NY Times: Arizonians Are Physically Attacking Self-Driving Cars to Protect Themselves and Loved Ones

Let’s get real:  haven’t self-driving vehicles always seemed like they’re more trouble than they’re worth?

By B.N. Frank

Let’s get real:  haven’t self-driving vehicles always seemed like they’re more trouble than they’re worth?

Activist Post doesn’t endorse vandalism or violence.  However, this New York Times article, “Wielding Rocks and Knives, Arizonans Attack Self-Driving Cars,” seems too important not to share.

Automated vehicles are being introduced throughout the U.S. despite all their reported issues and accidents (including one fatality).

Insurance experts have also been debating the implications of their existence for years.

Tech moguls are concerned about these vehicles eliminating a large percentage of human jobs.  Of course, they aren’t alone with these concerns.  Because of this, they’ve been endorsing a Universal Basic Income to offset mass rioting and other issues associated with even more Americans becoming poor due to a lack of employment opportunities…


Interociter Exeter

Martin comments:

I’m an old school kinda guy. I like to control the car, not the other way around! Given a choice I’ll take manual wind-down windows and a manual gearstick, thanks. Mind you, General Motors dreamed up the self-driving car concept as early as the 50s, as this Motorama Short for the jet-turbine powered Firebird 2 concept car shows:

Ok, I WOULD drive a car with fins, a bubble-roof and a jet engine. Cue Batman theme music….!

Image result for batman and robin batmobile

Martin Harris

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