Trump Impeachment: The Predictable Inevitability

The House has predictably voted to send impeachment articles to the Senate concerning Donald Trump. Those responsible for the reversal of opinion in 2018 are the ones who denied themselves from 2016. They gave matches to demonstrable puerile arsonists, who predictably set fire to the Constitution, the legal process, the separation of powers, and The Republic Itself. 

Now who would have guessed: Perhaps the sane? 

Who loses? The People of America. Who gains? It’s pyrrhic, and, who cares? 

By G Squared 20/12/19

The Dems cannot win in 2020, so throw over the apple cart anyway. They’re not playing anymore. The schoolyard at the extreme other end. Those rightly excluded from the litter for their impurities of mind; children do not comprehend; race, sex, privilege, Paranoia, Prejudice, and Naivete; until instilled by another. They filter, and a small number variously reach positions of authority and control of others. The evolved raison d’être of their existence. 

The power articulations of those dysfunctionalities then just naturally pour forward. The level of damage they cause being directly related to their actual unaccountability and non-transparency. They clump, hide, and protect by posture and deception.  Attributes gained on their journey; 

Not all. But the revealed by their actions. 

They reach office and authority by the support and approbation of their equals, and those who know their weaknesses. Viewing them, as usable fodder for the agenda of those owners and handlers; who they never fully recognize. 

Populism with hidden traits, over three years of absolute adolescent stupidities, piled one on the other. The Dems were going to behave in this manner anyway. Giving them even one majority House vote in 2018, triggered the US becoming ‘officially’ a Third World Nation. And there it will remain. Irrespective of the final Senate vote; which is expected not to pass. 

But who of the undemocratic self-centered fools would care? They come in from countries that have been destroyed for allied reasons as the present, and they deliver the exact same theatre of devastation. Now who would have believed it. Perhaps the sane, yet again. 

As many have intimated throughout history: You can never underestimate stupid people undermining their own existence and well-being. And of course you can never underestimate the abuse of authority by those least capable of comprehending that responsibility. 

A once First World Nation, albeit with many faults of an innate cowardly aggression and belief of entitlement, that has formally declared itself a meaningless shambles, can not either take itself seriously or be taken seriously for at least two generations. 

And then there are reservations of instilled stupidity lingering from a failed education system, the lack of rational and critical thought processes, the absurdities of a moral high ground, a ridiculous instilled entitlement and obtusely reasoned rights and privileges. 

The prognosis is not good. 

Trump entered the equation in 2015 as the very fabric of American Socio-Economic existence was creeped to the precipice of its devastation.  It has been there before under the misused authority of the toxic, bought and blackmailed Democratic Party. And never what its fraudulent name implied. 

A long and demonstrable history of destroying all to which it was entrusted. 

Buchanan, Wilson, FDR, Truman, LBJ, Carter, WJC, Obama: It’s all there. 

And when a political party reaches the stage of fraudulently occupying The White House with an unqualified non-American pretending to be President with a made-for-TV fake ‘Family’, and with even hand selected proven fraudsters as Vice President and Secretary of State, and dysfunctionals to head the DOJ, FBI, and the Intelligence apparatus; there is only one direction from there. To protect the ground taken, at any cost to The People and The Nation. And that is: God, Country, Liberty, Justice, Equality, and Morality. 

As per raison d’être; deceptions, corruptions, and crimes, are lateralized to posture as being those of the other. 

Interestingly, the two prior Impeached with articles reaching the Senate (with actual stated charges, not as the current unlawful ponce against Trump), were both Democrats: Andrew Johnson and WJC. The latter running from The White House before enforcement (Obstruction, not playing with a braindead while in office and denying it to the hordes). 

The embattled, Nixon resigned in a structured gambit (The Dem chase as he would not pardon the JFK Coup participants). Agnew was removed by bluffing Nixon (financially entrapped by Rockefeller and owned by The Mafia through Bebe Rebozo). 

The reverse would not have delivered what was sought. Watergate and Kissinger as Deep Throat, with self-interested game player Katharine Graham (John Belushi Murdered at Chateau Marmont where I lived, for the SNL revelation). The terminally toxic Kissinger writing the script as the soap opera serial was played out to the ravenous hordes. 

Transposed by induced puppets, Woodward and Bernstein, Watergate was a non-entity with ‘captured’ pawns by a sudden constabulary episode as that of Oswald in The Theatre. And how clever we are. 

The incompetent Intel Shooters at Dealey Plaza (roof of Dal-Tex Police HQ, and The Drain below The Knoll) included the same crew that were later sold to Nixon as The Plumbers; those who plug leaks. (MSM Death Bed Confessions are paid beneficiary nonsense.) 

LBJ ran from office after appointing mega blackmail aficionado J. Edgar Hoover as ‘FBI Director For Life’. Which of course would eventually find the obvious solution as good old Mafia ‘Mary’, had a file on everyone with motive and ability.  The darling little cross-dressing Mafia Denier, eventually collecting his ransom. 

The two Johnson Dem Vice Presidents becoming President, until removed or chased out. There being many more links to the assassinations of Lincoln and JFK than the interesting numerical connections. 

So: Agnew was removed, Nixon appoints Ford; Nixon is removed, and Ford appoints Rockefeller. Ford then pardons all the Coup d’état actors of The JFK Murder. The hidden organizer, CIA James Angleton (Pentagon Dov Zakheim the organizer of 9/11), resigns and is protected from appearing before Congress by Ford’s ‘Executive Privilege’ wrapped about fake National Security issues. Rockefeller commences his own sham ‘Investigation.’ to hide the events of The Coup. Ford was on The Warren Commision Lie (the cover of The Coup alluded to at his funeral by the grand corrupt puppet master GHWB. Legacy and Dignity to be denied). 

Mueller, repeating the horde, sucked in procedure to protect Dem and Deep State corruption through his Search, Destroy, and Manufacture routine. 

Interesting that Manafort has just been released from his absurd fraudulent Muellerised sentence. And the judge in the equally concocted Flynn Affair has called for The FBI records. 

The cornerstones of the massive Mueller, Deep State, and Dem Fraud is slowly unravelling, as per a schedule outside the gambit of the Anti-Trump (Anti-American) Derangement Disorder. The noose that they knotted themselves. 

The two non sequitur articles without any specification of any ‘High Crime or Misdemeanor’; argued to oblivion for several hours; with the only discernible input from the benches of the Great Unwashed, being interjections and concerted sedentary booing,  and “how a nation is run”. 

The first Article was ‘Abuse of Power’, and the second was ‘Obstruction of Congress’. Both of which could be easily levied against one’s pet gerbil. Was it necessary to destroy the foundations of a nation in order to posture a false obscenity? 

The first passed with 230-197, with 3 Dems Crossing the Floor. The second with 229-198, with 4 crossing. A party line nonsense. But the Senate needs 67-33 to pass. Too big a call in a 53-47 Senate. 20 GOP needed to cross to the Dem Side. But the Dems have unified the GOP. As the fight is not solely against Trump, to remove him from the 2020 ballot, but against The People, the Constitution, as well as the GOP. 

Recall the Green New Deal Insanity; received party line support from The House. But when dropped onto The Senate Table was voted down 100-0. 

The Unwashed booing may very well have been flatulence and belching. Arse scratching and nasal mining not an uncommon occurrence from those on Third World Day-Leave benches. 

We note that one of the current problems concerning the overcrowding of Sanctuary Cities (San Francisco), with now broken infrastructure and welfare systems; is defecation in the aisles of supremarkets (great CCTV footage). America the envy of the world.  

With the streets crowded, and crime rocketing, Dem Committee Loons are in denial and screech lateralizing blame for the lack of ‘instant’ facilities and infrastructure (the mythical Utopia-to-be). 

We hope this does not catch on with Progressive, Liberal, or Moderne Socialists, in The House.  

Stealing is de rigueur and passé. A well understood art form diligently practiced by even House Tyro-Dems. And of course the badges ‘Of Colour’, pantsuit-adorned with matching quota genitalia, and fluency in feminese, are honours to be revered. 

The second Article is struck down by precedent. Executive Privilege (Mulvaney and Bolton. Three lower court decision. Congress did not seek to enforce their subpoena demands, losing their fictional claims) and waiting Court Decisions are not Obstruction. 

The first is questionable but also without merit. Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus, FDR jailed 110,000 Japanese Americans, JFK tapped MLK’s telephones. Investigating dross Dems in Ukraine is not Impeachable. 

As Turley recently advised: ‘Democrats do not have the law or the facts on their side, which leaves them having to make up new standards, as they stand on their desks and scream, “Trump did something wrong!”’ 


Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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