Anomalous Object Discovery In Bermuda Triangle: Is It An “Alien” Craft?

The subject of a forthcoming Discovery Channel “treasure Hunter” show, and found by consulting the data supplied by ex astronaut Gordon Cooper (a confirmed UFO/ET believer). I say it’s too premature to be talking aliens or vehicles just yet, especially considering this is going to be hyped to the max by Discovery. Anyhow, here’s some links and video. Most intriguing for sure!

Treasure Hunter Dives To The Bottom Of The Bermuda Triangle And Finds An Alien Spaceship

Diver Claims “ALIEN SHIP” Found Under Bermuda Triangle!


Published on Aug 15, 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Discovery Channel treasure hunter claims he’s found evidence of an extra-terrestrial spaceship while exploring ancient shipwrecks beneath the Bermuda Triangle 

I remain cautious: This may turn out to be a natural phenomenon or an “inconclusive” find (as typical for Discovery’s stuff) or just as likely we never hear any more of it (if it’s anything truly significant and therefore classified). Time will tell.


Martin Harris

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