Theatre Of Deception: Robert Lazar And The Area 51 Revelations


By Martin Harris

For years, rumours and stories persisted.  Vague stories circulated to the effect that supposedly, the US government had a crashed flying saucer and alien cadavers stashed away at some super-secret facility.

This was in the mid 70s. By the end of that decade, the story acquired some substance in the form of The Roswell Incident. There was much speculation about a hidden location somewhere, where the wreckage and life forms were being studied and reverse engineered.Image result for building 18 wright patterson The legendary Wright Patterson “Hanger 18” perhaps? (and there was indeed a mysterious “building 18” at that location with bricked  up windows!) The world at large was primed and ready for a major revelation. Secrets can’t be kept forever, and in 1989, the super secret base, the inner sanctum, acquired a name and a location.

The location is Groom Lake, Nevada Desert, and the name, of course, is Area 51.Image result for area 51

A place that remained secret for decades, despite employing hundreds of workers , suddenly became a household name. And it all started with a man named Robert Scott Lazar.Image result for robert lazar

Three decades on, with a whole new generation of truth-seekers taking an interest in this pivotal slice of history and Lazar himself stepping back into the public eye, I feel it is time to examine the case in detail and try to establish, in light of present knowledge and the benefit of hindsight and experience, what really happened to Lazar and why.

“Look, I’m not out there giving UFO lectures, producing tapes. This is not a business of mine. I am trying to run a scientific business, and if I’m the UFO guy, it makes it really difficult, it is to my benefit that people don’t believe the story”. (Robert Lazar, 2017)


In 1982, Robert Scott Lazar arrived early for a seminar at Los Alamos. Lazar worked in the laboratory, apparently in both the Meson Physics facility and also doing classified work on the infamous SDI “Star wars” program at the Weapons Division.

Image result for edward tellerWhile waiting for the seminar to commence, Lazar spotted world renowned psychopath…err..physicist Dr. Edward Teller. Lazar was something of a maverick character and had received media attention for his Jet Car project. By coincidence, Teller happened to be reading an article on Lazar in the local paper, which gave young Robert (23 a the time) the opportunity to introduce himself to the great godfather of the hydrogen bomb.

Six years later, Lazar had hit rock bottom. Fired from Los Alamos, burdened with financial troubles and his marriage falling apart, Lazar reached out in desperation to Teller, who was now in charge of the SDI program.

Teller found Lazar a job that, while lasting only a few days, would impact both Robert Scott Lazar and the world at large in profound ways.

Lazar reported to the offices of EG&G, a powerful defence contractor. He was interviewed in depth and given the necessary security clearances for the job they had in mind for him. EG&G ran a fleet of unmarked 737 jets, the infamous “Janet Airlines”. He met his supervisor, Dennis Mariani. He was flown out to a location at Groom lake in the Nevada Desert in a “Janet”  plane with windows blanked. This was the now famous Area 51. In 1988, it officially didn’t exist: a blank spot on the map. However, Lazar’s stay at the secret test facility was to be brief and restricted only to the cafeteria. Lazar’s final destination, which was referred to as “S4”, still doesn’t and never did officially exist. The physicist and his superior were driven out there in a bus with blacked out windows.Image result for robert lazar

S4 was hidden in the side of a mountain and had huge hangar doors. When Lazar saw what hidden behind those doors he was in for a shock. No mention had been made to him of “flying saucers”, yet here were 9 of them!

Lazar was taken down a corridor to his office. despite S4 being a massive complex, he would only ever see the hangar, the corridor and his office, and was assigned to work one of the saucers, which he described as looking very much like the “beamships” of the Billy Meiers photos. Image result for billy meier beamship

Security guards outnumbered staff by a ratio of three to one, the guards were armed, and no interaction with anyone except supervisor Dennis was permitted. Everyone wore security badges with “MAJ” on them. The same term is evidenced in Lazar’s wage/tax statement.Image result for lazar maj

Before getting to work on reverse-engineering the saucer’s gravitational drive system, he had to read briefing papers that included historical details of human/ET interactions, images of autopsies and so on.

Lazar was perplexed by the apparent ET perception of humans as “containers“. Containers of what, he could only speculate. I will return to this reference in the next part of the blog.

The price of being priveliged with this knowledge was constant intimidation, threats, yelling, hypnosis sessions and being made to drink odd substances that seemed to affect his mind. He lost track of time. He would be called up to work at S4 on a random basis, and, he thinks, there were no more than seven or eight days in total before he decided to go public with his story and never went back to that dreadful place again.


Image result for lazar sees alienOne particular incident stuck in lazar’s mind. There was a door on one side of the corridor to his office. The guards told him to look straight ahead when walking past in spite of there being a window in the door. One day, however, his supervisor accompanied him down the corridor and urged him to take a peek. He saw two men in lab coats facing a “being” with a large bald head and long arms. It was only a glimpse, but he soon made an excuse to go back down the corridor and look again: the room was completely empty!

Feeling that this operation should be public knowledge and peopled by the best scientists the world had to offer (rather than a maverick inventor of dubious qualification) Lazar decided to break his security oath and go public.

Lazar’s acquaintance with ufologist John Lear led to contact with journalist George Knapp, and the rest is history. The entire timeline of the Lazar story can be seen HERE.


During the 198os and early 90s, ufology was hit with a double whammy of blockbuster revelations: The Lazar story, and the MJ12 Papers (which I will address in Part Two of this blog). Both of these cases built upon the recent revival of a previously obscure case from the dawn of the modern UFO age, The Roswell Incident. Both stories played to the public thirst for answers to speculation about government alien retrievals, and both cases appeared to reinforce each other with specific reference to “MJ”, “MAJ”, “Majic” and “Majestic” terms as well as details about the appearance, origins, and general history of human interaction with, the aliens, which in both cases are referred to as “EBEs” and claimed to originate from Zeta Reticuli. Both cases also echoed the heavily publicised “Alien Abduction” experiences promoted by Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs, and most sensationally, author Whitley Strieber, which were the subject of popular books and movies at that time.

After these revelations, ufologists turned away from Daylight Discs and Nocturnal Lights to poring over the datails of this expose of, what appeared to be, most monumental cover-up of all time. The apparent vindication of decades of claims and assertions that “the truth is at hand”.

The main threads linking the Roswell, MJ12 and Lazar cases, in terms of personalities, were UFO researcher William Moore, Ex CIA pilot turned UFO whistleblower John Lear, and unknown to the public (and most researchers at the time) an “insider” named Richard C. Doty.Image result for william moore john lear richard doty

Before we return to these characters and the events surrounding them (in Part Two), we shall dissect and analyse Robert Lazar’s story in detail.

Did lazar really experience these things, or is he lying? Indication seem to be that he is relating events that truly happened. There is the evidence of his wage slip and he underwent three polygraph tests that were “inconclusive but generally encouraging”, and the doubts seem tied in to the regime of hypnosis, drugs and intimidation to which he was allegedly subjected, rather than any deliberate deceit. Even Jacques Vallee, a very discerning ufologist not predisposed to a “nuts and bolts” explanation of the UFO mystery, came away from a detailed interview with Lazar that left him feeling that the maverick physicist was honest and genuinely perturbed by what happened to him:

“I was frankly intrigued by Robert Lazar; by his sincerity, his straightforwardness, and his refreshing way of thinking seriously about our questions before giving an answer…He was precise in his technical language. And this fact made his story even more curious.”Image result for jacques vallee robert lazar

However, the ever perceptive and logical Vallee also noted the absurd elements of this story,  which we will examine shortly.

To myself, the lazar story plays out like a classic disinformation exercise. Right from the get-go, Lazar seems to have been targeted. He “just happened” to bump into Teller, the Godfather of nuclear physics, and by “co-incidence” Teller just happened to be studying a newspaper item on lazar and his Jet car. Robert lazar himself admits that he could have been selected because of his “maverick” nature: If he ever went public, he would be easy to discredit and disown. It is my theory, however, that Lazar was intended to break his oath and go public. It was all part of the plan.

Let us analyse carefully and critically.

Edward Teller is contacted by some fellow he met years earlier, and Teller immediately offers this guy a job at the world’s most secretive military facility, working on the most classified secret of all time? Pull the other one. The story stinks right from the start.

Lazar flies to Area 51. the stay is limited only to the cafeteria area, and he sees little of what really goes on there. His stay is short. He enters a bus with blacked out windows which takes him to an unknown location. How can Lazar possibly know where exactly where he was taken? It could have been an old storage facility dressed up with props. He says the journey took 20 to 30 minutes. For all he knows they could have been driving in circles. Once inside it looks, in Lazar’s own words, “like a film set”. He is allowed to see nine “flying saucers” but is only allowed to examine and touch one of them. Despite this supposedly being a huge installation, he is only permitted access to a single corridor and office, which is his “laboratory”.

This is where things turn from suspicious to absurd…

The briefing papers that Lazar was asked to study, before setting to work, echo both the MJ12 papers that were a ufological sensation at the time, and the “Blue Book Report 13” that allegedly landed on the desk of William Cooper when he worked for Naval Intelligence. I will return to these cases later, but what immediately concerns us is that these briefing papers, according to Lazar, had no security markings of any kind; theoretically he could have walked straight out the door with them and given them to the Press without any legal repercussions! It occurs to me that someone wanted to see if he would do exactly that. An elaborate “inside job” fake document that sounds very much like the both “report 13” and the MJ12 papers in general content, and all three documents source back to US Naval Intelligence.

Lazar was told that the previous research team employed to work on the spacecraft propulsion unit had met with a nasty end when they tried to cut the reactor open while in operation! Seriously? And we are expected to believe that these scientists were employed to work on the most heavily classified project in existence, at a location that absorbs billions of dollars worth of taxpayer funds? So what amazing technological tools is Lazar given to aid in unlocking the secrets of anti-matter gravitational drive propulsion (preferably without cutting it open while running!)? An oscilloscope and a voltmeter. That’s it.

“I’m no research physicist. If those were really alien disks, they should have had the best scientists in the country working on them. Instead they gave us these briefings and just told us to try anything we liked. Nothing was written down.”  says Lazar.
“I had a digital voltmeter,” said Lazar.  “I also had an oscilloscope. That’s it.”

LOGIC: Surely an organisation that spends billions on stealth and UAV technology would spare no expense to unlock the secrets of an interstellar gravity drive?

“Where were the X-ray inspection systems, the multichannel analyzers, the signal generators that are the standard tools of the high-tech trade? Again we were hitting a wall of absurdity. Robert Lazar’s experience had been pure theatre” says Vallee.

So what about the “Alien”?

Lazar is trotted past a door on every excursion and told “don’t look”. Which naturally arouses curiosity.

Question: If they didn’t want anyone to see what’s behind the door, then why put a window in it?

Because eventually, after building up Lazar’s curiosity, they inevitably told him to look. They wanted him to eventually see. And of course, there is ET. What they didn’t expect was for him to pop back shortly afterwards to find the room empty. Again lazar is the first to admit that he may have been set up, as he explained to Vallee. “It could’ve been anything, it could’ve been a doll.” 

The Saucer Test:

At least one thing Lazar witnessed was clearly more than just a dummy. On one occasion, he was present at a brief but impressive display of the saucer (the only one of the nine that he was allowed hands-on with). The saucer was parked outside it’s hangar, and the underside glowed blue and hissed with electrical charge. On an instruction from a worker via radio, the saucer lifted a few feet off the ground, hovered briefly, and set down again. He does not know if there were crew on board or if it was remotely controlled. But once again we hit a brick wall of absurdities, as Lazar himself relates:

“…he was in communication with the disc. I said, “That’s strange: it looks like you’re on a normal frequency on a 200MHz band”, and he said “Yeah”. And I said, “Isn’t it encrypted or encoded or something?” and he said “no”…I said “What a breach of security because anyone could just stand outside the base and listen to what’s going on!”

And yet there is video evidence recorded by Lazar, John Lear and Gene Huff, that the saucer is real as this clip shows:

(Note that this was the incident that had Lazar in trouble with security and led to him quitting and going to the media with his story))

Another point that no one seems to have picked up on: Lazar described the motive power for the craft as being a “gravity drive” using a Super heavy Element (Element 115), and yet the demonstration he witnessed seemed to involve an electrical motive force. Here I am truly intrigued and led to speculate that the craft may have been a full scale “Winterhaven” disc based on the Electro-gravitic saucer models demonstrated by T. Townsend Brown to the US Navy.

See also:,%20Tesla,%20UFOs%20and%20Classified%20Aerospace%20Technology%20-%20Paul%20A%20LaViolette.pdf

So eventually, Lazar goes public and Area51 is “outed” and it was, in my opinion, all according to plan. Despite breaking oath on the greatest secret of all time at the most secret military installation on earth (at the time) Lazar is still alive. no heart attack, no car accident, no legal repercussions (In contrast to hacker Gary McKinnon for instance, who faced huge legal consequences, or look at Assange, a wanted man holed up in a safe embassy). He was subjected to a scenario that seemed to involve props, illusion, and pantomime-like theatrics with elements of logical absurdity, hypnotised, drugged, and set free to misdirect and distract the world. Even an incident where Lazar had a tyre shot out on the freeway is more like something from a B grade movie than any real attempt to silence him.

“My memory may have been tampered with,..”There was a sort of infirmary in the back of that facility. They gave me all kinds of tests there…”They made me drink a glassful of a yellow liquid that smelled like pine. And it seems that they hypnotized me several times, I never found out why.”

Lazar was never officially dismissed from his S4 job; he simply refused to turn up for work. I don’t even know where to start at the absurdity of this scenario!

Arguments ensue and the ufological community is split: One camp hails Lazar as a hero. the other side claims he’s a liar. The Black World of military technology quietly goes back to work while the hordes line Tikaboo Peak hoping for a glimpse of Lazar’s saucer going through it’s paces.


Some of the most remarkable sightings are actually complex hoaxes that have been carefully engineered for our benefit. The witnesses are merely the victims and the instruments rather than the authors of the hoax. Jacques Vallee

Get people arguing over which of two contradictory lies is correct, and you will keep the truth secret, even when it is hidden in plain sight.

In this case, the two lies were:

“Nothing to see here, move along”. That one’s for the mainstream.

“Yes, this is where we keep the crashed saucers and little grey aliens”. No guessing this one’s for the believers and conspiracy buffs.

So what great truth and secret where they really hiding behind this disinformation.?

It is, after all, one hell of a theatrical production. Must be something pretty big they needed to keep under wraps. And it did bring Area 51, so long hidden in the shadows, out into the spotlight to such an extent that it now a part of public mythology and a household name.

Let’s look at some historical context and the answers will emerge.

What was Area 51 actually built for? It was established in 1955 as a place to test, develop, and house a radical new aircraft: The U2. Looking more like a glider than a super-secret aircraft, the fragile U2 was designed for the sole purpose of flying at extreme altitude over hostile (ie Russian) territory and taking hi-res photos. In simple terms, the U2 was a spyplane.

In it’s early guise, the U2 was a bright aluminium finish which, flying over US skies high enough to reflect the sun from over the horizon, even at night, led to UFO reports at a time when the American public were flying-saucer mad. This led to something of a problem for the CIA. Attempts to debunk the sightings and allay public fear had the opposite effect for a certain segment of the population, leading to accusations of a cover-up.

And indeed there was a cover-up, but not of extraterrestrial visitation!

What the CIA learned from this was that the UFO phenomenon itself, and more importantly, the belief systems of those who joined UFO groups, could be harnessed as a useful tool, not only for replacing the real truth with a manufactured truth, but as a conduit for introducing certain concepts and ideas into the community at large: Psychological warfare operations. Propaganda. Mind control.

In fact, the CIA already suspected the Russians were one step ahead of them. A Paperclip scientist, Dr. Walther Riedel, had become a leading figure in the Civilian Saucer Investigations group.Image result for Dr Walther riedel Riedel was a close associate of Von Braun during the Peenemunde days. After becoming a Paperclip acquisition, he was employed at White Sands, continuing work on the German designed V2 rocket. After entering the Private Sector, Riedel began associating with UFO groups, and as early as 1953 the CIA learned that Riedel and his fellow UFO enthusiasts planned to execute a UFO hoax over Los Angeles to test public reaction, and to make matters more alarming, Riedel seemed to know more about UFO reports in the Russia than the CIA themselves. Image result for civilian saucer investigation

Whether or not Riedel was actually working for the Russians is still unknown, as most of his file is still classified after more than 50 years. Noteworthy however is that Von Braun is associated with a warning of hoaxed alien invasion. What did he know about Riedel’s planned hoax?

What we can learn from the Riedel case, is that he was clearly a “maverick scientist” and a handy conduit. Somewhat like Lazar.Was Riedel being used as a Russian psy-op agent against the US?

Before long, the panels of UFO organisations like NICAP were filled with “ex” military personnel, some of them “ex” CIA. In addition to psychological operations, the CIA was keeping tally of how many of the publicly reported UFO sightings tallied with U2 flights.Image result for u2 spy plane

By 1957, U2 sightings accounted for more than half of all UFO sightings within the USA. This “finding” is however, disputed.

Clearly, it was handy for the CIA to keep the flying saucer community believing they were seeing extraterrestrial visitors while assuring the mainstream community that it was all meteors and swamp gas! Meanwhile, other even more extraordinary secret aircraft were under development, particularly the mach-3 capable SR71 “Oxcart” and it’s drone counterpart, the D21 Tagboard. Image result for u2 spy plane

These aircraft travelled at velocities and altitudes well in excess of anything else at the time, and again, the alien explanation kept the truth under wraps. By this time, the CIA had been hard at work with the Mainstream Media drumming up ridicule of the whole UFO subject, ensuring that pilots, radar operators, and a large proportion of the public, preferred to keep quiet about their sightings for fear of the reaction they might receive.

So much for the 1950s and ’60s. Onwards into the ’70s and the Raegan era, and the threat of nuclear war loomed ever larger. Area51 also became larger as secret projects continued under the umbrella of secrecy. 38,000-plus acres of land around the base were withdrawn from public access. Now, however, spy satellites and other space based technology were changing the game. Area51 was no secret to the Eye In The Sky. Secrets can’t be kept forever.Related image

And while a new aircraft technology called “Stealth” was being tested under extreme secrecy, another new  development, SDI or “Star Wars”, was being uncharacteristically publicised loudly. Hunter-killer satellites and particle beam weaponry were a game changer.

And this is the scenario in which Robert Lazar enters the scene.

This was the time of Perastroika, Glasnost, and ultimately, the dismantling of the USSR and communist Russia. Not with nuclear Armageddon or a space war, but with the Russian Bear rolling onto it’s back for a tummy rub. (This is a subject worthy of a blog all it’s own, and beyond the scope of this work).Image result for collapse of the ussr and the end of the cold war

So, while this seemed like a victory of sorts for the West, it also presented something of an apparent problem for the Defence Industry. Billions of dollars were being poured into Military and Defence projects, and with the increasingly questioning and discerning public demanding more accountability, the obscene amounts disappearing into “Black” channels were under threat: Who were we fighting? Where was this money being spent, and what for?

The US economy thrives on war. During the 1980s, business was booming for defence contractors such as Raytheon and Lockheed Martin. Fleets of radar-invisible aircraft such as the F-117 and B2 were being tested  and it was inevitable that they would be glimpsed by the public, who were increasingly curious about strange goings-on in the Groom Lake area of the Nevada Desert. Just as with the U2 in ’50s, UFOs worked as a handy cover. But only to an extent. Times had changed, and within UFOlogical circles, a number of smart researchers had been looking back into the history of UFO sightings and following a trail from Nazi Germany to the Allieds via Paperclip.

It was becoming clear to some that a sizeable portion of the UFO mystery (though not all of it) could be explained, not by aliens, but by certain strands of technology being covertly developed here on Earth. Sights were zeroing in on a facility that didn’t officially exist.

Of course, the US Military-Industrial complex is quite adept at “manufacturing” enemies to keep the money flowing, and it’s always a big bonus if oil is involved. The perfect “baddie” arrived in the form of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Cornered into desperation by the political manouverings of OPEC, Hussein made preparations to move on his neighbour, Kuwait, who he accused of “slant drilling” to plunder Iraq’s oil fields from within their own borders. Through a diplomatic blunder (or possibly deliberate deception by ambiguity), Hussein was led to understand that the US would not intervene in “Arab affairs”.

From a US perspective however, Hussein made a perfect target for the US, as Iraq had a history of aligning itself with the USSR.

It is important to note that these events were unfolding right at the time when Lazar was drawn into the S4 theatre of absurdity.

It now becomes clear, in hindsight, that the “big spend” in the Black Projects world had a definite focus, and the US were on the brink of unveiling to a stunned world a whole new family of radical aircraft in order to put them through their paces on the battlefield in the Persian Gulf. The F117 Nighthawk and B2 Spirit looked like nothing the public had ever seen before….except UFOs! In fact, the F 117 had been fully operational since 1983, and the first prototype, codenamed Have Blue, developed in 1975.Image result for Horten flying wing and B2 And the B2 harked back to the astounding flying wing aircraft developed by the Horten Brothers in Germany during WW2!

Long before the Have Blue prototype established the angular, faceted approach to “stealth” technology, Lockheed Skunk Works director Kelly Johnson had favoured resurrecting a radical flying saucer design from the 1960’s codenamed Silverbug, which at the time was still highly classified and hidden under the very publicly broadcasted “failure” of it’s counterpart, the Avrocar, a kind of “hoverjeep”. Both these vehicles, along with a third called Y-Manta, were acquired from Canadian firm AVRO. While both the Manta (also called Omega) and silverbug were supersonic fighters capable of extraordinary aerobatic manoeuvres, the Avrocar was intended to skim a few feet above the ground at a maximum 300 mph. In order to protect the Silverbug project, the Avrocar was deliberately misrepresented as the planned supersonic fighter and publicly displayed, like an executed prisoner, as a failure. The USAF claimed that the Avrocar was the only attempt at building a saucer and it could barely leave the ground. Subsequently the Avrocar became a joke and designer John Frost retreated to a quiet job at Air New Zealand. Meanwhile, with the Canadians out of the picture, the high performance saucer projects remained in the shadows as potential Stealth platforms.

Here’s raw footage of Avrocar VZ9 in action: Note the improved stability from 8:00 onwards. “Failure?”

It was long whispered among Ufologists that Avrocar hid a “real alien saucer”. They were almost right, except that the “aliens” were Canadian! Related image

With no reason to keep the Silverbug concept under wraps any longer, the designs were quietly made public knowledge in 1991, just after the F117 was very overtly revealed to the public. During all this time, it suited the clandestine arm of the US military world very well to have the public believe they were witnessing extraterrestrial visitors.

Could some of the nine saucers in the S4 hangar have been Silverbug mockups? Or drones?

It also seems plausible that the only one of the 9 saucers Lazar was permitted to interact with may have been a genuine Winterhaven disc; possibly a modified “next generation” Silverbug, deliberately misrepresented as Et technology. Disinformation at it’s finest!

Perhaps the disc is being kept under wraps for Project Blue Beam and Lazar was exposed to it as a “scene setter” to prime the public?

To summarize: In the late 80s, the US was gearing up for war in the Middle East. Part of the “shock tactic” for this operation was the unveiling of Stealth technology. Other technologies may have been tested that are still classified, such as psychotronic weapons. Ufologists and journalists were precariously close to exposing the whole operation. Lazar provided a sensational diversion at a critical moment. These clandestine technologies needed to be kept under wraps until the precise moment arrived for the justification of the dollars secretly allocated. It meant the difference between public condemnation and public support. 

It may  also be that the maverick physicist was exposed to a real saucer that is still under the cloak of secrecy and being deliberately misrepresented as alien technology.

To his credit, Robert Scott Lazar has remained open minded and healthily sceptical about what happened to him in the late 1980s.

Robert Lazar had been “selected” as a potential conduit. There are probably hundreds of “Lazars” out there at any given time waiting to be drawn in to participate in the theatre of deception, to unwittingly divert and disinform the curious public. 

The second part of this blog will address the Roswell Incident, the MJ12 documents and other disinformation games, and some of the characters central to them. This is where things take a strange and disturbing turn involving the Occult, Cattle mutilations, and a cover up of something far more sinister than stealth planes and electro-gravitic saucers.


(Where possible, I have included a link to these books in PDF format)

Revelations, Jacques Vallee

Alien Liaison, Timothy Good

The Hunt For Zero Point, Nick Cook

Area 51, Annie Jacobsen

All other sources and references are included as links in the text body.

Link to part Two:

Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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  1. Interesting article. No one trusts the government anymore so I wouldn’t put any level of deception past them.

    They’re clearly in way over their heads when it comes to UFOs, regardless of whether they’ve been reverse engineering real ET craft for decades or have been working on terrestrial craft all along, the beings responsible for the small percentage of UFOs deemed to be real are still far more evolved than human beings. And their technology is still far more advanced than ours as a result.

    Their deception is understandable, they’re trying to control something that’s uncontrollable, a phenomenon that’s ephemeral, very strange, and counter-intuitive to the ways our relatively primitive science believes the universe works. But at the end of the day, they still can’t keep the visitors away, still can’t protect our airspace, and that’s why people keep seeing strange and unusual things in the sky, some of which appear to be structured craft that can outperform anything we have.

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