5G+Al+Si+F+Hg = The New DAYS OF ATLANTIS: Ian Crane

New Atlantis? A rather unique perspective on things from Crane!

The link to this video came via author Elana Freeland (with thanks to Rose for sharing). Elana included the following message:

From an activist friend in London. A relatively unique context that I too follow in my series Sub Rosa America. Ian Crane is an exceptional activist in that he is not just a doer but a thinker, as well. It’s essential that we take another look at our conditioning to realize that much we have been taught to view as “mythology” (i.e. fiction) is actually ancient history in pictorial mode for the masses while priesthoods, secret societies and esotericists — like those  engaged in the technology of our day — learn the language of symbols and are therefore able to access documents and technologies so as to make use of metaphysics as well as physics. Spiritual warfare is underway., and we must become proficient in esoterics as well as exoterics. Reference to Rudolf Steiner at 10:00. (I have been a student of Rudolf Steiner since 1977.) 

Elana Freeland, MA

Sub Rosa America series, 2nd Edition 2018

Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth (2014)

Under An Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown (2018)

Martin Harris

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