Mark Steele UK 5G Activism Update

British scientist and inventor Mark Steele is facing ongoing court appearances in relation to his activist work on the 5G issue. 

Mr. Steele rose to national attention in the UK after an article in the UK Daily Mail reported on his concerns ( about new LED street lights in Gateshead which had been fitted with wireless transmitters producing pulses of microwave radiation at the frequency range of 868-870 MHz. 

Following the installation of the new “state of the art” LED street lights, some local residents began to experience worrying symptoms including insomnia and nosebleeds.  Miscarriages and stillbirths are also reportedly associated with the new lights.  (More details may be found at this link: )

Mr. Steele is a forthright character and his characterisation of two Council members who ignored his concerns about the adverse effects associated with the new lights as “murderers”, caused them to take  offence and led to his being prosecuted and being found guilty of using “threatening words and behaviour”.

In the two videos below you can see Mark Steele being interviewed by Ian R. Crane (probably best known in the UK for his anti-fracking activism) about Mr. Steele’s court appearance on January 14, 2019:

The Council had already tried once unsuccessfully to gag Mr. Steele; however the presiding judge recognised that Mr. Steele was exercising his democratic rights in speaking out on this issue. 

However, as reported in the interviews with Ian R. Crane, that decision did prevent the Council from continuing actions against Mr. Steele.

At the link below you can find the GoFundMe appeal for Mr. Steele’s legal costs:

Ed note:  5G updates for NZ may be found at and

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