What is 5G Exactly?

Friends, although I call myself an EMF consultant, I never claim to be an expert. I have a good grasp on basic assessment and remediation and help people all over the world. But again, I never call myself an exert, and I am not fond of retaining lots of facts and data in my brain in relation to EMF as it is not my main profession. So if you are like me, you might be wondering: “What exactly is 5G?”

by Neil Steven Cohen, The Source Point Experience

For those of you educated on this subject, my ignorance here will be clearly revealed. However, I know there must be others like me who are still learning. So I provide the information below to you.
I have a connection with a tech expert who is actually in the wireless industry. He has one foot into the industry, and one foot out, also knowing the dangers of wireless radiation. He enjoys the influence I provide, sending him clinical research regarding the dangers of wireless radiation, and I enjoy him keeping me in the loop with the latest tech and answering questions for me.
Today a friend sent me the article below about the latest 5G advances by T-Mobile and Nokia. I was confused by the article, so I presented the question below to my tech expert. Possibly it will be helpful for you as well?

T-Mobile, Nokia complete 5G data transmission at 600 MHz


Me: Dan, what does this mean? Sorry to be dumb. But what is “5G” actually? In the article, they are talking about pumping it out through existing 600mhz and 2.5ghz bands. But what is it exactly that is being sent out over those bands, I don’t quite understand. Is 5G a carrier wave, an information wave, is it separate from the frequency band it is being carried on? I don’t get it?

Dan’s Response:
Ah, fierce wireless. Love that website. We all know the mystery of mmWave. What T-Mobile is doing is putting 5G NR on low-band and mid-band frequencies. This will allow them to have 5G reach MANY times further then on mmWave. The reason it is taking T-Mobile so long to get their shit together is because 600MHz is what some television stations use and the stations need to get off of it. This will allow massive and big cell towers to easily cover 5G for many miles, which will screw over all of the rural areas [I think he means create even more exposure]. 600MHz is EVEN LOWER than Verizon’s 700MHz for LTE, so 5G will literally reach into places that have never heard of cell phones before. It will be ubiquitous.

Me: “I don’t understand. Is 5G a carrier wave, an information wave?”

Dan: 5G isn’t a wave at all. 5G is a protocol which can be used on certain frequencies. It sends data faster than LTE. Let’s say you have two PVC pipes. Both are filled with water. 4G LTE can pump the water at a rate of 2 gallons per second, while 5G can pump the water at a rate of 10 gallons per second, EVEN THOUGH they are using the same pipe? Does this make sense to you?




Thanks to Rose at theConTrail.com for sharing.

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