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Plane passengers baffled as ‘UFO splits into six pieces and vanishes in mid-air’

Plane passengers UFO

This one has us baffled!

It’s not often I bother with UFO video captures (especially from a tabloid source) as most of them are either indistinct, lacking in visual reference points, or easily identifiable. This one, however, is intriguing. Doesn’t appear to be CG and the splitting into “dual light” configurations gives the impression of formation of structured objects.

Eagle eyed viewers may note apparent “beams” projecting from the objects. I wonder if they are reflections? (note the bright reflections on the wingtip of the plane). Apparently other viewers have made this observation too.

Also note that the article source says passengers (plural) yet only a single witness is mentioned.

If anyone has any other clues or suggestions I’d appreciate your feedback. Martin.

Plane passengers stunned as ‘UFO splits into six pieces and vanishes in mid-air’

Passenger Lucas Kim recorded the bizarre encounter as he flew from South Korea to Thailand

Lucas Kim spotted what he thought was another flight from his window

This is the stunning moment a mysterious ‘aircraft’ splits into six pieces and vanishes in full view of a shocked passenger aboard a nearby plane.

Lucas Kim was jetting to Thailand from his home in Seoul, South Korea, when he spotted what he thought was another flight from his window.

“At first I thought it was maybe another plane,” he said. “I thought it was rare to see another plane flying next to your own.

“So I took out my phone, a Huawei P9 Lite, and recorded it.”

What happened then convinced Mr Kim he’d seen something genuinely abnormal.

“When I looked closely, it was not a plane, it was six individual vehicles,” he said. “It was like a pulsating greenish-yellowish light.”

The incident was recorded out the side of the aircraft(Image: Credit: Pen News/Lucas Kim)

In Lucas’ video, the UFO is first visible as a distant, white dot beyond the wing of his Jeju Air flight.

But as he zooms in, it quickly becomes apparent that there are several points of light, moving in formation like no regular aircraft can.

Moments later they split into pairs and disappear from view.


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