Humour: The Bonkers Institute

Laughter Is The Best Medicine, and this is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. Tweaking the nose of Big Pharma is this link to the world renowned Bonkers Institute. Enjoy!

Bonkers Institute
for Nearly Genuine Research

Advancing in the direction of bona fide medical science since last Tuesday.

psychiatry is to medicine what astrology is to astronomy - leonard roy frank

Located in Traverse City, Michigan, the Bonkers Institute hardly resembles the building pictured above.

At the Institute for Nearly Genuine Research, we specialize in:
Psychiatry, psychology, reverse psychology, biopsychology, psychobiology, biopsychiatry, neuropsychiatric
behavioral pathology, psychoneuropharmacology, biochemical transmission reuptake inhibition, magnetic resonance
image exhibition, clinical cohort victim randomization, reliably verifiable albeit statistically invalid diagnostic replication,
amplified bio-reductive materialistic determinism, prescribed medical iatrogenesis imperfecta, nonlinear pharmacokinetic
drug-drug interaction, asymptomatic depression screening, therapeutic intoxication, Semmelweis Reflex reflection,
state-of-the-art disease mongering & medicalization of behavioral, emotional, social or spiritual problems, and more!

Visit the site for more medicinal mirth.


Martin Harris

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