Leaked Snowden Memos Show NSA Aided Israel’s “Targeted Assassinations”

Newly leaked documents from the Snowden archive confirms the extremely close level of cooperation between the American and Israeli intelligence services, especially as part of the Neocon’s “global war on terror.”

Snowden memos show NSA helped with Israel's targeted assassinations

The documents disturbingly reveal the NSA assisted in an aggressive targeted assassination campaign waged by Israel inside Lebanon, especially during the 2006 Lebanon War.

Zerohedge.com reports: According to The Intercept’s report  aptly titled “Israel Hated American Ban on Sharing Intel for Assassinations, so US Made New Rules” the newly unearthed NSA memos reveal attempts to find a legal loophole of sorts on the part of the US intelligence officials which would allow unprecedented information sharing related to a deeply controversial targeted assassination campaign by Israel….READ MORE

The NSA and Israeli intelligence drew up a memorandum of understanding in 2009, authorizing the sharing of certain raw intelligence data, according to a Snowden document published by the Guardian. The memo was controversial for apparently giving the Israelis access to data about American citizens, including private messages and metadata. But the civil liberties implications of the agreement were even more troubling when it came to data vacuumed up by the NSA about non-U.S. persons — people who are not residents or citizens of the United States — and then shared with Israeli intelligence. As a 2016 Brennan Center for Justice report on the memo noted, “None of the publicly available directives explains how intelligence agencies take into account the impact of intelligence sharing on the human rights of non-U.S. persons.” The report added, “The lack of transparency raises concern that shared information could be used to repress, censor, or persecute, or commit other human rights abuses.”


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