NZ Alpine Fault: “Within Our Lifetime”

“Planning and Preparing” for an Alpine event they say. So watch out for more political shenanigans and hidden agendas revolving around forthcoming seismic events. Take head from the Christchurch scenario, Wellingtonians especially. Here’s the MSM story from Newshub:

Simulation shows widespread damage if Alpine Fault ruptures

Newshub staff

Scientists, working as part of Project Alpine Fault Magnitude 8 (AF8), have marked the end of their first two years of work planning and preparing for a severe magnitude eight earthquakes.
The fault line along the South Island ruptures roughly every 300 years. The last time was in 1717.
The simulation is part of a series of videos created by Project AF8 people can better understand and be prepared for such an event.
It shows a rupture starting at the southern end of the Southern Alps and moving north toward Wellington.
A 400 km rupture of the fault is expected to happen within our lifetime, which will have a broad impact on much of the South Island’s critical infrastructure, Project AF8 lead scientist Dr Caroline Orchiston says.
She says the more people prepare for such an event the easier life will be after it happens.
Project AF8 Steering Group chair Angus McKay says the next research focus is creating a more in depth plan of how to help those people who will be worse affected.

Here’s some additional material I found on YT:

Note the familiar “Disaster Resilience” theme here: 2030 Agenda-speak!

Martin Harris

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