Who Is Greta Thunberg?

The most in-depth expose of the Greta Thunberg controversy I have ever read!

What follows is the dry text from http://mileswmathis.com/greta.pdf The full text with links and images can be viewed at the source link. Credit goes to author Sven Svenson MH

Climate Hysteria

Scrolling through the news headlines.., I noticed this unusual one from NBC News: “Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg delivers scathing speech at U.N.” Most headlines don’t bait me anymore, but this one did. It was simply too absurd a premise to resist.

Who Is Greta Thunberg?
By Sven Svenson

Greta Thunberg is a Swedish 16-year-old who is passionate about climate change and was invited to speak at the U.N. Climate Action Summit, where she roundly denounced the audience of elite stuffed shirts for their “lies” and “betrayal”. She is now being hailed as the new face of climate activism. She has also spoken at the Extinction Rebellion demonstration in London, the COP24 Summit in Poland, Davos in Switzerland, the European Economic and Social Committee conference in Brussels, the Austrian World Summit R20, the Prix Liberté Normandy ceremony (she received the 2019 Freedom Prize), and a meeting of the US Congress Select Committee on the Climate Crisis. So far I’ve only relayed the mainstream facts, and I already feel like I’ve sufficiently outed her as an actress, since no teenager rises to such meteoric fame without beaucoups of connections. But I will go the extra mile, just for fun. For starters:

 How can she manage to stay in school with all of that traveling? In the past year alone she has been to at least seven countries and two continents over the course of a dozen trips. It reminds me of David Hogg and the other “survivors” of the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas shooting hoax, who suddenly became full-time gun-control activists, traveling around the country, lobbying politicians, and soaking up the limelight while somehow, we presume, also finishing high school. Thunberg has also orchestrated “Fridays for Future” protests, where she and students around the world skip school on Fridays to protest for climate action. Really? In what world do schools let their students play hooky on a weekly basis without any repercussions? What parent lets their kid do this? They could just as easily protest on Saturdays, or after school, and not risk certain discipline or even expulsion. But of course Thunberg and her band of paid actors won’t have such repercussions, because their protesting has all been arranged by their directors well in advance.

 Speaking of David Hogg, Greta says she was first inspired to become a climate activist after watching him and his fellow students. Being inspired by Hogg is like being inspired by Matthew McConaughey playing an activist in a movie about saving polar bears. No one gets inspired by actors, because you intuitively know not to take it seriously. And since we’ve already outed Hogg, any avowal of him is a massive red flag.

 We’re told by the major media outlets that her U.N. speech was “tear-filled”. Go watch the speech, I beg you. There are no tears. There is, however, the sound of a voice modulating itself to sound distraught. You’ve heard that same artificial strain if you’ve ever seen a school shooting “survivor” being interviewed right after the event. When you’re truly distraught, your voice has a very distinct and unforced waver to it. Greta’s voice is that of a stage actress simulating an emotional state on cue. And anyhow, no 16year-old girl is that passionate about climate change. Think back to when you were 16 and try to imagine getting revved up about anything like carbon emissions statistics, much less wanting to put your social life on hold so you can go around talking to a bunch of fat old bigwigs about it.

 Thunberg has her own IMDB profile. You will tell me it’s because she has appeared as herself in several documentaries on climate change. That’s not entirely true. She also has a voice-acting credit in a short Spanish drama called Ave Paraíso. And the word “Actress” appears below her name on IMDB. As it turns out, Snopes has “debunked” a growing conspiracy theory that Thunberg is a paid crisis actress, and it specifically addresses the fact that IMDB lists Thunberg as an actress. But we know Snopes is controlled opposition. It managed by Intelligence to frame conspiracy theories a certain way so that they can be debunked a certain way. It controls the narratives on both sides to keep you away from the truth. See how it does this with Thunberg, attacking a very absurd theory that she is really an aspiring Australian actress named Estella Renee (real name Estella Brasier*). This has no legs because they look and sound nothing alike. But the beauty of the paid shills over at Snopes is that they often reveal more than they conceal. They happen to show a video of Estella Renee speaking impassionedly about climate change at a demonstration. Since they admit Renee is an aspiring actress who just happened to get on camera advocating for climate action, it suggests an obvious inference, doesn’t it? And Snopes does nothing to dissuade us of that inference. They just quote this actress’s father: “It is possible to be both worried about climate-change and a
child actress at the same time.” As if that is proof enough. Strangely, her starnow.com page to which the Snopes article links has since removed Renee’s picture and her name. Curious, no? And you have to laugh at how Snopes tries to deflect on Thunberg having an IMDB page: “Even U.S. President Donald Trump is listed as an ‘actor’ on his IMDB page.” Oh, really? Maybe that’s because Trump is an actor.

 Greta’s family has been in the entertainment industry for multiple generations. That’s something Snopes conveniently fails to mention. Her father Svante Thunberg is an actor and producer, and her mother Malena Ernman is an opera singer and also an actress. Her grandparents Olof Thunberg and Mona Andersson were both actors, as well. Olof is famous enough to have his own Wikipedia page, where we learn that he “formed a theatre club…that also included Lars Ekborg and the poet Bo Setterlind.” How did he make these connections? It doesn’t say. He went on to do voice work on the radio program Mannen i svart (“The Man in Black”) where he presented stories of “horror and the supernatural in his deep voice”. In other words, mongering fear and chaos. Sound familiar? He has done prominent voice acting for Swedish versions of classic animated films such as Lady and the Tramp, The Jungle Book, Snow White, The Land Before Time, and Monsters, Inc.

As usual, Greta doesn’t come from obscurity, but from a prominent family of actors. If Greta gave you hopes that your precocious daughter might one day be invited to speak at the U.N., I’m here to dash those hopes. Only the children of the elite get afforded such national attention.

All the above should be enough to close the case on Greta, and I still haven’t even touched on the biggest jaw-dropper about her.

She is related to the Nobel Prize-winning scientist Svante Arrhenius. Never heard of him? Don’t worry, Wikipedia will clue you in: Arrhenius, in 1896, was the first to use basic principles of physical chemistry to calculate estimates of the extent to which increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) will increase Earth’s surface temperature through the greenhouse effect. These calculations led him to conclude that human-caused CO2 emissions, from fossil-fuel burning and other combustion processes, are large enough to cause global warming. This conclusion has been extensively tested, winning a place at the core of modern climate science. So Greta just happens to be related to the father of modern climate science. Seriously?? That pretty much flips Greta’s entire story on its head, doesn’t it?

The media is not unaware of this connection, mind you. There are a few sites out there that mention it, but they pass it off as a funny coincidence, even claiming Greta was unaware of her relation to Arrhenius before she became interested in climate change. If you’re naïve enough to believe that, you will believe anything. I found this photograph of Arrhenius (right) with chemist Wilhelm Ostwald that appeared in Popular Science Monthly. Ostwald is credited with the Ostwald process, used in the manufacture
of nitric acid. It was a breakthrough that enabled large-scale production of explosives, just in time for World War I. Ostwald was also a big fan of eugenics, to give you an idea of his ilk.
The photo is an obvious fake. (refer pdf) Why they faked this photo is beyond me. It may just be another clue to those of us who are paying attention. Speaking of fake photos, Wikipedia tells us Arrhenius was present at the first Solvay Conference in 1911, which was orchestrated to discuss the emerging quantum theory of physics (need I say more?). The main photo from that conference (below) is notoriously fake, as Josh over at Cutting Through the Fog has analyzed here.(refer pdf)
Curiously, Arrhenius is not in this photograph, which further proves this photo (or the whole conference) is a fraud. Back to Greta Thunberg. We can pick up the thread of Greta’s genealogy through Arrhenius, since he has a geni.com page. Immediately we notice that the name Arrhenius remains the surname for many generations, going back to the mid-1700s. This is unusual for Swedish families, where until recent times people’s last names signified their relationship to their father. A girl whose father was Anders became an Andersdotter; a boy whose father was Peter became a Petersson. So the last name changed every generation. But not so with Arrhenius, suggesting they may have had non-Nordic roots. Arrhenius changes to Arenius a few generations back in Arrhenius’s line, which likely links us to Olof Arenius, who was court painter for King Frederick I of Sweden. Frederick I descended from the House of Hohenzollern, and thus from the Jewish Jagiellons, which is a big red flag for Arenius. You don’t get tapped to be the highest-paid painter in Sweden through sweat and skill alone. Just ask Miles. Arenius did the below portrait of Anders Celsius, developer of the temperature measurement of the same name.
Besides being interested in men (as I presume from his portrait), Celsius was interested in rising sea levels due to melting ice, so it’s fitting that his portraitist would be a relative of Arrhenius. One of Arrhenius’s aunts was a Goldkuhl and, further back, a Roback. These may be Jewish names. See Abraham Aaron Roback, Jewish psychologist who graduated from McGill University and taught at MIT, both spook schools. Also Lea Roback, Jewish crusader against “social inequality”. As for Goldkuhl, any name with “gold” in it is suspect. This aunt was also a Kratz, descended from Count Ernst Kratz, whose mother was a Krutmeijer. More probable Jewish names. Krutmeijer links us back to the Nobel Prize – see Eva Krutmeijer, former Head of Information for the Nobel Prize who now works for a very spooky organization called Mistra Geopolitics, an affiliate of the Sweden Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research and the Stockholm Environment Institute. Why does environmental research need to be “strategic”? For whom is it strategic? That word should always cause alarms to go off in your head. One of the first questions we read on Mistra Geopolitics’ page on Global Challenges is: “What happens to global trade when the ice continues to melt and open new transport routes in the Arctic?” Tell me, does that sound like they’re interested in fighting climate change, or exploiting it? In the genealogies we also find Stråle af Ekna, which turns out to be a family of Swedish nobility. It was part of the unintroduced nobility, “mostly consisting of foreign nobility resident in Sweden”, which confirms my suspicion that the ancestors of Arrhenius (and Greta) were not originally Swedish. We learn more of the Stråle af Ekna family of Arrhenius’s line at this Google-translated page. They were close associates of “Duke Carl” (King Charles IX of Sweden), with one of them serving as herald at his coronation in 1607. Several of them were agents of the Dutch East India Company. Names in their extensive family tree include Zelow,
Sandberg, Brauner/Braun, Marcks von Würtemberg, Nyman, Schmidt, Klint, Müller, Lundberg, Widman, von Francken, Löwen, Schenfelt, Schmiedeberg, Weinheim, Roth, Bordon, Elfman, Wester, Billingberg/Billing (like Lem Billings?), Berghman(thinkIngrid), and Bröms (could that be Brahms?). As you can tell, this family’s roots were not Swedish but German, and I would say more Jewish than German. We actually get several links to Miles’ Bergman paper, if we assume Widman = Wiedemann and Wester = Westerberg. We also get a familiar English name in there: Monipenny. They are also related to Mörners, which reminds us of Swedish climate change skeptic NilesAxel Mörner. Just another coincidence, right? Another big clue in the Jewish direction is that the Stråle af Ekna family is related to an Arrhane. This indicates Arrhenius may be a Latinization of Arrhane, or Aarons.

So, what is really going on here? If we know Greta is an actress linked to the same Families that are greedily ravishing our planet’s natural resources for profit, then what’s their game with Greta? Is it merely an attempt to control the opposition and the narrative? Yes, that’s a big part of it. But I think CO2 emissions are a red herring. I’m not a scientist so I’m not going out on a limb to make any bold claims, but even if there is a true climate crisis caused by greenhouse gases, it wouldn’t change the fact that the elites will profit mightily from efforts to reduce carbon emissions. The problem can be real or fake; the “solution” will still rake in the tax dollars for decades and justify the ever-ballooning federal budgets. Us Westerners won’t complain that 4050% (or more) of our income will be sucked up in taxes if we think it will prevent mass extinction. It’s a familiar con, one we are reminded of every time we walk through a TSA body scanner. The first clue hit me as I watched the video of Greta’s U.N. speech over at NBC News (linked at the top of this paper). Actually, before I watched it. It was the annoying video ad they force you to sit through, and this one was for Lenovo, where the narrator waxes on about how “smarter” technology is better than “smart” technology. Then he says, “Smarter uses supercomputers to fight climate change.” But the advertising didn’t stop there. It continued on with Greta’s speech: With today’s emissions levels, that remaining CO2 budget will be entirely gone within less than eight and a half years…. Those numbers…also rely on my generation sucking hundreds of billions of tons of your CO2 out of the air with technologies that barely exist. The message is hardly subtle: our global tax budgets aren’t big enough to handle the problem, but there are emerging technologies that could help. Notice she doesn’t say technologies that don’t exist, but rather barely exist. Nothing can barely exist – it either exists or it doesn’t. Of course she means technologies that are currently being developed – by companies like Lenovo and other manufacturers of electronics that are among the highest CO2 emitters. So the same people who are creating the problem (if there is one) will be subsidized by our taxes to create
costly solutions that they can then sell to other companies and governments at a massive profit. This is the textbook definition of a racket. Greta has been placed in her position to misdirect from the obvious solution, which does not require U.N. charters or new technologies or billions in new tax funding. The obvious solution is for all of us to stop buying their products. Stop impulsively clicking the Amazon button every time you want something. Stop expecting whatever you want to appear on your doorstep the next day. Stop upgrading every year to the latest smartphone, smart pad, smart computer, smart watch, smart TV, smart car, etc., all of which make you dumber and more subservient. Buy things secondhand or locally made, or make your own things. Whatever you do, don’t outsource your thoughts to machines or fake people like Greta. Love what is good and hate what is evil.

Addressing the U.N. members, Greta said, “If you really understood the situation and still kept on failing to act, then you would be evil, and that I refuse to believe.” But the truth is that they are evil. Stop refusing to believe it. But the first bit at least is true. When you know the truth and fail to act, you will become evil like them. Not doing the good you know to do is always the beginning of evil.

Vigilant Citizen has now published a good companion piece to the above.


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