Violence Erupts As Hong Kong Protests Extraditions To Mainland China

Chaos erupts on the streets of Hong Kong as police clash with pro-democracy campaigners after hundreds of thousands of people march through the city to protest against a proposed extradition deal.

Hong Kong protests over extradition law turn ugly as riot police clash with demonstrators | ABC News

ABC News (Australia) Published on Jun 9, 2019

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Chinese state media says ‘foreign forces’ trying to hurt Beijing by creating chaos after mass rally ends in violence.

Hundreds of thousands of people marched through Hong Kong on Sunday in a bid to block a proposed law that would allow suspects to be sent to China to face trial.

The protest descended into violence in the early hours of Monday after protesters tried to force their way into the semi-autonomous Chinese territory’s parliament, which is expected to vote on contentious extradition bill in the coming days.

Several hundred riot police armed with batons, shields, tear gas guns and pepper spray sealed off the Legislative Council as a similar number of protesters charged their lines, witnesses told Reuters news agency.

Police estimated the crowd at 240,000, but organisers said more than one million took part in what appeared to be the biggest protest since 2003 protest against a proposed national security law…READ MORE

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