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Last week, the day New Zealand went into full lock down, I was shocked at the turn of events – but not afraid of the Coronavirus.  My daughter and son-in-law felt that I was not taking it seriously enough.  I told them I would obey the lock down, but I had questions, and I felt the cure was going to be worse than the virus itself. 

From Jo-Blogs, Red Sky In The Morning

It’s been a week now, and I’ve been listening to what the journalists have to say.  I’m sure we’ve all seen the footage of busy hospitals fighting the Coronavirus pandemic.  But there are reports coming from the USA, Ireland and Germany about empty hospitals.

Where are all the Coronavirus patients?  What’s going on?
Video: Americans Ask Why Are Hundreds Of Hospitals Are Empty? #FilmYourHospital Goes Viral
The video starts with a citizen journalist at St James Hospital Dublin, saying: “There is no testing going on!  Wake up, people!  Wake bloody well up – there is no testing going on in these tents!”

The next clip is by German journalist Billy Six in Berlin, Germany.  It has English sub-titles.

Billy Six

March 28 at 5:43 AM.  They’re at Charite Hospital, Berlin: “Charite Hospital sent us into Virchow Hospital … claiming all Corona cases of Berlin would be here … Emergency situation described in media doesn’t exist here.”

Why then is there mass hysteria everywhere?

Two years ago, I learned about the tactics the CDC employed through the media from a news-piece in February 2018, which showed a false flag in Los Angeles in operation, so people would go and get flu shots.

LA Times False Flag Operation Exposed

The news reports said:

“OC Global can no longer accept any ambulances.”

“California hospitals face a’ war zone’ of flu patients – and are setting up tents to treat them.”

When the reporter from Highwire Talk went to check, she found the hospitals were empty!  So why the alarmist talk about emergencies and triage units?

The CDC admitted they were doing this, and Highwire Talk showed the CDC’s “recipe” for fostering public interest and big vaccine demand.

CDC recipe

So based on that experience, shouldn’t news releases from places like the CDC be treated as advertorials for pharmaceutical companies until they’re investigated?

Note, the CDC was part of Event 201, a Coronavirus pandemic simulation run by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, World Economic Forum, and Gates Foundation that began six weeks before the outbreak of this Coronavirus.

After that drill, Members of Congress dumped their stocks.

Is the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) employing the same cynical scare tactics through our main stream media so the world will demand a vaccine?  Are we being played?

Here’s a news article showing the same hospital being used in two separate places!

Twitter, same hospital

Can we trust the media, given reports like this?  Are they being our eyes and ears, or are they simply propagating news releases from places like the CDC?  Who are they working for, wittingly or unwittingly?

“Watch out” came the warning from Germany.  “Wake up” came the warning from Ireland.



LA Times False Flag Operation Exposed

German journalist Billy Six, Medicine vs Media: There is no dangerous corona pandemic, translated from German: “In a night-and-fog action, governments and the media-industrial complex have cut citizens’ freedom rights. “As protection against corona plague”, they say. The controlled blown-up global economy is to be vaccinated with new mega -, better tera loans. Two days of tours in Berlin’s most important hospitals show that there is no medical disaster here. And through the free media, more and more critical doctors are turning to the public – to warn.  But not of the virus…

Source: ⚠️Werden wir alle verarscht Billy Six *GESPIEGELT* – *keine NEWS verpassen Channel abonnieren*

CBS News blames ‘editing mistake’ after footage from Italian hospital appears in report on New York coronavirus crisis



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2 thoughts on “Empty hospitals and the CDC ‘recipe’ by Jo-Blogs

  1. Johns Hoopkins, 201 the Organization that planned all pandemic before are the same ones controlling now the numbers of death for Coronavirus. Hospitals are following orders under WHO and putting all death under ConV 19, George Fu also was envolved with CEPI and pharmaceutical industries, Duke University also to develop this virus.
    All of this to follow the plan Qanon which is happening 90% of them This plan is a brand that all Elite knows because the brand Q is everywhere and they will play as some inside people are there play it’s a spy…So once the world is under war soon ( military against us/ civil war) caos starvations, crimes, violence, unemployed etc… they will say that they did this plan and only Trump and his team is inside and will “catch” all this dirty people like Clinton, Hollywood celebrities pedophile, Geroge Soros , so people can believe But it will be all fake all of this, just like Hollywood move, and once again the population will believe in this fake deep state against a lie of another deep state. All of this to finally control the population, make them to believe and all controlled will be in place against us, all of this to destroy those believe in God and the evil can control. Most population will become evil On evil world as well but not everyone just like now, not everyone is blind … That’s when our human only Will have hope with God. That’s when the bible everything makes sense God bless us.

    1. “Not everyone is blind” you say. Very true.
      You’d be surprised how many are quietly whispering to me that they know something’s not right. I’m beginning to suspect there’s a “silent majority” out there. They may not all agree on the details and may not all share the same faith or beliefs, but nevertheless, they understand that something big is coming to fruition that is using this pandemic exercise as a “trojan horse”. A virus within a virus.
      Evil only controls those who let it control them. Defeat evil with acts of kindness and by loving all, regardless of their race or culture or religious beliefs. Variety is the spice of life. The evil that seeks to control us now wants to erase variety and diversity.
      If you know your Bible Renata, then you’ll know how the story ends (with goodness prevailing). Let’s make it happen through our words and deeds.

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