A Thousand Points Of Light

“Thousand Points of Light. I never quite got that one. What the hell is that? Has anyone ever figured that one out?” President DJ Trump, 2018

Well, Mr.President, let me explain.

by Martin Harris 20/3/20

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An Occult Phrase with layers of meaning

The Olympic Games always seems to incorporate an opening and closing ceremony filled with occultic and Illuminist symbolism and ritual. Despite the current COVID-19 related shutdown of every sporting event and gathering one can think of, it seems that the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will go ahead. A hint of the spectacle involved comes from this report last year:

Japanese ‘Shooting-Star’ Satellite to Launch on Landmark Rocket Lab Flight This Month (November 2019)

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The Japanese company ALE (Astro Live Experiences) aims to create an artificial meteor shower with its new small satellite ALE-2. Rocket Lab will launch the satellite on an Electron rocket on Nov. 25.

Rocket Lab’s 10th launch will be memorable in multiple ways.

We already knew that the company’s Electron rocket will take some big strides toward reusability on the upcoming mission, which is scheduled to lift off from New Zealand on Nov. 25. And we just learned that Electron will loft seven satellites on this flight, including a small Japanese craft designed to create artificial meteor showers.

The shooting-star satellite, known as ALE-2, was built by Tokyo-based company Astro Live Experiences as part of its “Sky Canvas” project. ALE-2 is 24 inches long by 24 inches wide by 31 inches tall (60 by 60 by 80 centimeters), weighs 165 lbs. (75 kilograms) and is packed with 400 0.4-inch (1 centimeter) spheres that are designed to burn up high in Earth’s atmosphere, creating a gorgeous sky show.

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“With this launch, we are a step closer to realiz[ing] the man-made shooting star,” Astro Live Experiences CEO Lena Okajima said in a statement. “Please look forward to the world’s first demonstration we are aiming [for] in 2020, which will be a major milestone for ALE.” READ MORE

So what is the symbolism of this light show? Obviously literally “Illuminist”, but could it also be a reference to the occult phrase “A Thousand Points Of Light” famously used by GHW Bush, and used as the name of the foundation he created, but which is far older in origin:

1988 – GHW Bush, in Presidential nomination acceptance speech in New Orleans:
“This is America: the Knights of Columbus, the Grange, Hadassah, the Disabled American Veterans, the Order of Ahepa, the Business and Professional Women of America, the union hall, the Bible study group, LULAC {League of United Latin American Citizens}, Holy Name, a brilliant diversity spreads like stars, like a thousand points of light in a broad and peaceful sky.” “I will keep America moving forward, always forward—for a better America, for an endless, enduring dream and a thousand points of light.”

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1989 – GHW Bush, in his Inaugural Address:
“I have spoken of a thousand points of light, of all the community organizations that are spread like stars throughout the Nation, doing good. We will work hand in hand, encouraging, sometimes leading, sometimes being led, rewarding. We will work on this in the White House, in the Cabinet agencies. I will go to the people and the programs that are the brighter points of light, and I will ask every member of my government to become involved. The old ideas are new again because they are not old, they are timeless: duty, sacrifice, commitment, and a patriotism that finds its expression in taking part and pitching in.”

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1991 – GHW Bush in State of the Union address:
“What is at stake is more than one small country, it is a big idea, a New World Order, to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind… based on shared principles and the rule of law… The illumination of a thousand points of light… The winds of change are with us now.”

1928 – H.G. Wells wrote in The Open Conspiracy: Blueprints for a World Revolution:
The political world of the Open Conspiracy must weaken, efface, incorporate and supersede existing governments….The character of the Open Conspiracy will then be plainly displayed. It will be a world religion. This large, loose assimilatory mass of groups and societies will definitely and obviously attempt to swallow up the entire population of the world and become a new human community….The immediate task before all people, a planned World State, is appearing at a thousand points of light [but]…generations of propaganda and education may have to precede it.

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1934 – H. G. Wells wrote in Experiment in Autobiography :
“This idea of a planned world-state is one to which all our thought and knowledge is tending… It is appearing partially and experimentally at a thousand points…its coming is likely to happen quickly.”

1957 – Alice Bailey, co-founder of Lucis Trust, wrote in The Externalization of the Hierarchy;
[A Point of Light is] “…[T]he men who comprise the occult leadership group known as the New Group of World Servers.”

1986 – Lucis Trust’s Beacon journal:
When light illuminates the minds of men and stirs the secret light within all forms, then the One in Whom we live reveals His hidden secret lighted will…
…The light shared by and belonging to all, though dimmed by the imperfection of evolving forms, is the mutual recognition of many points and their joining in interrelationship which has created the magnetic aura of the New Group of World Servers. Through all who identify with this group, seeking to cooperate with its purpose and blending their little points of light, the New Group of World Servers will fulfill its purpose and become the planetary lightbearer of the Aquarian age, the radiant torch to light the way for a needy humanity.

Serge Monast, in a 1995 audio presentation:

It has been demonstrated that focused ultra-high frequency (UHF) electromagnetic energy beams can be used to induce considerable agitation and muscular activity or induce muscular weakness and lethargy. Microwaves can also be used to burn human skin and internal organs and enhance the effect of drugs, bacteria and poisons, or effect the functioning of the entire brain. These effects were all studied at length by the CIA. On September 21, 1977, in testimony before the Senate Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research, Dr. Sydney Gotleib, who directed the ELF program at that time, was forced to discuss aspects of the CIA’s research to find a technique for activation of the human organs by remote electronic
means. So this is something that exists right now, that has been pushed to its highest degree, and that can be used from space through satellites to reach anybody on the planet...

…if people do not believe that kind of technology could be possible, or
this kind of technology we’re talking about is just science fiction, those people put themselves in jeopardy, because when the night of the thousand stars will shine from space, during that night, when the new Messiah and the new world religion will be implemented on the planet, those people won’t have time to prepare themselves. They will not be prepared to preserve themselves against such a kind of technology…

Serge Monast
“You might think I’m totally insane right now, but one day you may look back and think, well, maybe he was onto something.”

…. A lot of people ask me when this is going to happen and how they are going to do it, which are the steps? They’re going to set up before that night of the thousand stars, according to different research and different reports that we get, they are thinking right now of an economic crash, not a complete crash that would put down all the economy but an economic crash that would force them.., to put on a new currency. After that, they’re planning to put, on a worldwide basis, the electronic cash. But right now, it is not possible for them to put that electronic cash, since the Superhighway (what we call also the Electronic Highway) is not yet ready and implemented all over the planet. To implement the electronic cash worldwide, they have to have finished the implementation of the Superhighway everywhere.

For people who are wondering what the Superhighway is exactly, it is an electronic, sophisticated way to control directly the people in every home where it will be implemented or installed. At that stage, the control…the political control of everybody on the planet will be possible.

Note: Monast is talking here in 1995 about the Internet, which was still in it’s infancy and yet to become a fixture in every home. But read on….

Lt. Col John B. Alexander, ‘The New Mental Battlefield: Beam Me Up, Spock,’ December 1980:

“Several examples will demonstrate areas in which progress have been made. The transference of energy from one organism to another; the ability to heal or cause disease to be transmitted over a distance, thus inducing illness or death from no apparent cause; telepathic behavior modification which includes the ability to induce hypnotic states up to a distance of 1,000 kilometers have been reported.“If it is possible to feed artificial thought into the multigenic field via satellite, the mind control of the entire planet is now possible. An individual’s only resistance would be to constantly question the motivation behind their thoughts and not act upon thoughts which they consider to be outside their own ideological, religious and moral boundaries.'”

Serge Monast, Project Blue Beam presentation,1994:

The waves used at that time will allow “supernatural forces” to travel through optical fibers, coaxial cables (TV) electrical and phone lines in order to penetrate to everyone at once through major appliances. Embedded chips will already be in place. The goal of this deals with global Satanic ghosts projected all around the world in order to push all populations to the edge of hysteria and madness, to drown them into a wave of suicide, murder and permanent psychological disorders. After the Night of the Thousand Stars, worldwide populations will be ready for the new messiah to re-establish order and peace at any cost, even at the cost of abdication of freedom.

Note: Once again Monast is speaking of things yet to materialize in the time he was speaking. His “supernatural forces” are a pretty good description of WiFi, especially 5G. The Quebeqian journalist’s descriptions may be clumsy (You try describing technology that hasn’t come into being yet!) but in hindsight, one can grasp what he was struggling to explain.

To sum up what all these quotes amount to:

-The term “A thousand points of light” or sometimes “A thousand Stars” has an esoteric, occult meaning, associated with Luciferianism.

-The occult meaning has been harnessed and translated into real applications by politicians and Elites, collectively The Illuminati, who worship Lucifer/Prometheus, the Light Bearer. The term “Thousand points of light” is associated with the rise of a New World Order.

-Project Blue Beam whistleblower Serge Monast spoke of a “night of a thousand stars” which involves swarms of satellites, wireless transmission, mind control, and the co-operation of NASA with the United Nations in order to implement the New World Order.

-Speaking in 1994, Monast said this “Night of the Thousand Stars” will take -place at a time when The Internet is common in every household, electronic cash is replacing real-world currency, and there exists a form of wireless transmission that can not only replace regular electrical wiring, but is at such a frequency that it can be utilized control and affect the human mind and body. He also suggests some global catastrophe will take place at this time which opens the way for the NWO implementation.

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-All this, ultimately, according to Serge Monast, is to bring in not just a New Global Order, but a One World Religion; a Technocracy with “The Maitreya” (the Anti-Christ) at it’s head.

Here, then, is the final piece of the puzzle:

Starlink. “A Thousand points of light”.

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“Blending their little points of light, the New Group of World Servers will fulfill its purpose and become the planetary lightbearer of the Aquarian age, the radiant torch to light the way for a needy humanity.”

Swarms of satellites launched into the earth’s orbit with the promise of bringing Wireless Transmission, ostensibly for Broadband Internet connectivity, into every corner of the world. The brainchild of a charismatic “Messiah” called Elon Musk. Who happens to have a NASA contract.

This all seems startlingly close to Serge Monast’s “Superhighway” which will be used to implement global control and usher in the New World Order. It is also happening at a time when the world is indeed being manipulated to bring “all populations to the edge of hysteria and madness,” and folk will want “to re-establish order and peace at any cost, even at the cost of abdication of freedom.” Not from a threat of “Satanic ghosts” in the literal sense, but from terror events (911 etc) and pandemics (especially COVID-19) which are “ghosts” in a figurative sense. Even the “economic crash” Monast describes is coming about as a result of the Coronavirus staged panic.

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“…a brilliant diversity spreads like stars, like a thousand points of light in a broad and peaceful sky.”

Russia Complains Elon Musk’s Satellites Are ‘Too Bright’

The Russian Academy of Sciences said it plans to file a complaint with the United Nations over tech billionaire Elon Musk’s high-speed internet satellites, which it says will interfere with astronomers’ work.

SpaceX’s so-called Starlink constellation is a planned network of up to 30,000 satellites in low-Earth orbit that is intended to beam broadband internet globally. Russian scientists argue that sunlight reflections from Starlink’s satellites will ruin between 30% and 40% of space images….

Musk’s SpaceX has been launching Starlink satellites in batches of 60 since May and currently has 240 orbiting Earth. The company aims to make the broadband internet service operational by the end of 2020.

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Are you getting the picture now Mr. President?

Russian observers have also expressed concern over Starlink’s military applications.

The U.S. Air Force started testing encrypted internet services from Starlink satellites for military planes in 2018. SpaceX said it expects to test Starlink with additional military aircraft types and communications between satellites in orbit. SOURCE

But wait, there’s more.

Musk is even venturing into control of the human mind, or at least, of interface with using technology. Will this ostensibly “for the good of all” Neuralink development tie in with Starlink, one wonders?

Neuralink…Starlink. All links in!

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MuskMessiah Candles now available!

Take note of how often the narrator in the video above refers to Musk as a “tech Jesus”. A false Christ: The forthcoming Maitreya of the Lucis Trust/United Nations? The author recently admonished a techie correspondent who admitted to “practically worshipping” Musk “as a god”.

Every Messiah must have school/church for budding worshippers. Musks is called Ad Astra.

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The Technocratic Messiah?

Elon Musk has his eye on Mars. “The billionaire entrepreneur has said he envisions 1,000 Starships heading off to Mars every 26 months, when Earth and the Red Planet align favorably for interplanetary flight” says Space.com

A thousand points of light, heading towards Mars: A New World Order settlement on the Red Planet.

Elon Musk Might Be Able to Settle Mars, According to the 1967 UN Outer Space Treaty

Inside Elon Musk’s plan to build one Starship a week—and settle Mars

“I think we need, probably, on the order of 1,000 ships.”

SpaceX had held a much publicized “career day” in early February, and the company hired several dozen new employees. By contrast, this Starship factory’s scale-up would be all word of mouth. And it would happen immediately.

Musk told his team members they would have a recruitment gathering just 12 hours later, at 1pm that Sunday. They would have another one on Monday at 1pm and then again at 8pm. Long lines of people showed up, family members and friends, mostly local. Cars and trucks jammed the roadside up and down Boca Chica Highway. At 11pm on Monday night, SpaceX was still hiring.

All told, the company added 252 people to its South Texas Launch Site on that Sunday and Monday. It doubled the workforce, just like that, to more than 500 workers. Most of the new hires, even those who had inked contracts at midnight, were told to report for work the next morning. A year ago, perhaps a dozen or so people worked on site. Soon, the Texas factory will probably be SpaceX’s largest location outside of its headquarters in Hawthorne, California.

Elon Musk will spend money to go fast, and in South Texas he is proving it. In a matter of weeks, SpaceX has built a small city down here, hard by the Rio Grande River. It is all rather astonishing. And maybe, just maybe, this new Muskville really will serve as a launch pad to the first city on Mars….Read more at link in header.

Musk isn’t screwing around. He is moving quickly. Very quickly.

I guess when folk discover “He’s NOT The Messiah”, Musk will have to create another kingdom to rule. Mars sounds good.

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