The Man of the People and the Enemy Within

The Dems are recording failure after failure to regain The WH, after they lost it to Trump. Being happily owned by Deep State with MSM Mutual Collusion.

by G Squared 12/11/19

Man of the People Trump Enemy Within

Deep State having the major problem, that Trump cannot be threatened, bought or blackmailed. If he doesn’t need anything, has nothing to hide and can defend against the industry of weaponized law; there is a problem.

He actually represents The People. More terrifying for The Enemy Within; he has seen and experienced victimization by Swamp Slime. And he never forgets and never forgives. Nor should he. Nor should anyone. To do so perpetuates that which should never exist. Power mutation and function creep.

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He actually represents The People. More terrifying for The Enemy Within; he has seen and experienced victimization by Swamp Slime. And he never forgets and never forgives. Nor should he. Nor should anyone. To do so perpetuates that which should never exist. Power mutation and function creep.

Gone is the comprehension of the reality that powers are lent to The Power Base by The People. It is neither the leader, nor a stakeholder, with The People. It is not to invent ideologies and mandate them onto The People. The contemporary illusion of The Power Base is an affront.

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In The US, you know who The Enemy of The People is. Trump is neither Republican nor a Politician. Trump is The People. Those who oppose him, are The Enemy of The People. Such a character has only appeared three other times in US history; Washington, Lincoln and Jackson.

In the contemporary world, there are only three other characters who also ‘Represent’ their People; Johnson, Putin, and Xi.

[Martin chokes on his coffee…Xi!! Not quite sure NWO Overlord Xi represents “his people” G, (except via brainwashing “re-education”) but hey, it’s your blog, please continue…]

The digestible history is still to be written. Albeit that most will always choke on their intellectualized or otherwise premises of Ideological Illusions, Delusions, Paranoia, Prejudice, and Naivete. Truth, Fact, and Reaity filtered by their essential mental addictions until they pass to happier climes.

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1. Mueller:
The prime reason for him to have been appointed by Comey (his prior cohort in crimes of Corruption and Abuse of Power for personal gain; bribery, theft, collusion, obstruction, false conviction and imprisonment, and pay for play catch and release), was to call in, search, and destroy all evidence of theirs, HRC, and cohorts, including Biden, Kerry, McCain, The Clintons and Obama consortia, corruption (including Martial Law executable treasonous violations), compounded by Logan, Hatch, and Espionage Acts. Particularly, but not restricted to, the Domestic US, Russia and Ukraine. And including the Middle East, Sub Sahara East Africa, Eastern Europe and Eurasian Affairs. Broadly The Maghreb and Levant. And to manufacture evidence to bring about false convictions and manufacture blackmail material against Trump. With the aid of The US intel Community run by Brennan with Clapper and Hayden.(Rogers had informed Trump at a meeting in early 2017.)

Hayden attempted to Methyl Iodide Melania in Scotland, killing one of her security team. Trump released a White Hat US Target Intel Team, which delivered a Methyl Iodide stroke to Hayden in response.Brennan and Clapper were sacked and isolated under watch.

Not the seventeen agencies acting independently finding Trump colluded with Putin, as rattled by the deeply uninformed Megyn Kelly in her; “Could they all be wrong?” cringe question to Putin. Yes dearest; they could and they were. Go back to sleep. He in response asking her if she had read The US Intel Reports from which she purported to be quoting. She responded; “The redacted versions.” Putin advised her that he had read the initial US Top Secret Reports, and they did not contain the information that she was parroting.

The two Uranium Affairs (including Uraniumn One). The Outline and agenda, Brookings Institute written in the week prior to Comey (and Rosenstien appointing him). The three Brookings authors subsequently employed by Dem Party as Committee Expert Researchers. Sessions morally conned into recusing himself, sacked by Trump after 2018 elections. Deep State did not want to remove Trump. They wanted to control and own him.  And that was never going to eventute. Trump spent some five billion of his own to reach The WH. He wanted the mark on the slate that he obtained. He has never been definable within the ignorant limited parameters of Deep State nor their cohorts. In due course, he will be written in the context as; Washington, Lincoln, and Jackson.


HRC’s 33,000 destroyed emails are among the over half million that have ‘disappeared’ from The State Dept., The IRS, The DOJ, and The FBI. The Pentagon’s central account keeping office was the wing bombed on 9/11. All the individual account offices had computers that would not communicate with any of the others.

Fortunately for The US in its current zeal to cleanse itself and reapply for admission to the human race, despite protestations to the contrary, all it’s internal traffic is copied by Russia, China, Israel, and India.

One of HRC’s missives to John Podesta confirms that both ISIS, and The Clinton Foundation, were funded by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Morocco, and Bahrain. That Saudi Arabia purchased some $80 billion in arms in one transaction. How else would they be paid for oil?

The US’s history is not discussed.

2. Dem screams for the report to be issued unredacted, then;

3. Dem screams for all the million plus pages of underlying evidence to be given for reexamination.

4. Hearings for Obstruction:
Left purposely blank by Mueller on Brookings advice. Even though the entire 22 month Angry Dem Investigative Team followed on from the 10 months of Comey Investigation Operation Crossfire Hurrican.

Same FBI DOJ Team sham Investigation by Lynch ‘HRC Matter’. Lynch promised murdererd Scalia SCOTUS Seat at Phoenix Airport Meeting with WJC. The HRC Email Affair, Operation Mid Term Exams with false FISA Warrant for Carter Page. Focussing his contacts with Trump as tag sham. He was never investigated nor even interviewed by FBI.

FISA authority to prevent exposure of fake investigation. Comey and Mueller themselves investigated prior for fake political investigations. FBI obliged to inform Candidate Trump of Investigation concerning Collusion, not done by Comey or  Lynch.

DOJ Immunities given to five including HRC, prior to sham meeting. Warrant and three Renewals by Collusion with Roberts, Collyer, Contreras et al. Flynn convicted on Strzok false evidence. Sentencing 18/12/2019, Sullivan appointed when Contreras forced to self-recuse after pressure by Trump connections.

5. Lewandowski, Dean, and Mueller Hearings also returning nothing.
All leading to the current in camera sham ‘Impeachment’ Hearings with House Dem changed rules concerning Whistleblower Regulations and Hearing Regulations.

A musical chairs game concerning  which alleged Whistleblower to be produced, with the still existing problem of third party hearsay evidence. The problem of leaked names becoming an issue of planted leaks to the hide identity of a person still not decided upon by Dem fantacists. But now pinned to Eric Ciaramella with Vindman as first reserve; to void another Plame Affair, with the instigator.

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The Pelosi-Schiff concotion alleged ‘hearings’ refusing GOP, subpoena rights, witness questioning, and even lawful  attendance rights, and right to speak of the content of The Hearings. The only releases being by Schiff-planted disinformation leaks.

G Squared
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