Chinese government-backed patriots living in Australia are aggressively pursuing their homeland’s geopolitical agenda.

Peoples Republic of China Infiltration of Australia 

Martin’s note: While most of the material in Arlyn’s article will be familiar to regular readers here, the collation of this information into a single item will no doubt be a valuable reference point for researchers.

The very use of Republic is a misnomer and an untruth with their oppressive regime of long-standing ideology of Leninism-Communism with the use of Technocrats for their heavy duty surveillance society that has been put in place by the West for profit.

From: Arlyn Tombleson

I am not against the Chinese people who are Australian-Chinese nationals who represent Australia’s sovereignty and not Communist operatives of the  PRC. 

I also understand that the Chinese people have connections to Mainland China with friends and relatives and are patriotic towards China as country but not for the oppressive political and human rights violations.  That is one of the reasons they moved to Australia decades ago and we now have several generations of Australian-Chinese in our continent that have thrived and we have benefitted from their immigration in a number of areas.

That being said the Fascist US, including Australia, the evil Zionist Israeli regime have a poor human rights record of violations or inactions themselves that is seldom discussed.  The prostitute MSM makes sure the topic is kept to a minimum or silent along with many other topics that they do not want revealed.  Concealment is their policy.

China buys all the modern technology it can get their hands on and steals the rest of it through cyber crime and spies.  China is very good at lying and casting away facts of evidence and transferring blame back to its accusers.  Australian politicians do not speak frankly as they do not want to upset the economy with China.  Of course China sees this as just another weakness and takes full advantage of the situation and the political climate of inaction in Australia.

Believe it or not Australia does not prosecute sedition and it is unclear how it would…

Australian politicians are conceding on a regular basis and ex-politicans are lobbying for vast sums given to them from China that is connected to the PRC.  Despite a few regular warnings from ASIO, the universities and businesses being established and that are already established, is being blatantly ignored with no charges or changes in policy.  They have severely weakened Australia’s national sovereignty and it continues unabated with impunity…

Gone are the days when the myth of Australia being a vast island continent can not be taken over. It already has been infiltrated decades ago by the Fascist US, the Israeli regime lobby, the military industrial complexes and of course Australia is still under the thumb of the Queen and the Commonwealth as it is still not a sovereign country in its own right with the governor General taking Australia to war in collaboration with the Crown and the UK in their reckless and foolish perpetuating false flag wars with their Fascist allies. Australia also has the notorious CIA criminals operating at the Pine Gap base in Australia run by the Americans and not by Australians.

Australia has a number of secret societies as well as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Tri-lateral Commission, Freemasons controlled by the Jesuits back to the Vatican interfering in Australian politics on a regular basis just like the CIA has done for decades.

China has been buying her way into many countries and islands with the loans which create a debt trap and then the assets are seized for the benefit of the PRC.  Australia in their stupor to go to war every time the Fascist US Empire wants them to, is now facing an internal threat as well as an eternal threat to her national sovereignty which is a national joke or sham.  Thanks to the politicians on both sides of the fence we are now in a clear and present danger as it is a dire threat.

5 Countries That Have Fallen into China’s Debt Trap

All we hear is “it is disturbing” that China is buying up islands and putting in infrastructure with no reaction or plan it sight and at the same time letting thousands of Mainland Chinese who are connected to the PRC in the front door.  It is “Enemy inside the gates”.  China would not allow foreigners to do what Australia is doing, so it is appeasement and concessions for the almighty dollar as Australia has become far too reliant on Chinese trade.  Australia cannot match dollar for dollar nor do we have the population as does China.

The Chinese are using democracy against democracy here and around the world.

Australia’s independence has been dismantled over the past 3 decades so that we fall in line to be dependent on other nations thus weakening our national sovereignty and been herded into this insane NWDC New World of Disorder and Chaos.  Australia has to get back to being more independent and self sufficient to survive the coming ‘Silent Invasion’ by the Chinese and Muslims disrupting the demography and interfering in Australian politics with the fraudulent voting system in place that the Chinese are utilising for their own agenda of infiltrating countries.


China sees Australia as an easy target because:

Of their lackadaisical attitude and not being vigilant

Genuine lack of patriotism 

Jingoism promoted by the government

Low population base with older citizens compared to Asia and China

High energy natural resources in Australia

Agricultural land mass for China to feed its citizens

Under resourced manpower and weaponry for Australia’s defence

Australia is a small regional power

Continuous Chinese students spy networks existing with no prosecution by Australia for sedition or espionage

Chinese business networks established in Australia linked back to the PRC

Australia does not have a free press or media as it is the propaganda arm of the corporate -government apparatus and stifles debate,  dissent and not helpful to Whistleblowers and poor whistleblower laws i.e. Julian Assange Wikileaks, banking whistleblowers and in general no solid protection.

Lack of funds and personnel for R & D compared to China and other countries spending far more. i.e. China will have 5G in 2020 and share with 52 other countries.  The US will have it in 2025 not sure when Australia will get it online. (Its dangerous to human health with no consideration whatsoever to the populous)

Placing selected Chinese politicians inside  Parliament by bribes,  blackmail and intimidation to their homeland families or relatives

China has been allowed to:

Purchase a port in Northern Australia in Darwin

Buy prime agriculture land

Has purchased the dairy industry in Tasmania and the Northern Territory

Buy into the electrical grid infrastructure

Establish a number of communication systems 

Bringing in PRC operatives in a number of Australian universities gaining access to technology

Establishing businesses that go directly back to the PRC

Claim of Chinese spy plot in Australia ‘deeply disturbing’ Scott Morrison says

So we have the PM and the executive not knowing…?  What is happening to the ‘intelligence agencies”? Australia is way behind  the eight ball and China has  out- manoeuvred and out-foxed the Australian government strategically without their knowledge…?  China has been at this for at least two decades already.  While they are “investigating”  China is constantly manipulating for their advantage as they are single-minded, focused, patriotic and their ideology will not stop until they achieve their goal.  They see Australia and New Zealand as the weak link between the US and Australia. Many ex-politicans being employed and lobby for the Chinese play down or lie about China’s future influence in Australia.  Bob Carr is but one example. The ALP have a staffer employed.

Australia investigates alleged Chinese plot to install spy MP

Power and Paranoia: Why the Chinese government aggressively pushes beyond its borders

China says alleged plot to groom Nick Zhao to infiltrate Australian Parliament ‘nothing but lies’

Defecting Chinese spy offers information trove to Australian government

Suddenly the Chinese Threat to Australia Seems Very Real

For a country that just wants calm commerce with China — the propellant behind 28 years of steady growth — the revelations of the past week have delivered a jolt.

Fears of Chinese interference once seemed to hover indistinctly over Australia. Now, Beijing’s political ambitions, and the espionage operations that further them, suddenly feel local, concrete and ever-present.

“It’s become the inescapable issue,” said Hugh White, a former intelligence official who teaches strategic studies at the Australian National University. “We’ve underestimated how quickly China’s power has grown along with its ambition to use that power.”

How China tries to infiltrate and influence Australia and elsewhere in world

Australia And New Zealand Are Ground Zero For Chinese Influence

China’s trillion dollar plan to dominate global trade

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