“All Wars Are Banker’s Wars” Documentary, Plus a Message of Warning!

War, what is it good for? Lining Bankers pockets!

An oldie but a goodie: Every human being should see this documentary at least once, and we’ve given you options of how you’d like it:




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And one of Uncensored’s sources passed on the following warning relating to current events:

“The real issue with Ir-n is ALL about their independant b-nking system. DT is lying! He is a R agent who is getting very, very rich by carrying out the R ‘agenda.’ He tells his supporters what they want to hear and does some things they like, to maintain support. These brutal sanctions implemented today have nothing to do with the nuc issue/deal as claimed. They are a prelude to war, meant to weaken Ir-n before an attack. Just like they did with Iraq. Nasty! They are the only country left that is not under R’s control. The neocon war mongers are trying to force them into a war, which will be played out in the EU!!

Notice how NK’s leader was also attacked as a monster in the media UNTIL he recently surrendered NK’s banking to Mr. R. Now, he is OK and no longer a threat, bad or an enemy!

Perhaps, there are many mind controlled mercenaries among the so called refugees that recently invaded the EU!

Most Americans have been duped big time into a heated (right vs left) debate/fight about who will win the mid term elections. This is a diversion of what is really going on and to come. =” C

C is referring of course to this situation:

Trump administration unveils full extent of US sanctions on Iran

Bolton: Iran Sanctions Having “Enormous” Economic Consequences; Iran Is In A Depression

What do you think? Is Trump a savior or a deceiver? Or perhaps he is well meaning, but unwittingly being used?

Martin Harris

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