Not Playing With a Full Deck

Trump postponing SOTU was not recommended. The upstart now believing she won a power play gambit, will become even more insufferable. The loons are not playing with a full deck.

G Squared
by G Squared

For a generation of concerted effort, after manipulation into feminese psychology and the liberal arts of stupidity, emerged by weaponizing imaginary offences against women, added to any real events, the conclusion was that ‘oppression’ will only cease with a gynocracy.

They reached that in The US, and the outcome is nothing resembling some theory of equality, but a barrage of FemDem ideologized suicide bombers (thanks Lars); highly qualified through toxic quota tokenism.

He is attempting to reverse the lunacies of 6/11/2018 for 3/11/2020. Good Luck with that.

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Rosemary Collyer colluded her FISA Court with Deep Stare DOJ-FBI, in issuing the initial Carter Page Warrant, then again for the three renewals. She neither read, verified, nor understood the Steele Dossier. Should she not be brought to account. RBG is a determined disgrace and the leading light in the Breakfast at Ruthies Affair.

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Currently, Digiworld is over run with FISA love postings. And we thought it was the hush hush sector of The US imaginary industry of law.

It’s The Paperless World version of throwing rocks, running away, then saying; “he did it!”


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It broke that Bruce Ohr had lied in Congressional Hearing. A hand written note was ‘discovered’ whereby he advised FBI the Steele Dossier was dirty and against policy; BEFORE Collyer at FISA was approached to collude.

Problem is, he is dirty and manufactured the note, as Susan Rice had sent herself an email on The HRC Benghazi Murders (False Flag) to cover her miserable arse.

Nellie Ohr was employed by; DOJ-FBI, CIA, and Fusion at the same time. She was a cover CIA in FBI and paid by Fusion to leak to Simpson, so he could leak to MSM. Tell me this nation is not deranged.

Mark Elias of Perkins Coie (payments by HRC through Podesta and Wasserman Shultz DNC), Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe, Lynch, Strzok, Lisa Page, Mueller (involved in a Uranium theft when FBI Director, before Uranium One, in the current circus, destroyed Strzok evidence, colluded to manufacture evidence with Strzok against  Flynn, and Obstructed Justice in Flynn (Turkey Double agent) Affair), Weissman, Rhee, Australian Downer, Stephanopoulos, The Clintons, Abedin, Collyer, Brennan, Clapper, Hayden, Steele (sacked by FBI and SIS), Simpson, McCain, Veselnitskaya (who wrote the dossier), Obama, Manafort (FBI agent), et al, all directly involved.

The DOJ-FBI had a comms van parked to the side of Trump Tower vacuuming everything. The DOJ-FBI were going to manufacture a narrative to remove Trump. They were concerned about a legal challenge. So they decided to introduce The FISA Warrant around Carter Page. Which they believed they could use to … Surprise Surprise … Trump is working with The Russians. Carter Page was never interviewed at any time, to the present by FBI. That deception is very clear.

The stupidity of The US Intel Community is difficult to explain. The intercept was found by Israeli Intel, confirmed by Russian Intel working deep cover.

The Trump operations were moved to Mar a Lago by a swap operation for The FBI to maintain post. After election, The WH SS which was white anted, was replaced by The Marine Corps.

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Mueller was already involved with the scam before appointed by Comey, McCabe, and Rosenstein. Mueller was involved in a uranium theft against Russia, before HRC’s Uranium One and WJC’s payments for nonsense speeches (Intended as payment for HRC to aid bank licensing in The US for a Russian group) and was involved in the Iran Uranium Affair.

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What could slick willy advise in a half million dollar speech? The best ways to shove coke up your nose, or how to rape someone, or how to obstruct justice (his unactioned articles of impeachment). The Clintons received a known $145 million from Russian connections. IS THAT COLLUSION?
How do you legally and politically hide? You have one of the guilty ‘Investigate’ an unrelated party. Media will help make it stick.

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What happened to “Hillary for Prison”? Did Trump discover Blanket Immunities and Pardons? Or is he making The Vatican Error? Covering the individual crimes to protect the institution.

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The background is very active indeed. But there also needs to be visibility to justify the support, by the damaged and frustrated, of 8/11/2020

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