‘Don’t ever repeat this’: Beto burned by video sting, staffers tout use of campaign funds to assist migrant caravan

A new bombshell video by Project Veritas is raising some legal and ethical questions for the Robert ‘Beto’ O’Rourke campaign.
Campaign staffers for the Democrat running against Republican incumbent Ted Cruz in the U.S. Senate race in Texas appeared in the video to acknowledge using campaign finances to help illegal immigrants traveling with the migrant caravan toward the U.S. border.

“The Hondurans, yeah… I’m going to go get some food right now, like just some stuff to drop off…” O’Rourke campaign field manager, Dominic Chacon, can be heard saying in the video which was released Thursday. “So, I’m going to get some groceries and some blankets…”
“Don’t ever repeat this and stuff but like if we just say that we’re buying food for a campaign event, like the Halloween events…” AnaPaula Themann, field organizer for the campaign, said.
“That’s not a horrible idea, but I didn’t hear anything. Umm, we can wait until tomorrow for that,” Chacon replied.
“Well that’s exactly the food we need. And I will just mark it as, I do have dozens of block walkers,” Themann added.

Chacon went on to describe how the campaign staff could use prepaid credit cards to pay for food for members of the Honduran caravan, some of whom he indicated had already arrived in the United States and claimed asylum.
“I think we can use that with those [campaign pre-paid] cards to buy some food, all that s**t can be totally masked like, oh we just wanted a healthy breakfast!” he said…


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