Golden Globe winner Christian Bale thanks ‘Satan’

…But in this case, very appropriate: “Satan” was Bale’s inspiration for the role of Bush Jr’s Vice President, Dick Cheney, as the NZ Herald reports.

7 Jan, 2019 4:54pm

Christian Bale has won the Golden Globe for best comedy film actor for his role in Vice – and he had an unusual speech planned for the award.

Bale won the award for playing former Vice President Dick Cheney in Vice, his second win after The Fighter in 2011.

Bale thanked his wife early in his speech, saying she had advised him to say less while he was up there because she knew how much trouble he could get in to.

He proceeded to thank “Satan” for providing inspiration on how to play Cheney.

He also suggested he might take on another unlikeable character, suggesting Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

His quip, based on Cheney’s reputation, was well received on Twitter.

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Katie @kflowerssss

Did Christian Bale really just say thank you Satan for giving me inspiration for this role? #GoldenGIobes

Satan @s8n

You’re welcome Christian Bale! #GoldenGlobes2019 7,152 3:48 PM – Jan 7, 2019


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Christian Bale thanking SATAN at Golden Globe 2019 speech award

KDOT Published on Jan 6, 2019

Christian Bale thanking SATAN for being an inspiration on his role as Dick Cheney during his best actor acceptance speech at the 2019 Golden Globe Awards. Video owned by NBC

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