How Chinese Government Identifies “Extremism”:

Think living under a Chinese New World Order might be a good option? Take a look at this list and ponder. Is this our future?

Muslims and other religious minorities in China can be sent to an 'education centre' for seemingly minor infractions. Photo / Supplied

Muslims and other religious minorities in China can be sent to an ‘education centre’ for seemingly minor infractions. Photo / Supplied


The following reasons can be used as a trigger by Chinese Government officials to justify someone being sent to an education camp.

Owning a tent

Telling others not to swear

Speaking with someone who has travelled abroad

Owning welding equipment

Telling others not to sin

Owning extra food

Eating breakfast before the sun comes up

Merely knowing someone who has travelled abroad

Owning a compass

Arguing with an official

Publicly stating that China is inferior to some other country

Owning multiple knives

Sending a petition that complains about local officials

Having too many children

Abstaining from alcohol

Not allowing officials to sleep in your bed, eat your food, and live in your house

Having a VPN

Abstaining from cigarettes

Not having your government ID on your person

Having WhatsApp

Wailing, publicly grieving, or otherwise acting sad when your parents die

Not letting officials take your DNA

Watching a video filmed abroad

Wearing a scarf in the presence of the Chinese flag

Wearing a hijab (if you are under 45)

Going to a mosque



Listening to a religious lecture

Not letting officials scan your irises

Not letting officials download everything you have on your phone

Not making voice recordings to give to officials

Speaking your native language in school

Speaking your native language in government work groups

Speaking with someone abroad (via Skype, WeChat, etc.)

Wearing a shirt with Arabic lettered writing on it

Having a full beard

Wearing any clothes with religious iconography

Not attending mandatory propaganda classes

Not attending mandatory flag-raising ceremonies

Not attending public struggle sessions (the public humiliation of political rivals)

Refusing to denounce your family members or yourself in these public struggle sessions

Trying to kill yourself when detained by the police

Trying to kill yourself when in the education camps

Performing a traditional funeral

Inviting multiple families to your house without registering with the police department

Being related to anyone who has done any of the above


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