Brexit Referenda and Deep State “Remainers”: Insanity in the UK.

Since both Cameron and May are Deep State fronting Remainers, They handed the file to Corbyn in 2017, after destroying the Conservative ability to deliver Brexit. On the basis that Brexit had to somehow be approved after the Referendum result. Which is a lie.

by G Squared 16/11/19

Westminster has no authority to approve or disapprove a Referendum Result. It also has no authority to keep asking essentially the same question, whether or not styled as a ‘People’s Vote’. What was the Referendum; a ‘Non-People’s Vote’?

So insane did the Commons become, during The 2019 Johnson Era, that the Scottish SNP disengaged petty opportunists were posturing that any Brexit deal had to first pass The Scottish and other assemblies, before it even reached the Commons, and then there had to be sufficient time for ‘scrutiny‘. A word which is beginning to seriously annoy.

All of which is total nonsense. All The UK voted in the 2016 Referendum. There were no subdivisions as to whether there would be a Deal or No Deal Brexit, a Hard or Soft Brexit, or any other inventive  semantic or syllogistic effluvia suffered from The Opposition Benches.

Map of europe with the national flag. Brexit referendum UK – United Kingdom, Great Britain or England leaving EU – European Union, British vote to exit.

The SNP to justify its existence at the time, kept posturing that it represented the people of Scotland. Clearly not, as they voted FOR Brexit. Not for The SNP to obstruct it. Similarly in 2014, the people of Scotland voted, in a referendum, to remain in The UK. They did not vote for The SNP to have another referendum in 2020, to see if they’ve changed their minds!

In which case, based on the idiocies presented concerning Brexit: if the people of Scotland decide to leave The UK, is that subject to an obstruciton by the Commons, and decisions by all the other assemblies in The UK, together with a Deal that must have a sufficient number of years for ‘scrutiny’? And what of The 2014 Scottish Referendum. Was that just a trial run?

Brexit ensures Scotland regains its lost Oil and Fishing Industries. It would not choose to break from its UK markets and remain a captive slave in the bankrupt  EU. The Opposition Members in The Commons are not ‘Representing’ their constituencies. They are variously representing UK and EU Deep State, and the furtherance of Totalitarianism through the mechanisms of Globalism.

Cameron and May conducted a charade, together with the 21 that Johnson expelled from the Conservatives, contradicting The 2016 Referendum.

Johnson was unable to avoid a further unnecessary House vote (caused by May), to deliver by 31/10/2019. Moralizing, Intellectualizing, rigorous Omphaloskepsis, and obtuse posturings, where the natural response to the fool May asking the Commons Opposition that SHE CREATED; to approve that which now in opposition to their prior manifestos, turned to political play school.

To maintain the affront to The People of The UK, obstructing and attempting to abrogate their Referendum decision, we saw the same narratives and same mechanics delivered by the same puppets of the same tutors of The DemLoons in The US. NO IDEA. FemLoon counterterparts calling out the puppeted stupidity of ‘impeachment’ to Johnson. A totally different system.

Trump and Johnson: Two pes in an impeachment pod?

They were announcing where they were schooled. Uneducated, unread, illinformed, terminally ignorant, profoundly arrogant, Globalist regurgitators, fronting a Deep State that they could not even identify.

Then we had the court attempted coup. About which I have written elsewhere. Johnson prorogues. Gina Miller (The UK’s Soros) runs to the courts, then appeals their correct decisions. Armies of secretly partisan QC’s on Urgent Business. I will write about the oddities of Gina’s finances and claims to have worked in lowly service.

Then we have the character of Lady Brenda Hale of The Supreme Court and her ten merry bench warmers, in an attempted penn’orth Constitutional Coup. Johnson sacks The House. Brenda says no. The House Opposition rushes back. The Government Benches return, so the children don’t hurt themselves, alone in the playground.

Image result for lady brenda marjorie hale
Lady Brenda Marjorie Hale

Total insanity reigns. The Opposition has no business to discuss. So Johnson sacks them again, and has all references to the first sacking expunged from Hansard. The flushing of Brenda The Great and all who sailed with her. The UK not only colluding and obstructing Deep State, but tokenism to the most appalling degree.

Brenda is spoken to by The Lord Chancellor. Cox brushes her off. One in need of an extended rest perhaps. She promises not to be naughty in the future. She loves the job more than an attempted coup. Although secretly hoping to have been the cover of the next issue of QueenLoon; Tokens to The Rise. She was misled by a moment of aberration. As one does. She doesn’t know what came over her. She thought she was the equality and diversity version of Cromwell and the FemLoons were wearing Roundhead attire, to save the nation.

QEII reads a Conservative written screed from The Peers. It is debated in The Commons to oblivion. Johnson puts up May’s Brexit Bill, with a few added pages for a second reading. The reality looming is Yellowhammer and a no deal Brexit, as I have written.

Image result for boris johnson theresa may brexit

Johnson withdraws The Bill, when it fails the second reading, and Bercow begins to play games on what HE WILL ALLOW as far as motions. Not the interpretation of standing orders that is correct. Not worth the challenge to that fool who is running before being sacked.

After the Opposition blocks two attempts to force a General Election, imbeciles reach the Dispatch Box with ‘Conditions’ for the Opposition to approve a General Election. Including a further EU extension to 31/1/2020, and beyond. I have written elsewhere of the inordinate costs of this bloody-mindedness by the Opposition elements. We suffer efforts by pseudo Peoples’ Representatives, Benn and Letwin, to tie Johnson’s hands to force the abrogation of The Referendum.

The Opposition Dispatch Box almost needed delousing, as the backbench hordes decended with litanies of inanities that 16 and 17 year olds be permitted to vote. That (as the aliens in the US) non citizen Europeans be permitted to vote. (A UK not an EU Election) That the date be changed from 12/12/2019 to 9/12/2019, because students will be disadvantaged, as they are registered at school and not their residential addresses. All further delays and obstruction, as one shot loons get their five minutes of fame, as they are likely candidates for the sack on 12/12/2019. Nothing postured would pass The Peers, And no bills would be put forward by The Commons within the  timeframe of the 25 days and St.Andrew’s Day.

In light of all that has occurred since 23/6/2016; Johnson quietly threatened to get EII to shut The House, call out The Army; (The Garter Knights were salivating) and force a General Election. The final answer to The Lord Protector and The Roundheads. The thought of Opposition fools being frog-marched out of The House, didn’t sit well.

After Johnson was seen to be sufficiently connected to have EII ride down The Mall with a massive horseback entourage, on short notice (May was rejected twice. Not the reverse. Charley to become Prince Regent. Holding The Throne for His grandson.) together with The Imperial State Crown, The Sword of State, and The Cap of Maintenance. La Reyne le Veult.

The Yeomen Warders ‘Searching’ The Lords. The Household Cavalry consisting of The Life Guards and The Blues and Royals (Royal Horse and 1st. Dragoons). The logistics being extraodrinary. As the guard stood in tight formation along every staircase, room and corridor she would pass. Natalie had The Privy Seal, Robert had The Purse, and Brenda cavorted with other bewigged, as though her disgraceful behaviour of just a few  days before, had not occurred. Officially it hadn’t.

In times past, Brenda would have had two choices. Broad sword before the altar of St. Peter ad Vincula, or the axe on the mound next to White Tower.

Farage stepped back into the equation with the 12/12/2019 general election.

Farage will not become PM, but may control from the cross benches. The UK, operating on a first past the post electoral system, having two parties, with a similar manifesto opposing Labour, will give the government benches to Labour.

Initially Farage made noises to the effect that his UKIP Brexit Party will run candidiats in 600 of the 650 Commons seats. All opposition parties win, and The Coservatives and Brexit paties move to a meaningless Opposition confection.

After some serious discussions with Farage and his merry band, the outcome at this stage is: he withdraws candidates from 24 pivotal Conservative seats, and focusses on 140 Labour seats that will not be opposed by Conservatives. Seats that have never been Conservative and are never likely to be.

Seats that voted for Brexit in 2016, but were denied that decision by Corbyn. Seats that would probably, as Farage says; Hold their nose and vote once against Labour, but never for Conservative.

The Conservative Party gained government without the 21 closet Remainers, excluding May but including Letwin and now also Rudd, that Johnson evicted to the opposition and cross benches without any coalition, as destroyed by May in 2017.

Labour in a minority Opposition with remnant Scottish, Irish, and LibDem actors.

Brexit pushed out of Westminster to a department, as is the reality of a Referendum that is not a Plebiscite. And protecting Northern Ireland and Scotland, within The UK.

Further: correctly using The “No Deal” Scenario as a weapon against the EU. Contrary to the notions of the many illinformed; No Deal is the best option for The UK and the worst for The EU. But Farage wants a deal, on the basis of it maintaining a semblance of employment for the unemployables, to whom Johnson will shut the door. They being to a large degree responsible for the affairs from even before 2016. Deep State interfered in The 2014 Scottish Referendum. Independent Scotland left it trapped in The EU, looted of its Oil and Fishing, and losing the 60% of its exports going to The UK. The secret of which the treacherous SNP does not speak.

The UK severs relations with The EU, controls its currency, borders, and legal sovereignty. The One Market scenario, (totally misrepresented by Remainers) becomes the UK, not only continuing to trade within The EU, but with The US and the the rest of The World. The EU needs the UK, not the reverse.

Totalitarianism has failed yet again. What a surprise. It doesn’t mattter what you cover it with, or colour you paint it; the stench prevails to the sane. Not so to the intellectualized, expertized, moralized, delusional, illusional, ideologized children, deep state, self-interested non-constituents, or otherwise challenged.

Farage postures that he was propositioned by Johnson, by being offered a peerage. Then he suggested that eight of his lead candidiates were offered the same if they withdrew. Allegedly they also rejected the offer.   

Interesting: because on the days he claims he met with Johnson, including once at No. 10, the meetings did not take place.

The reason Farage backed off his blackmail attempt, was because he woke up to the fact that Johnson et al will not be blackmailed or bought, and Farage risked an Oppostion Government with the killing of The Brexit he fought for, for some two decades.

A further interesting piece is the fact that on The UKIP Brexit Party Agenda, is the abolition of The House of Peers, to be replaced by an elected House of Review. All fine. But at another time.

The further reality being that Farage thinks he deserves No.10 as he championed Brexit. But so did many others, from the days before the blackmailed, paedophile and murderer Heath, lied Great Britain into the insanity that would be, of a seemingly innocuous Common Market.

G Squared
G Squared

Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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