Science education is being watered down to meet quotas of “more women”…

…in an age when Leftists say the very definition of a woman is meaningless!

JD Heyes – Gender News Jan 17, 2020

When you finally figure out that the objective of the modern Left — in America and elsewhere — is to create as much chaos within societies as possible, you can understand why everything they do, every policy for which they advocate, every political ‘remedy’ they push, is one giant exercise in hypocrisy and irony.

For decades Leftists pushed for more equality for women, not because our Constitution did not recognize that all of us are equal or because there weren’t enough laws on the books providing protections against women being discriminated against, but because it was politically expedient to be known as the ‘party of women,’ given that females are a huge voting bloc.

Included in the push for more equality for women were demands for them to be given their own sports leagues, to be promoted within corporations, to be able to head up government agencies, and to lead entire nations.

Western societies are too patriarchal, especially American society, so the Left has of late been pushing to open up entire fields of endeavor and study to more women. Opening up more STEM fields — science, technology, engineering, and mathematics occupations — to the female gender is all the rage now on the Left (as if there are barriers to women joining these fields in the first place — there are not; most women just choose to do other things).

In any event, as noted by the Mises Institute:

The National Bureau of Economic Research recently published a study which concluded that the grading policies for STEM classes contribute to the gender gap in the STEM field. 

The study finds that STEM classes, on average, assign lower grades compared to non-STEM classes and that this tends to deter women enrolling. Women — who value higher grades more than men — are apparently put off by the lower average grades in STEM subjects. This is despite the fact that “women have higher grades in both STEM and non-STEM classes,” according to the study. The study also shows that women are more likely to switch out of STEM than men.

As a remedy, the study’s authors recommend increasing female participation in STEM fields by essentially lowering grading standards. That, they believe, will “increase female enrollment by 11.3 percent,” Mises’ Atilla Sulker writes.

Gender-based outcomes don’t matter if gender doesn’t

While the study lays out the details, its authors do not explain why this should even be a goal. But maybe goals and objectives don’t really matter anyway, because the Left has created its own controversy in this by also pushing the notion that men and women don’t have to claim they are men and women, but instead can claim to be whatever sex they want (or none at all, as though that’s even realistic).

With the introduction of “transgender activism,” American Leftists of this generation are destroying all of the work and progress American Leftists of previous generations have made in the advancement of women. (Related: Tennis legend Margaret Court speaks out against transgender athletes, says LGBTQ agenda is “of the devil”.)

By embracing a radical transgender agenda, American Leftists now champion the insertion of biological men into traditional female-dominated spheres to include sports competitions, professions, academia and other aspects of society.

In this vein, the solution to the alleged “problem” of too few females going into the STEM fields is to simply encourage more men who claim to be women to pursue such occupations.

It’s the ultimate hypocrisy and chaos: Complain for years that a patriarchic, misogynistic society either left women behind or treated them like second-class citizens, then embrace a movement that makes a mockery of the gender while blowing up bridges to every inroad made by the Left on behalf of women over the years.

There may be lots of societal reasons why women don’t go into STEM fields as often as men. But gender-basing outcomes won’t matter much if we’re not allowed to stick to biological genders.

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Martin comments: It is my opinion that positions in any field of occupation or employment should be based on individual merit and attainment, not gender based quotas; that’s not equality, it’s absurdity. In an age where the Left are trying erase gender altogether (“inclusivity”), the above article makes the very valid point that the Left asking for gender-based quotas sounds like a case of cognitive dissonance. Either gender matters or it doesn’t: Can’t have it both ways. And if really does matter, then we’d better include equal quotas of the countless gender-label variations that the Left insist exist…regardless of whether it matters or not. What a screwed up world.


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