the Democratic remnants, RINOs, Greens and oher single issue assorteds.
But the problem of Deep State and The Shadow Government must be addressed by Trump. He must succeed where JFK failed. Yet still the usual enemies refuse to correctly address the issues exposed by JFK before he was murdered by The CIA.
For those STILL not up with it;

JFK was managed by James Angleton, with GHWB, Edward Lansdale, Jack Lawrence (the final shooter), Allen Dulles et al.

9/11 was managed by Dov Zakheim, GHWB et al.

Jack The Ripper was Randolph Churchill (Winston’s father) and William Gull of Alpha Lodge, jointly.

And of course the list of murdered Popes is extensive. Including Paul VI and John Paul I. A quick Confession and its all over. So the theory rhymes. The Vatican is an independent nation state (Mussolini and The Lateran Treaties).
The Dem-RINO-FBI Camp is Owned by The Shadow Government. Deep State are the same actors; Bought, Owned, and Committed to The Shadow Government.
Neither Shadow Government nor Deep State are new evolutions.
The Shadow Government began appearing at the time of The War of Independence; which was fought over currency. It developed further through The Civil War and The Jackson Bank War. The Lincoln and JFK Assassinations are linked.
The Shadow Government involves actors from The Financial and Military Industrial Sectors. The Intelligence and Banking Industries are direct functionaries.
The notion of Globalism can be traced back prior to The Napoleonic Wars. Even to Elizabethan England, Colonialism, Empire, and the Missionary activities of The Vatican, as well as The Templars and The Jesuits.
In the contemporary, and with regard to America, the 1913 Wilson activities of the formalising of The Federal Reserve System and The Internal Revenue Service, sealed that agenda. As did America being involved in WWI. The 1929 Depression was a lesson taught in confirmation of the false theories of Stability by Central Bank currency control.
The FDR WWII activities, as well as his Gold Confiscation, were further advances.
The 1947 Truman formalising The CIA, introduced the enforcement and owned military arm of The Shadow Government.
Blackmail games, payments and benefits, are the means of control of the actors by their Owners.
JFK could not be bought or controlled. His agenda was to destroy The Fed and The CIA. He well understood their realities. He was murdered to prevent his accomplishing what was necessary to recover America from its Owners. There was already $4.5 billion in Federal Notes in circulation at the time of his murder.
Trump also, cannot be bought or blackmailed. The MSM, and ‘Celebrity’ war against him has been relentless since he won the 8/11/2016 election.
There were activities prior to that election through 2016, but not as pointed. Only to cause a destabilising for HRC’s benefit. It was not believed that the pro-HRC propaganda deceptions would falter. So disengaged was The Clinton Camp, that numbers as high as 95% and 98% were tipped in her favour. A preposterous prediction that she would receive some 121 million of a possible 128 million votes. Which alone should have well signalled the idiocy.
The reality derived from a stalled Recount (triggered by The Greens), a Special Electoral Commission Investigation (White House ordered, then haltered after Dem interest blockading with frivilous court actions and political agitiations), and a current DHS inquiry, confirming that HRC at best polled no more than some 30 million votes.
The Democratic Party is not interested in an honest electoral system. Its obstructions to cleansing rolls to remove illegals and to further block multi-voting and fraudulent pre-polls; have been clearly demonstrated over the past year (2017).
Many blue states have refused to co-operate with any data, refused to cleanse their rolls, and have begun to mount an attack on The Electoral College. The last vestige of the experiment of a democratic republic remaining in that torn constitution.
Apart from the well publicised House, media, and celebrity antics against Trump; even with a third impeachment attempt currently on The House Table; there have been several assassination attempts, and he is more guarded than any other US President in history.
Apart from The Hinckley Attempt, there were two other attempts against Reagan. There were also one each against GHWB, both Clintons, and Obama (The Truman Balcony Affair).
Trump was well aware that his Presidency would be difficult. But was definately not prepared for what was to eventuate.
He did not need The Presidency. Partly ego made him do it. He has been described as being as grand a showman as P. T. Barnum. And he is. After his bankruptcy, due to his Atlantic City ‘Investments’, his last remaining asset was his personality; his Brand; that he created.
From there he was able to borrow funds and attract investors. Despite all the detractions, then, as now, he was able to rebuild his empire.
As I have previously written in detail, a lot of the funds and partners he attracted were through connections in Russia, but mostly Israel. And a lot were not as salubrious as would be acceptable to the insular, soft of mind, morally delusional, or politically manipulated. He honoured his debts, and was not involved in any untowards; as has been postured by his uninformed political enemies.
Trump’s grandfather was a draft dodger and a whorehouse operator. Trump’s father had manipulated to build cheap housing after WWII. A major upheaval erupted when certain activities reached Eisenhower’s desk. Returnig servicemen were involved. The federal government was paying all the bills. The beginnings of the family Real Estate Empire.
The Don was a womaniser and heavily ego-driven. Attempts by his current political enemies to hold this as some moral crusade are not gaining traction. Firstly, the women who have come forward to date have all been paid agitators with false claims. And certainly comparisons with the activities of The Clintons, pale the entire affair.
Sick Willy’s Impeachment (stalled for him in The Senate, was for Obstruction of Justice). The Impeachment of IRS Koskinen was also stalled to allow him to collect his ill-gottens. FBI characters, who have, and will be running to the door will also have their ill-gottens protected by time-driven documentation.
Trump’s real estate endeavours in New York City, were also driven by inside partnerships with certain government actors (City Hall, and Democrat sympathisers). 40 Wall Street, confiscated from Marcos by The Federal Government for the usual obtuse and oblique logic, was handed to Tump for $1 million. The correct value at the time being more closely to $40 million. He was able to walk into the purchase with no money, and arrange to settle his ‘commitments’ for that ‘purchase’, by a loan on the property.
Marcos who was allegedly the great enemy of all, having his American properties confiscated for the usual non-reasons, was allowed to live out his time, with his family in Hawaii. The Aquino Crime Family blocked his body being returned to The Philippines. A very petty, stupid and typical decision by the Criminal Cory Aquino. A matter which will be reversed.
Perhaps a few unwritten truths about Benni and Cory, should be listed for public consumption.
At the end of WWII, Marcos guided MacArthur to Yamashita’s Gold. Marcos kept his share, as did many of the other players. The ‘independence’ of CIA began at this point. Apart from what its prior consortium had looted about Europe and Asia. And of course subsequently CIA became the world’s largest drug cartel.
The Philippines exchange was for American military dominance in The Philippines, including the protection of The Marcos Crime Family and their interests.
Subic Bay and Clark Field developed further to what they became. Now phased out for various geo-strategic and economic reasons. The murder, rape, assault, disappearance, drug trafficking, arms sales, and general violent criminal activity from those two bases, particularly Subic; reached a level that could no longer be sustained by local communities. Perpetrators could not be prosecuted. Local civilian authorities fell under the control of the invading force.
A similar Trump Marcos scenario had occurred with Silverstein and the lease of the seven World Trade Centre properties. Also about which I have previously written in detail. The convenient six month exercise that resulted in the required demolition of the complex due to the asbestos content and the mostly untenanted white elephant, and the collection of a massive ‘adjusted’ insurance claim. The murder of some 3,000 or less innocents, being regarded as collateral damage.
The demolition having served a number of purposes including; the avoidance of the settlement of some $240 billion in fraudulent American Ten Year Treasury Bearer Bonds (due the following day, and traceable to The CIA) (Marsh McLennan, Euro Brokers, Cantor Fitzgerald) as well as the closure of matters pertaining to Project Hammer, The Black Eagle Trust, Yamashita’s Gold, The Durham Trust, and certain Russian Loans.
All co-ordinating with a number of drills staged on the day, and the testing of certain drone technologies.
For the ‘EXPERTS’ and intellectualised still confused. The two aircraft headed for Towers 1 and 2, had no passengers on board. They were landed at the airport at the point of intersection on the studied maps. Sold prior to a private consortium. At which time Pentagon Drones took off and were radio controlled to their positions to collide with the two towers.
Smaller aircraft were observed passing over The WTC, Shanksville, and The Pentagon.
The homing devices were planted in the towers where each of the two planes struck. Support columns were thermite cut through at the moment prior to impact. Otherwise the planes would have fallen to the ground. The integrity of the structures was maintaind until the the two W40 devices in each of two elevator shafts in the two main towers delivered the cascade effect through the blasted weak points of the elevator doors, that was seen out the sides of the buildings.
The devices having been assembled (thermite was further a part of those devices) on the roofs of each of the four elevators. Earlier that morning; teams of shooters passed through buildings: 1,2,5, and 7; and cleared certain targets.
Buildings 5 and 7 were dropped by conventional pre-positioned demolition charges.
The Pentagon was as a result of a detonation from an object supposedly being a power generator. It conveniently destroyed a Naval Accounting Office, tasked with trying to determine what had happened to some $3 trillion missing from Pentagon Accounts. The misappropriation of which having been advised the previous day by Rumsfeld.
The Pentagon has a number of computer systems and many office centers. None of the computer systems effectively processing the same data are able to ‘talk’ to each other.
The Tower planes were then flown out to The Atlantic and shot down by The USN. An event that has been repeated a number of times, concerning real targets in aircraft from New York and events as MH-370. The lattter being shot down at the point confirmed by civilian radar. The stolen micro-RFID technology already already being used, at that time.
MH-17; for those not watching, having been shot down after course diversion, by two fighters from Kiev. Russia will admit to its activities, as it did with KAL-007; and explain why. It is not interested in public opinion. And in the real world; public opinion has no meaning when concocted by Hoaxes or False Flags.
Further proof of which is what has occurred in Ukraine since that American False Flag. And even from when activities and interventions were initiated in 2014. Even the theatrics of Sanctions have derived nothing for American destabilising on Russia’s western borders.
America is terminally captured by the realities of “When one first practices” to deceive. Combine that with an addiction to grand theatre, and notions of self, and contemporary America begins to emerge.
In The Mueller Saga; Flynn’s ‘Confession’ was a lie by Strzok. The District Court Judge was a FISA Judge. He was removed, and The Flynn File was closed. Nineteen Russians were charged by Mueller for various matters; all unrelated to The Russian Collusion Delusion. His success rate is not expected to deliver any convictions of note. Mueller’s partisan investigators were reappointed.

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