Meet the cop who strangled Epstein!

Cryptic but intriguing information on the Epstein affair from our contributor G Squared: (I added the Clinton images and link to the Red Shoe info, MH)

Very complex and involved affair. Connects; New York Cops, FBI, DOJ, and a number of ‘circles’. Volumes of material. Well beyond Deep State alone.

Nicholas Tartaglione (his lawyer attempting a deal to move him off sentence). Currently held at MCC New York. He assaulted Epstein on first pretend suicide 23/7/2019. NT convicted of 4 murders (only) and drug dealing.

The dumb herds are played as a fiddle. The reverse of not being able to handle the truth, and not even being entitled to it. The current dumb hordes are the outcome of a totally fake ‘education’.

Epstein not on suicide watch; not in a dry cell. Not on register as two-out with NT, moved after event by prior crew. New York Medical Examiner’s report is fake.

Barr, as IG Horowtiz, surrounded by good DOJ-FBI, are ill equipped to manage Epstein Affair. Between The Good Guys and the insane Dem perceived political demands; fact, truth, and reality are on a long vacation. Who in the fake world of the hordes or the ideological fairyland of Dems, has any engagement with the real world?

Barr has moved the acting prisons head and brought in two career psychologists to head The Bureau of Prisons. Hugh Hurwitz moved out for Kathleen Sawyer and Tom Kane. The whole affair will bog into nothing.

No matter how empowered intellectualized fools may be, reality is never their forte.

Epstein is now referred to as a Financier. I previously wrote that Buck House had the largest interest in The Epstein Affair. Not the litany running through idiot media.

Ambulance Chaser Reid Weingarten and cohorts are swinging off prior credits of FBI corruption affairs of the 1970s and 1980s. What happened inbetween. He will continue his fight for Epstein and his victims. These are ‘Expert Lawyers’? No Comment. Even strong fly sprays can’t shift them.

No meaning to convict a lifer for murder

NT had a cellphone taken from his cell on 3/7/2019. Day before Epstein murdered he was advised he would not be charged with first Epstein assault. Represented by Bruce Barket attempting a deal to get NT a reduced sentence. Death Row out of New York in 2007. They now have Infanticide instead.

Songs about MCC being medieval with vermin and mould. No idea.

Connected to Gerard Benderoth FBI ‘suicide’ at time of ‘arrest’ on sealed indictment on 8/3/2017.

Llinked to hoax 911 call on 14/4/1972 and incorrectly reported capture of 5 cops by Louis Farrakhan at The New York Mosque Incident.

Linked to murder of another cop Cardillo.

The Epstein Black Book (10 year old contact book) and Diaries are not relevant. He had videos.

The Keating link to Australia is as connected as The Maxwell link to The UK. WJC (Bill Blythe) posed in a blue dress with red shoes. Separately, Downer had posed in fishnets.

Image result for clinton red shoes blue dress
Image result for clinton red shoes blue dress
Hillary’s Blue Dress as worn By WJC

Paedo-Gays are a complex confection as Mountbatten. Big history there.

I have written of The Mountbatten link to Savile, also murdered. Sligo (I wrote before present FBI revelations, was conducted by same crew as Diana murder). Also a prior link to Noel Coward. Cliff Richard and many others named in Westminster.

Australia has a link from NSW Premier’s office to Federal Parliament.

G Squared
G Squared
Image result for epstein red shoes
So why are red shoes a big deal?
Because it is a Satanic symbol of child/human sacrifice. During the sacrificial rituals, the Satanists wear red shoes (claimed to be made of human leather) so when blood gets on the shoes, it does not show.

Martin Harris

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