AUSTRALIA’S FIRES – AGENDA 2030 What the corporate media forgot to mention when they called it ‘ridiculous’.

Weather modification, Water Rights, China and the 2030 Agenda…Another outstanding bit of researching and dot-joining from Ben Vidgen at Ben’s World. I urge readers to visit his blog site and view the full article!

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The Herald, as a part of the standard corporate media trend (where news agencies take it upon themselves to tell you what to think instead of simply reporting the facts), recently ‘reported’ on the idea that Australian fires were not as random as the official narrative claims. Their headline boomed authoritatively;

Tens of thousands of Aussies are lapping up a “ridiculous” conspiracy theory — that climate change is a United Nations-led hoax to aggressively depopulate the world.

Social media platforms are being used to push the theory, known as Agenda 21, and, in the past four weeks alone, hundreds of Australians have engaged in posts about it. A joint investigation by and social media intelligence agency Storyful over the past month has found only a handful of these posts take place on fringe sites such as Gab and 4chan. The bulk of Agenda 21 conversations are on mainstream platforms Twitter and Facebook — where tens of thousands of Aussies have liked and followed Australian-based pages dedicated to the conspiracy.


“The conspiracy theory centres on the UN’s non-binding Agenda 21 sustainable development goals, adopted by more than 178 governments in 1992. The document sets out broad objectives for governments to combat poverty and protect the environment. These goals were updated in 2015 with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which sets out 17 broad aims — including to “take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts” — agreed on by all UN member states”.

According to Herald this is all climate change nothing to do with the 100 arsons, council ineptitude (e.g. banning fire breaks), fire department funding slashes, spending on war and spy toys not critical local infrastructure, ignoring indigenous habits learned over 50,000 year, Antarctic draft – a non climate change phenomenon, flammable retardant in rain making aerosols (used ironically to fight fires), water sold off to water miners (instead of used for local purposes such as combating drought and fire), a seventy year weather cycle that has brought major fire crisis after major fire crisis since Australia European colonisation. Or a naturally occurring solar cycle, or the mass rape of Australia water supply (such as the Murray Darling basin fiasco) were through bipartisan (corporate backed lobbyist) permitted water harvesting and private dams the valley has being pushed into a drought that is entirely man made.

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Links below include mainstream reports to support each of the 13 alternative contributing factors I list which have added to the brutality of the Australian fires I mentioned above and below. the past 30 years we probably have had five or six occurrences that didn’t quite qualify as a sudden stratospheric warming,”Bureau of Meteorology’s Dr Harry Hendon.

“The flares are filled with combustible sodium chloride—pulverized table salt mixed with a flammable potassium powder. When the switch is flipped, the end of the flare shoots orange fire and trillions of superfine salt particles are released into the cloud. Water molecules are attracted to salt, so they bond to the particles and coalesce into raindrops.

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Methods were now witnessing in New Zealand along with an equally set of sly moves aimed at stealing the water from the people. One which as in Australia focus of infiltration of the government not so much at the central level but via the local level which in New Zealand case was excluded from the electoral inquiry and is steered by Local Government NZ a corporate lobbying tool under the control of the Business Round Table (Institute NZ).

As mean while thing like Tiwi subsidised carbon bill, Rocket Lab hyper-sonic carbon bill, cruise ships and international aircraft omission omitted from IPPC reported are never discussed by the same profit seeking parties.


They also say the Agenda 2030 Agenda 21 goals are fiction and that the idea of ecocide and genocide do not exist. Because they say so.

Yet the article and many like it omit the most significant fact that Agenda 2030 UN policy is being driven by corporate scum bags (the financier of the World Bank and the International Money Fund who control and execute UN policy via control of global debt). Mega corporations many of whom have terrible history regarding human rights and the environment. Multinationals who repeatedly put people before profits and are on record of engaging in ecocide and whose monopolisation steps will cause economic apartheid which will result in death through lack of vital resources like food and water.

Source: Alternatives to Economic Globalization: A Better World Is Possible


Companies in on the Agenda 2030 resource grab agenda include according to their own website or the UN;

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Shell – BP –
Cocoa Cola

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The Herald’s omission of this key fact which is a solidly documented fact of who Agenda 2030 sponsors and there strategic partners are is proof that this is not actual news but rather an orchestrated attempt to smear those critical of the Agenda 2030 program. Its in fact damage control of facts which are concerning and are challenging the official narrative such as the role of the Australian military spreading flammable chaff over a fire risk area now ground zero of the great Australian fires.

A fairly informative video I like that he points out the ultimate winner is the mining companies which replicates those driving the agenda here in New Zealand

At 11:44 The video above shows the clip from Channel 7 played in October 2019 Queensland listing flammable military chaff being sprayed into the high risk area.

I confirmed the exercise took place on Oct 24th 2019 following a news report into a probe into fire at military barracks;

Investigations are under way into whether a fire that broke out during a military training exercise is related to a blaze that damaged three houses in the Gold Coast hinterland weeks later. Officials from the Department of Defence and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) are still fighting the fire burning on and next to the Kokoda Barracks field training area at Lower Beechmont since October 27. The cause of the blaze on defence land is being investigated for its potential link to training exercises. A fire sparked during an exercise at the Kokoda Barracks field training area on October 24 was extinguished, but fires repeatedly flared in two sections of the defence land in the days that followed. Defence cannot confirm if these fires are related to the military training activity of 24 October.

READ THE REST (and you really don’t want to miss out on the connections Ben makes)


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