Care For a Double Shot?

The Rosario Case would be one of some 25% of ‘Convictions’ in the history of a system that has deep and entrenched flaws. Where innocence has no values to the players, apart from the victims of the system.

by G Squared

It historically and culturally objects to correction. The philosophy being “better to jail to be certain, than release and be accused”. After all, The People are the subdued and willing fodder, available for many uses.

In the Roman Age, if you objected to your ‘Guilt’, and you surely believed in some God or other (otherwise you were not worth the effort) then HE knows the truth and will save you. Only if you are not guilty, as you insist. So plunge your arm into that vat of boiling oil. If you are innocent, you will be unscathed.

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So in goes the arm. Well: you were guilty after all. How could God have abandoned you? NOTHING HAS CHANGED. The system is still as perfect as it always was. Stealing assets to block defences. Liars swearing that you lied to them. Proceeds of Crime, The new World of  Civil Forfeiture protected and encouraged theft from innocent victims. Jury Trials, Unaccountable Prosecutions, manipulation of Evidence. After all, public servants know you are guilty. All else is a theatre for horde consumption and public relations.

Tasers are a long story unto themselves. The ‘Non-Lethal’ murdering device, became the ‘Not as Lethal’ murdering device, as the very predictable murder counts rose and rose. As did the idocy of the explanations.

When evidence of the horrendous political stupidity became obvious, the answer was not to disarm police of handguns, as was the initial agenda by one responsible element, with the weight of history, but to extend the deployment, and issue double shot Tasers.

The problems of multiple shots ensuring a kill, rather than the chance of a single shot murder, were answered by the restriction of the number of Tasers that could be carried on a patrol. But it had to be linked to the old standby of Training. So they are all Trained. Wanting to disarm patrol units, now has them all with Tasers.

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Thursday, December 15, 2011
Light Sabre VS Taser: surprisingly effective.

      “Police arrested a man who allegedly assaulted three people with a blue light saber at a Hayden Island Toys R Us Wednesday night.
      Officers tried to arrest the man, but he kept swinging the light saber at them, Simpson said. One tried to use his Taser on the suspect but the device didn’t work.
     Another officer used a second Taser and made contact, but the man knocked one of the wires away with the light saber.”

The US problems have spread, as they would, to other players of the English Legal System.

Holster it onto your body armour. You know; what protects you from being shot by other police (an interesting study in itself), not by the alleged disarmed public. When all the lawful give up their guns, after the de rigueuer False Flag is sucked in, and only the unlawful keep theirs.

But The US will rightly hold to the end. As Charlton Heston had said, they can pry his gun from his cold dead hand. But those supporting gun confiscation don’t have either the courage or the numbers to function what they pretend. Using ideologically complicit governors to use state forces to disarm a population, will end in a monumental tragedy. Stronger minds have spoken against any such attempt. The Bill of Rights is not overridden by State Party Politics. A fact that is either understood, or will be learnt at a heavy price.

Guns are dangerous, because, you can’t have the lawful shooting back at the unlawful. Apart from the fact that It might reduce crime. And we can’t have that. More crime is good business, as well as keeping the hordes terrorized and thinking that government is their protector and not their enemy.

And besides, government is not interested in the hordes shooting each other. The problem is if the hordes decide that the Power Base is the  protector of The Enemy Within, and the hordes decide to challenge the traditions. Who knows where that could end?

An inquiry into a Western jail system found inter-alia, that the standard mental state of prison guards, had them enjoy bashing prisoners with  batons. They developed the culture that incarceration was not the ‘Punishment’, but rather only part of it. A legendary history to this day. So batons were removed from prison guards.

The state became tired of explaining and paying out for broken jaws, smashed teeth, sternum and rib damage, and knee destructions. All of which has to occur at close front contact, with unsuspecting victims, trusting what they should never believe. Standard batons were withdrawn, just as the T-series murdering batons were coming into vogue.The end velocity when ‘properly’ spun would knock bricks from a wall. An easy trick to strike the side of the head of a prisoner or police suspect.

So then they discovered the long grip maglites.Which could inflict more damage than the standard baton. So that also had to be eventually removed from service. Note the belts of the brave protectors; they still have the unremoved loops for the batons and the torches.

I have difficulty matching the word ‘hero’ to those of ‘soft target’. I think it has something to do with my age and experiences.

Because guards would not normally issue toilet paper or soap to prisoners, a hygiene allowance was introduced. It needing to be used in a jail canteen. Another business opportunity was captured. Toilet paper was subsequently issued, but blankets and bedding, on a massive annual department allowance; was kept in warehouses. Western gaol bedding is an interesting study. The TV as a source of Information, leaves the believers bereft of reality.

I have sighted ‘rigorous’ reports that were daisy chain distanced from ill-informed, imaginative enhanced, and meaningless tabloid drivel.

A further facility of allowing prisoners to access at least the deputy governor of an institution, assuming they were not a functionary of that same problem, was by the use of what became known as The Blue Form. Which of course eventually disappeared. After much external political noise, a Green Form was introduced. That was an application for a Blue Form. So it was business as usual for the industry of jailling.

Then of course there was the usual co-operative exercises between the capture, prosecution, and jailling industries. Being “Lost In The System”, requiring writs to be served on the Commissioner, to return you to court. But then your access to a phone line never worked, and your mail was neither received nor sent. Judges and political animals had no real interest. All an illusion. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. So the syllogism rhymes.

And of course the closure, for purposes of real estate looting by governments of mental day care centres, naturally migrated all those people into the prison system. A win-win for all the industries concerned. So being lumped into cells with strange and often violent people required being awake at night and sleeping in yards during the day, if released for laps (a learnt manic walking exercise).

That sort of industry behaviour definitely sends messages. But nothing as would be believed by the perpetrators.

Then there was The Official Visitor Serenade. People walk through, inspect and speak to guards and prisoners. The  prisoners not wanting problems after the deluded theorists leave, would deliver the mantra required. And in due course that theory also disappeared.

Leaving Education,’ Employment’, and Chaplaincy, for threads to sanity. And then those mental escapes are also manipulated.

It takes five years to get used to confinement and five years after release to adjust back. The facilities are unimportant. It’s concrete, steel, forget the nonsense of TVs and hot water, and mistreatment. You learn how to sleep on concrete so you are not paralyzed in the morning. Theories are cute aberations of reality. The body is unrelated to the mind, but driven by it. Strong minds are fearless and do not break. The System creates recidivism from the deprived and mentally incapable.

Losing coherent speech, inability to tie shoe laces, lack of empathy (destroying family and relationships), and an overconcern of those near you, are a part of readjustment. No drugs of mental escape must ever be taken. All ‘jail courses’, must be completely forgotten as soon as practicable.

Is there any wonder why so many Western Nations will not allow the criminalized to sit in their legislatures? No telling what they might say. But of course, well known paedophiles are permitted to rise to the highest ranks of State and Government, judge others, and even sit on Police Boards. Never blackmailed of course.

Returning to our great social defenders and protectors; their handguns are issued with (an agreed humane) soft lead round nose bullet on a low velocity charged case. Enough for a revolver and sufficient pressure to cycle a semi-auto. But of course our protectors change the ammunution to at least expanding copper jacketted bullets on high  pressure loaded cases, with recoil spring adjustments to carry the cycle, and the trigger mechanism filed back to a low pressure.

The generalized myths of self-defence, and expressions of the force of The Power Base, outside of The US.

A blind man walking with a cane was mistaken for carrying a samurai sword. So the police officer murdererd him with a Taser.

A youth was pulled over to have his car searched. He objected. So he was Tasered and dragged out onto the road near his car. A car being driven a lane away, drove over him in the dark and killed him. The driver was charged with the murder.

A man was murdered by being Tasered in the back, while cooking in his kitchen. No explanation as to why the officer was in the house or how she got in, what the threat was from the victim, or if the officer shouted any warnings before the murder. Perhaps the victim might have turned around. Shooting in the back is problematic. The victim was not deaf. All that was revealed was that the officer became “Confused” as to the weapons available. And that she carried the Taser not in a holster, but strapped to her wrist.

A young tourist was leaving a convenience store after buying a packet of biscuits. A gang of some six marauding police were walking down the street at that time. After an exchange which the youth did not understand, he was murdered by a number of Taser shots. An hour prior, the same gang had murdered another person walking just a few streets away. They left two of their gang for paperwork purposes at the sight of the first murder, and continued, causing the second.

(All the incidents I mention here occurred. References available for any fans of same. For various reasons I don’t list citations, as those who know me are aware.)

A particularly disturbed officer from that same station, was drugged one evening and attending a party near the station, with his girlfriend. A young fellow began a casual conversation with the offiicer’s girlfriend. The officer became enraged, and threatened the young fellow; who left the party, and went for a walk on a nearby beach.The officer rang his cohorts at the local station, who searched the area and found the fellow walking on the beach. Six of them, including the great drugged officer in question; appoached the young fellow on the beach. With the gang infront of him, his back to the water, and an inability to run in sand; the police gang all emptied their guns into the innocent youth. There was some media outrage. But as usual, the matter was put to rest. The officer in question was given department references, and was licensed to open a security company. He subsequently reapplied to the police force.

On a saturday night in a local club; there were two parties on separate floors. One was a wedding reception. The other, a police drug and binge drink serenade. Attendees met in an elevator. The police decided it clever to crash into the wedding party and chat and molest the young women. What could be expected occurred. Some eight police were hospitalized and many males at the wedding party were arrested after the usual ‘police under attack’ was sent out to the region.

Local court hearings had the wedding attendees gaoled and the officers praised for gallantry. The ongoing street riots that ensued, required intervention by The State, compensation, rehearing of those charged and the transfer of those gallant young officers. It was the fourth time that street riots had been caused in that city.

I note that ridiculous power plays of street stop and search have eased. Bloomberg started it in New York City, and the infection quickly spread to a number of sycophant nation states. Bloomberg was thrown out as mayor.

Following which that street theatre was ended. It naturally drifted to police expressions of mental dysfunctionality, and nothing to do with crime. They embarrassed too many of the wrong people. Bloomberg’s bullshit, ‘tough on crime’, got him the sack.

It helped his baggage collection, and excluded him from 2020. Apart from Trump knowing where his financial misdeeds are buried.

A witness recalling what happened said; I heard three shots, then someone shouted; ”Police: stop or I’ll shoot”. And again a defendant in a court objected when his signed confession was presented. Yes he signed it. But he was held out of a window at the time. Now who would believe that. The story would be that he jumped from the window while attempting to escape.

So the magistrate decided that if the story were true; the man was held out of a window, and the confession and pen passed down. He signed it and signed and dated the wall as well. On checking; there was the wall marking. Case closed. But I’m sure the police balanced his account. And none of them were held to account.

This system is the best we have. We occasionally have insightful reviews
(usually following a more public spectacle of outrage).
Close ranks. No individuals, or groups or culture involved. A back room affair.

Who are the victimized hordes to dare complain.Their lot is to keep believing and kissing arse. Follow the perfect formula trail and behave.

The Institution is perfect. It must be just an oversight or slight accidental aberration. Particularly if one of the more insane politically manipulate to the bench. Are we expected to go back and rehear all their shit. Who do the hordes think they are.

After ‘Conviction’;  you are ‘Guilty’. Behave and wear it. When questioned after you have graceously been given parole; during which time you must continue to bow and scrape; how dare you respond by saying; that you in the beginning of that terminal part of the theatre, when asked how you plead, you answered ‘Not Guilty’, and nothing has  changed.

Clearly; ‘YOU have a  poor attitude to sentencing’. YOU have further problems that must be addressed, before you can be allowed back into ‘Lawful Society’. We must harass you further with the industry of psychology. YOU must have a mental disorder to be addressed by Courses and the industry of gaoling. You must learn to regurgitate and have no opinions.

After all; you made the terminal mistake of believing that a gaggle of peers would fairly judge you; and that they are not a hand selected confection of dysfunctional system addicted.

It being crucial that the hordes think in terms of credibiity and trust. After all: media can be silenced, or refused regurgitative access, until they learn to behave in essential observance of The  Power Base. And any non-believers can be gaoled indefinately, until THEY Purge THEIR Contempt. Or even gaoled indefinately because they are mentally unfit, and a clear danger.

‘Terorism’ and ‘National Security’ are good. No fixed real definitions there. Secret Courts and Tribunals are great. Retrospective Legislation is good. As is playing follow the donkey as a sycophant of foreign masters. And of course how could you top those variously investigating themselves. The hordes suck it in every time. A time honoured winner.

The Industry of Regulation and the deep fictions of criminalized enterprise and White Collar Crime are yet another theatre. Derived from the days of The New York City Treasury and Milken and Boesky. The treasury Experts who eventually bankrupted their charge when the cards of; White Collar Crimes, Junk Bonds, and Ponzi nonsense, were already played.

A game where The US Treasury and The SEC eventually learnt to play for massive fines; that changed nothing. And the occasional gaoling of sacrificed. Great spectacles and theatre for zero gain.

Sycophant nations that destroyed their domestic economies to usher in the players of American Multinationals that terrified the domestic industries of Regulation to the point of closure. A token remaining to posture non-existent greatness.

The absurd Regulatory animals seconding back and forth with federal police agencies. They postured as police and even as Intelligence agencies.

Cops; armed and protected; have you obey; as a reinforcement of their Unaccountable and Non-Transparent Authority without Responsibility, and The Power Base Delusion, with your cowering and induced lifelong psychological addiction. After all; they are there to protect you. Not as any front for a self-serving disengaged Power Base, protecting an entrenched illusion of; Civilization, Social Order and a Lawful Society.

Should you be inadvertently wrongfully convicted; for whatever reason; and by some accident of fate; actually reach an appeal; and are then; without any admission of fault, and sign here; are actually correctly found not guilty; The cops do not reopen the file to search for some guilty party. The cops delivered the guilty party to the court system; YOU; and the court system released YOU. Nothing to do with the cops.

If Criminalized by The  Industry of Regulation; there is no underlying ‘crime’. So an appeal reversal there means that The Industry of Regulation manufactured, and sold it to a gaping prosecution; usally their own; and a fawninig, moralized bench warmer of convenience. Balance of Probabilities being even more difficult than Beyond Reasonable Doubt.

The reality being that The Industries of Regulation swallowed by the sychophant states, damaged their domestic economies to allow The US to prevail. But The US had already bankrupted itself and had no means of survival. No matter how many aggressions it perpetrated. and what lootings it conducted.

From all perspectives; from the local Power Base to Foreign Policy; The US has had nothing to offer.

Gaoling became an industry to be contracted and sold. The state had to guarantee income. Privatized gaols needed the fodder of false convictions. But then the state paid for the numbers incarcerated. I sense that deep thinking Experts were involved.

It became a benefit of the industry of capture to gaol the wrong parties; occasionally anyway. The crimes might continue. That means; more funding, more ‘Training’, more people restrictive laws for the industry of capture, to be able to add to the recipe for disasters.

A fellow is broken into at night and wakes to find a cop with a shotgun in his face while in bed. The fellow moves as the cop fires. Tragically the fellow lives to suffer a lifetime of agony.

Cops made a mistake. Wrong house. Conclusion: No cops guilty of anything; an honest accident; they need to double check addresses in future; who they allegedly actually wanted that night is not relevant; more ‘Training’ required. Cops pointing guns into people’s faces must keep their finger off the trigger until they want to shoot. Beyond stupidity. The disinterested hordes suck it in.

The victim of that attempted blackmail turned attempted murder, was responsible for his own injuries. He wakes to find a cop with a shotgun in his face.

A convenient shooting report would have been; The SUSPECT of Interest was standing near the door in the room; after the officers announced they were present, and had asked him on three occasions to come out. He was holding a weapon when the officers entered, and they fired in self-defence. The victim was wanted for questioning in a matter concerning very serious crimes. That matter is still under investigation, and  the details cannot be realeaed. The shooting is tragic and our deepest condolences go out to the family of the deceased.

The narrative presented was that the  ‘victim’ pulled at the shotgun in his face and it discharged. Hence the ‘Training’ of not keeping a finger on a trigger. The problem being that a trigger finger doesn’t float free from the hand. Both  hands support that weapon. It is not a handgun. Pulling at its barrel in that close instance will not pull the hand forward and leave the trigger finger floating back to fire. Particularly with hands under sheets. If anything, a free hand would push the barrel aside. But then; who is the audience to be  convinced in the evening news.

That brave police officer; who remained in charge of that murderous, over-equipped unit; 
(based on a US TV Series)
until honourable retirement;
had other problems expunged from his file. Training once required recruits to experience the gasses they would deploy. Well; 1% of what they would deliver. The Taser eventually replaced the sprays. He had a fondness for molesting young female recruits.

He was a hero. He was repeatedly spoken to. The State kept paying out. He would put his hand into their training suits and spray their crotches. What a great bit of fun that must have been for him. Over some five decades, that unit was disbanded and rebadged some six times. The problems never disappeared. The Equipment, and Training remained wrong, and The Culture never changed. The errors in deployment continued and compounded. The US Hoax Terrorist Era, made it even worse.

The ‘Training’ never included being shot by a Taser. Who wants a straightened Shimadzu fish hook stuck in them, with the flesh around it burnt. While your body convulses on the ground, your muscles  spasm, your functions evacuate, and you lie paralyzed. And you hope you don’t have a medical condition that will kill you. Guaranteed death if shot repeatedly by a number of heroes of freedom and justice.

And of course you have not been charged with any offence. It’s just the way certain police forces greet you. Bettter off if they shot you.

Something is most seriously wrong, and the situation is not improving.

The Military repeatedly offering to take on the role of those Police Special Units, being constantly rejected. If it were in fact a paramilitary engagement, then The Military should respond, within those confines. Not Police pretending to be what they are not. The Military can draw units from a vastly greater pool, than any Police Force. With personnel trained with the correct equipment on a daily and practical capacity.

It prevents wrongly equipped and wrongly trained police shooting each other and murdering innocents. Power Mutations and Function Creeps, take a long time to accomplish. Giving them away defies an ingrained cultural issue.

Police attempting to operate Rescue Units as against Fire and Ambulance Services, are slowly being resolved. Many tragedies occurred. It was resolved that just one answering facility would operate for all three services. The police dominated the answering centre. They just don’t get it.

The facility would despatch Police Rescue Units, whenever that requirement was detected. Which included all vehicle accidents. If an ambulance was required, that unit would call in. Injuries continued to a point of absurdity where ministerial meetings were called to resolve the  police caused impasse. It was decided that ambulances be sent to vehicle accidents as well as fire units, should there be a gas tank rupture or a fuel leakage.

I witnessed a man fall under a train as it began to leave the station. Police rescue units appeared. They literally had nothing to say or do and could add no input to the complex requirements that followed. They were a useless obstruction.

That entire power grid is shut down. Engineers uncouple the carriages and disconnect them from the power lines above. The carriages are then lifted clear of the tracks. Although the person was dead. Ambulance, Coronery, Rail Engineers, and Respondible Police are involved in the extraction and documentation of the event.

Injuries worsened by Police release and drag techniques having compounded many situations over many decades. State Emergency Services being a further gain at times of need. Unfortunately Police involved themselves in an earthquake rescue concerning a damaged building. People being hospitalized as a consequence of being ‘rescued’ by Police, rather than as a  direct result of the earthquake. The Official Inquiry was silent on issues detailed in an intel report. And further reported by attending media.

A particular cop driving erratically runs down and kills a young girl. The driver does not stop. Who need the aggravation, and who cares. Cops start a media bullshit searching for that driver. The truth leaks. The murder was well witnessed. A depressed ghetto; who cares. If it becomes a problem for The Power Base; pay a few of their own hoons; to terrorize their own and make the problem go away. An oft used successful formula.

But the cop mouthpieces become media obsessed to find the alleged perpetrator.
TV and Movies are not recognized as ‘Legal’ unless scripts and final products are vetted by Police Media. An absurdity to protect the image and Power Base. (And of course side-stepped if required.) Your favourite TV Cops and Robbers Show is beyond bullshit.Enjoy.

Riots start in the streets of that murder.  Bullshit fills the evening news. The victim’s family are paid off in an act of unrelated to the crime grief. The local ghetto hoons are paid to act. The matter is blackmailed off the news cycle. The  hidden murderer is spoken to and sent for extra driver training. Case Closed.

Actually never opened. Listed as the  unrelated street protests concerning some ghetto grievance with the state, and managed by it. Police were glad to be of assistance in the matter.

Problems are not resolved that easily. They compound on themseves. An interesting situaton occurred in France where a child was murdererd by police. The usual cyle was perpetrated. Police started to be shot. After more than twenty police were gunned down; the miraculous connection was made with the murdered child. The shooting of police stopped. A theatre trial was put into motion. And a zero outcome naturally ensued.

From Calley at Me Lai and the countless viilllage genocides that were never made known. To accidental ‘Friendly Fire’  murdering allied forces. To unintended by surgical strike ‘Collateral Damage’ murdering unarmed non-combatant innocents. To blatant genocides blamed on The Other. Even to The Rodney King Affair and the world of hoaxes and false flags, and Official Governement Reports. We must always remember that we are being protected from ourselves and even from having contentious un-turored, un-approved, un-regurgutative thoughts.

From the Genocides of Japan, to those of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, to Central and South America, to The Middle East to Africa, to The Balkans, and iraq. And of course to The Anglo-American bombing of The NAZI slave labour camps. All neatly forgotten, rewritten, or blamed on The Other.

From Abu Ghraib to NSGB, to a hundred Black Sites in The West. To atrocities, hoaxes, and false flags, all sucked in as delivered. To The US training of The IRA in Scotland for some thirty years (even in The Commons Hansard). To atrocities in; The Balkans, Japan, Ukraine, Chechnya, Georgia, South Ossetia, Ingushetia, South Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Kurdistan, Turkey etc.

Does a moral state murder over forty-five million
(recorded just with Planned Parenthood from 1973)
infants by abortion, eighteen million of which were black? The minority most fighting to preserve this Female Right over their bodies and their Health. How ridiculous is this Progressive Liberalism with a culture of murdering those without a voice. Their own genocide of Right. Yet complain of alleged perpetrated crimes by ICE and CBP. The incessant Racism and Sexism, of Choices, Identities, and Virtue Signalling. The postured morality of an immoral aggregation foisting its idiocies on a believing world.

The moral is not moral, and those to be trusted have earnt none.

As an overall example, what a tragic yet cultural and systemic blight are The Guildford, Maguire, and Birmingham Affairs. False Convictions and Wrongful Imprisonments. Negotiated Pittances  paid
(McIlkenny died 21/5/2006 aged 73. So no compensation)
a decade after release standing as an historic idictment of the perpetrators.

After spending some fifteen years in prison. A quarter of a century after the false convictions, meaningless amounts were paid for the releases under licence and strict conditions. And what do these matters alone confirm and depict?

(I have previously written of The Guildford (4), Maguire (7), and Birmingham (6) atrocities. I have seen many.)

Nothing could be done until the judges died and the police had retired.

Were they the failings of Institutions or The Individuals representing those Institutions? And what is the true dignity and legacy of the judges at issue?

The Belfast Agreement leading to the better known Good Friday Agreement emptied some 800 cells at The Maze Prison on 28/7/2000. So maybe it was a Civil War after all and not as portrayed.

The screeches of ‘Terrorists’ in the streets, by the propagandized insane, having as much credibility as The Domino Theory, The Heartland Theory, and who could forget The WMDs in Iraq, the ‘Terrorists’ of 9/11, Assad gassing his own, and the monsters of Hussein and Gadhaffi. And the secrets of Bin Laden and Al Baghdadi actually being CIA operatives (Assets). Did I forget to mention The US went to The Moon and Oswald shot JFK...?

G Squared
G Squared

Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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