Robbing The Thieves

“The Rothschilds emerged, controlling All Vatican Finances (to this day) and controlling The Jesuits. The prior Papal and French Monarchy War against The Templars, in 1314, had them loot the resources of The Templars. The thieves in turn being robbed…”

G Squared
By G Squared

Trump, as CiC, visited some of The War Zones expanded by the bought and very stupid Dem puppets. He is extricating The US and drawing down forces as he is correctly advised. The issues; as in Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq; for the present; will create power vacuums that must be managed. Libya of course, as Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, Congo, Gabon etc are CIA disaster zones. They are all US caused broken states. As Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, etc.

The US would have fared better through legitimate enterprise than demaning all at the point of a gun. The bill for which (as Thatcher and the lies of The Coal/EU and The Falklands/FOGL Affairs) looted the US and The UK, while ‘protecting’ elite interests which looted all. Allbeit The Thatcherism destruction of UK coal, used police and not military, and the effect was to transfer to The UK buying its coal from The EU-NWO.

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In passing: The Rothschild history on the paperless control mechanism, has been severely altered and astonishingly sanitized. Moses Amschel Bauer had a son Mayer Amschel Rothschild (from Red Shield, Rot Schild). The young Amschel worked for Oppenheim Bank (Deutsche Bank). He learnt his craft well and was linked to monumental frauds of governments. Particularly at times of war. Not much seems to have changed. Following The Papal Disputes in England in 1773; The Rothschilds emerged, controlling All Vatican Finances (to this day) and controlling The Jesuits. The prior Papal and French Monarchy War against The Templars, in 1314, had them loot the resources of The Templars. The thieves in turn being robbed. Which somewhat explains the rabid waffles of the current Jesuit (Black) Pope with his posture for The NWO.

Fortunately, Russia’s stronghold in Latakia, together with its ability to strike from The Mediterranean, Black, and Caspian Seas, allow it to manage the Kurdistan factions, Turkey, and Syria. And of course, it concerns oil in the disputed  northern region. The current noises from Israel concern its annexation of Syrain Golan Heights for Rothschild Genel Energy (Oil). (1967, not 1981 or 2011).

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The Vatican being the world’s largest shareholder, indirectly maintains control of all major players in The Military Industrial Complex. War has been good business for The Vatican for a very long time.

Qatar was never the postured US ‘Enemy’. Russia will never surrender NordStream. Russia controls the five oil fields in northern Iran. The Seven Countries in Five Years Narrative, was populist sold crabshit. The US were responsible for The Chernobyl and MH-370 False Flags. North Korea is owned by Russia and will merge with South Korea. As Trump was advised in Jan. 2017.

At some stage soon; Israel will need to reach a quiet face saver. And Genel needs to start paying for its free ride. Syria was not destroyed afterall. And The US Qatari Pipelines will not be traversing Syria. As the cute theories postured. Nor will The Mackinder-Brzezinski-Kagan stupidities be realized

Also in Ukraine; the interests of The Kerry-Biden Consortium looting natural resources, lurching merrily along, needs to be halted. As Lavrov and Trump have agreed.

With The US backing out of Ukraine and allowing the Poroshenko front of Bayer-Monsanto, Soros, and CIA rogues to battle it out, unless another massive electoral fraud is perpetrated on 31/3/2019, Porky is out, in Western Ukraine. Putin drew the dividing line of Russian and Western Ukraine after The US attempted annexation of Crimea was thwarted, and Donetsk-Donbass was destroyed by The US barbarians in 2014.

Porky donned his jungle greens like the buffoon he is, and ponced the stages screeching Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine. Following his silly hoax stunt of The Strait of Kerch. Where he had three Ukrainian gun boats towed off by The Russian Navy. His belching and flatulent displays did not bring The USN or The NATO rubber duckies screaming along The Black Sea.

The USS Caron, Yorktown, Donald Cook, Ross, Porter, Virginia, Memphis, Toledo, etc. Incidents alone, have taught The USN not to toy with The Russian Navy, even in friendly engagements. The USN suffers damage, is shoved away, or EMP disabled where it floats (flotsam).

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The NATO Naval Power consists of 2 fleets plus assorted oilers and junk. All on loan from all and sundry. In theory, SNMG-1 is 6 destroyers, and SNMG-2 is 8 destroyers. Being generous in the classifications of the vessels. If The USN now stands more than 500 miles clear of any Russian Navy vessel, without permission to pass, NATO is in rubber ducky class. Don’t posture large, if you don’t want the light of reality.

That 500 miles (Russian hypersonic missiles, super cavitation torpedoes, TU EMP disabling) also creates a radius that disables the operational ability of all Nimitz Class. Most of the 10, now docked. As well as the latest silly and funding black hole; The USS Gerald Ford. Docked from May 2017 after its failed sea trials. $12.5 billion just for the hull. Not the entire frame. Now junk against both Russian and Chinese missiles.

Trump posturing the delivery of arms to Turkey. The final closure of The Ottoman Empire, would be the preferred option.

The US was entangled in the vey stupid Ukraine War of Attrition, that only The US and the very misguided people of Western Ukraine can lose.

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In 2014; The USAF under Obama and Kerry raided the bank assets of Ukraine and flew them early one morning to The Rockefeller-Rothschild New York Federal Reserve. About which I wrote at the time.

Subsequently; some 300,000 people under The US State Department fraudulent government of Poroshenko, have ‘disappeared’, with the assistance of Soros, CIA, and US State Dept Proxies and the criminal NATO. Trump needed to break The NATO link with The US. The NAZI-NATO link to The NAZI CIA has delivered what it would. Perhaps the one hour euthenasia exercise offered by Russia would be the best solution? That way the supporting protagonists could feign plausible denial of the true history.

Trump decided to cut financing NATO. To placate the ill-informed, he would send NATO weaponry, instead of cash credits.

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So silly NATO; smile, you’re on Russian satellite! And, surrounded by Humint Agents, they decided to build up toys in Ukraine. Preparing to do what Napoleon and Hitler failed doing, perhaps? We could only wish. Far more comical than The Mouse That Roared.

So in March 2017; the boy scouts start planting an arsenal in Ukraine. (Contravention of The Bucharest Agreement.) To prevent the little delinquents hurting themselves, Russia sent in a big bang-bang from the sky. A really fast and noisy one. Oops: all gone…

Not being good at learning, NATO repeated the same planting in Sept. 2017. This time they took precautions. Being extra vigilant for incoming, and really bunkering the toys. You wouldn’t believe it. The Ruskies sent in another welcome card. And as the mayor of Hiroshima said; ‘What the fuck was that’.

So on the third delivery, loaded through Atlanta on 17/12/2017 (fake shutdown), the Israeli Contractor freighters passed through Eilat then delivered the NATO goodies to Denmark. Where they remained.

One never fails to be amazed.

Nancy Pants’ limited grey matter, views the real world as a political stunt toy. As do all professional career politicians. So she started thinking (always dangerous for her) and decides; on the back of her exceptionally stupid response to the forthcoming SOTU Address by Trump; to do an opposing version to Trump’s tour. Clearly, terminally disengaged from reality.

Trump is considering a massive public rally to deliver his SOTU Address. A better option for all.

What purports to be US Foreign Policy and its Militarism in tow, is not a political point score toy.

So Trump cancels her, MSM in tow, sojourn, correctly on National Security issues. Not what he wrote in her “for public consumption” letter.

War Zones, troop drawdowns and removal, and the management of power vacuums, are not issues of competing narratives. The decisions of The CiC of Military Forces cannot be the subject of political stunts; damaging authority in such matters.

So Trump sacked her tour at the bus stage. Strengthening his authority over the hag windbag and her FemDem loony clutch; he should have had it return en route. Where is The USS Vincennes when you need it. Nancy Pants knows full well that Plan B was one phone call off. A legal targeted strike.

If they want to go Commercal instead of bumming Military, he can refuse them landing or access to areas.

The  current House is what was voted in to Congress, by what fools, and for what purpose? To see how much more the bankrupt US’s non-existent resources they could waste?

Since they were sworn in, no responsible representative activity has been conducted. They delve in a world of threatening abuse of power, to harass individuals without their having cause, screeching inanities and incoherencies, and maniacal childish stunts. Bills they have dumped on The House Table can go nowhere but waste time and resources.

G Squared

Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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