Like Children With Matches: Will The Donkeys Ever Learn?

Trump is was, predictably, acquitted by The Senate on Wed. 5/2/2020. But The Dems are as children with the matches, who do not listen. It is precisely that stupid and sad.

Opinion by G Squared 7/2/20

After some factional infighting, with an election on the immediate horizon, no less; they will again bunker The House Intel and Judiciary Committees, conduct another subpoena circus, and off again with another Impeachment farce, after a quick House Party Line Vote.

It will continue through the next Trump term, unless The Donkeys are thrown out in vast numbers throughout the nation. to block the insanities that have occurred since 6/11/2018.

The alternative for all future political impeachments, is to have them vetted by SCOTUS before they hit The Senate Floor. Otherwise, the Separation of Powers is broken by the meaningless standards now set by The Donkeys in The House.

I repeat that Vindman, in concert with Schiff staff, particularly Sean Misko, was “The Whistleblower” in The Ukraine Hoax. Vindman was later swapped for Ciaramella. Then Schiff, being made aware of Espionage offences, (that the third party and whistleblower House changes, did not cover), decided to fake it that, theoretically, there was no Whistleblower. One hole for another.

I have also advised that an NSC with no need for more than 25-30 staff, maximum, was blown out by Obama to almost 600! It became a promotion and dump site for his administration. To have such stupidities as The Ukraine Hoax emerge from The NSC, was a natural evolution. And certainly none of these clowns sit in on any REAL conversations with Trump and others. The Dem and allied idiots only think they do. A little birdy advises that Trump set them up, again.

Bolton Swamp Trump

Trump was always able to sign an order and sack Mueller. Scream as they like. He was also able to appoint a Special Cousel to investigate Mueller and Comey. As they were both involved in the uranium theft of The Kazakhstan Affair.

As Uranium is processed through its very many stages, it loses certain percentage bands of weight. This is different to The Uranium One Affair. But linked to The Iran Deal.

Russian scientists were always ahead in all disciplines. I have previously written of Russian texts we used. As no Western equivalents existed. So Russia discovers there is a problem. GRU-KGB start shooting suspects. In a flash the trail leads to Mueller and Comey. No. Barry is not going to war to save your arse. Not even if you are an obscure Austrian Archduke.

The message is delivered. Mueller boards a special USAF flight to Moscow, with the equivalent weight and condition of that stolen. The delivery is checked. Mueller et al sit in the plane. After a number of hours and a courtesy refuel (The US Embassy was billed) the plane returns to The US. After a debriefing in Germany.

The same US (NASA) which could not track Sputnik 1 or 2, defeated at every stage; first animal in space, first Man in space, first Woman in space; suddenly struts The Moon, with no evidence to prove it (forget live TV, and people lying, I was on The USS Hornet). The children of Kettering Grammar tracked the early Sputniks. NASA was advised by them through London CIA Station and NASA laughed. The children also determined Baikonur as the lauch site. NASA could not.

Image result for sputnik 1

I watch the comedy ‘One Two Three’ (Cagney) and know exactly who are the stereotypes for whom.

So Uranium was gradually syphoned and delivered to The US. Mueller was FBI Director and Comey was from The DOJ. With a strange career that took in many; from The Gambino Family to The Khobar Bombing, and much more. He was Director of the very long and shady history HSBC, and Vice President and Special Counsel of LockMart, as The F-35 Contracts were negotiated, for that junk.

If HRC’s insane Kursk Affair (Billy Bob was present, but not involved. Until he read Putin’s script), with The USS Memphis and USS Toledo ramming it, did not cause a reaction; then certainly thieving Russian Uranium would have.

Russia Trade

I was in the shop during The Cold War Era. Let me suggest that the buffoons as presented in US media entertainment as being The Ruskies, as against those depicted as representing The West, were in reality the opposite.

The Allies were permitted to run away at Dunkirk. Then return with a fanfare at Normandy. The combined enemy was always Russia. Germany to have been awarded what Russia took at Potsdam. Holding Russia was always a problem. As Napoleon could attest.

The current noises of Sanders being nominated with either Warren or Cortez; with him agreeing to step aside for either at Mid-Term, is The Donkey Death Knell.

Image result for Warren and Cortez
The Donkey Death Knell!

Sanders is a Stalinist Collectivist dressed as a benign Utopian Socialist. His rantings are read as those of all Donkey candidates for 3/11/2020.

There won’t be Donkeys standing saying “his policies are his; but these are mine”. The electorates have already experienced that.

The People voted for candidates, who, when they reach their seat, ditched what they stood on, and begin their unrelated disengaged ideological insanities. Pretending that is why they were elected to office.

So Jews vote for Donkeys who rant Anti-Semitism, and then as a House unit can’t find the wording to disown it. Having Schumer run to AIPAC with apologies and “you didn’t really understand”, cuts nothing. Fix it immediately. Pull the idiots publicly into line. And move on. Otherwise you get what you have.

What was protected? a few House votes. No problem. Tell them they breached the deal and they are not endorsed for the next election. The heel clicking, clenched teeth or not, will be deafening.

Congratulations; you now control your political party and are ready for the next election.

The Donkeys, under Dictator Pelosi, being so far off-message that they can’t even be seen out at the extreme far left, are representing no winnable electorate

Lack of control has the idiots waffling unworkable, insane Ideologies, and blocking employing industries from opening in their electorates, as solid proof that they mean what they say and even believe it.

Uneducated arrogant Middle School drop outs, waiving fake tertiary documentation, while incessantly and nauseously demonstrating the skill sets of small children.

G Squared
G Squared

Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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