The Hillary Clinton Email Saga Just Got A lot Weirder

Due to the declassification and release of a trove of documents late in the week, the Hillary email story has gone hot again.


As I shared a few days ago, we now have confirmation of what we heard from sources several months ago, namely that every email on her illegal server was being forwarded to a Chinese email account.

This account was setup by Paul Combetta, Hillary’s IT specialist who was given immunity by the FBI for no justifiable reason. Why Combetta chose to add an email account associated with a Chinese company and whether the emails were actually going to the Chinese required more investigation but the FBI decided to bury the evidence instead. It’s an extremely suspicious revelation that simply doesn’t make sense on it’s face. What we do know is that Combetta was copying classified information to an un-secure, Chinese domain and that there’s absolutely nothing legal about that.

Of course, no one was prosecuted for any of their wrongdoing in the case because we are supposed to believe that Hillary and her associates didn’t actually intend to setup an illegal server, purposely remove classified markings, and further illegally archive the information to yet another un-secure location. That was all accidental I suppose.

Now, a closer examination of the testimony by the Intel Community Inspector General’s office shows just how weird things got while they were actually investigating the matter. I had to do a double take on some of these details just to make sure I wasn’t being trolled.

For one, the ICIG claims multiple members of their team were followed by a mysterious Jeep Wrangler. They also reported having their trash gone through and laptops being stolen.

Report per the Daily Caller.

Rucker also told investigators for the Senate as well as Department of Justice IG investigators that he and others at the ICIG believed they were being followed, and that someone went through McCullough’s recycling bin.

“He said that a Jeep once followed the ICIG (McCullough) from the State Department to the door of house. Mr. Rucker said that he himself had a Jeep following him at odd hours. He said that for two weeks, the same Jeep followed him on Route 50,” the Senate report said.

“Mr. Rucker said that he cannot recall the exact timeframe of when this occurred, nor did he record the Jeep’s license plate. He said that Mr. Hackett had a burglary at his home and all of his computers were stolen,” it continued. “He said that Mr. McCullough discovered that someone was sorting through his recycling bin at home and leaving separate stacks of items outside of the bin as if they were looking for papers.”

The ICIG repeatedly found major anomalies involving Clinton’s email server.

Remember, this was all going on in 2016, before the Obama administration officially shut down the matter…READ MORE

Martin Harris

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