New Twist In The Skripal Case: Another Couple Poisoned!

What goes on here? The MSM is buzzing with the story of another supposed victims of the same substance that allegedly poisoned the Skripals, in the same location. No doubt more details will emerge, but here’s the basics:

New Novichok poisoning near town where Skripals were poisoned

Jamie Seidel, AP

A Middle-aged couple appear to be secondary victims of the same deadly nerve agent attack used against a Russian spy and his daughter earlier this year after stumbling across its source.

BRITAIN’S key security committee is in an emergency session after it was confirmed a UK couple have become victims of the deadly nerve agent Novichok, the same substance that was used against a Russian diplomat and his daughter earlier this year.
Police in Wiltshire initially suspected drug poisoning after two people were found unconscious at their house in Amesbury, Wiltshire, but soon declared a “major incident” and called in counter-terrorism police.
They are now leading the investigation after tests at the Porton Down defence laboratory confirmed the presence of Novichok, a Soviet-made military grade nerve agent…

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Martin Harris

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