The New Cold War: Socialism and Conservatism

The World is currently experiencing its second Cold War, and entry into The Age of Biological Warfare. At the same time The US is experiencing a contained Civil War. The premises for which are not as generally understood. Such events never are.

by G Squared 28/7/20

Disney Palpatine

It’s Socialism as variously defined and Conservativism. Also as variously defined. It’s Government postured utopianism enslaving and starving. That premise is well proven. Conservativism is where the individual ranks above the self-positioned ruling elite.

Simple in itself, but not so to indoctrinated herds who are inculcated with determined moralized arrogance and intellectualized ignorance. The easy absorbing of deceptions and disinformation.

Nothing to do with a better life. But an absorption of remaining powers to centralized control by unseen interests.

The products of failed education systems, tutoring what to think but never, how to think. The Group Think Lock Step pervasive devastation of The Human Condition. The Leads and The Teams of abrogated personal responsibility. The product of induced compounded failures, rising to the top of their heaps, where they transform to moralized delusions. Answerable, to less and less visible, but never The People.

Trump had no alternative in 2016. As he has none in 2020. 2018 saw the Silent Majority overrun by electoral frauds. The outcome to the present is stark.

Socialism: in its various hidden forms and deceptive utopian manifestations; is elitist government power base control, enslaving the populations it controls. Conservative Democracies are the concept of Powers Lent to Government by The People, based on historically proven facts and realities.

The Virus internationally in The West has taken near a million lives: by known correct statistics. At the onset it was essential that Trump be able to halt The Western World. There are many unknown conflicts raging. Isolation was the defence. Therapeutics are the response. The World has forever changed.

Trump holds ultimate control of The West. Not; obstructionists, sectarians, the intellectualized, provocateurs, or propagandists. And there is a Silent Majority.

The US has over four hundred million small arms in private hands. Apart from Trump’s restructured Federal Forces. There are over five thousand well-trained, well-armed, Constitutionally protective Private Militias. Apart from all military forces and all State National Guards and Militias, now controlled by Trump. And of course Martial Law from 9/14. And the powers of Pardon and Immunity.

There are a small number of Left Wing Gun Waving Militias attached to Antifa and BLM. Their existence time would be less than that of The North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation, should it ever wake The Bear from its slumber.

Trump has advised that The US will never become Socialist. As it incessantly spins the toilet bowl. It would hardly take his raising his hand for upwards of ten million Fifth Column to be sent for final judgement within hours.

NWO US China

He is trusting that The Silent Majority will act on 3/11/2020. That a return greater than the devastations of Adlai Stevenson against Eisenhower and George McGovern against Nixon, will be realized.

It is mooted in Socialist back rooms, that as they misbehaved subsequent to 8/11/2016, The Conservative Silent Majority will reek ultimate havoc on fraudulent usurpers should they posture anything but resounding devastation after 3/11/2020.

Socialism pretends to throw down the ropes to help you climb. But it always controls those ropes. It cuts them from the top and reduces the number. Always blaming The People, as it savages them. For the betterment of the delusional theories. The evidence of over a century, and throughout the world.

Conservativism puts ladders in place and guides The People.

Trump stands between The People and The Fifth Column. Why else would so much effort be put towards his removal. The threat to the elite and ruling classes was visible from 2015.

Addressing the world’s wrongs is not by social engineering and economic manipulation, destroying the economic leaders to allegedly benefit the down-trodden. It’s by strengthen the leaders; without the destructive sectarian interests. Thereby the rest are brought forward.

After a century of tragic experimentation with Centralist Socialism; nothing of benefit has evolved. The rich protagonists got richer and the poor got poorer; throughout the world.

americans socialism

With the current latest disguised EU Centralist Socialist bankruptcy of Western Europe, the same failed populist delusions are being pushed as the intellectualized and moralized viable alternative for The US. 

Racism being The US packaging of the moment to allegedly sway the herds to vote out their protector.

The violence in the cities to allegedly blame Trump has been correctly returned to; the perpetrators, the handlers, and the paymasters.

After MLK was murdered by The CIA (he would have been President) there were riots in some one hundred and thirty-seven districts. Every one of which turned to Conservativism for protection.

Similarly the current induced riots in major central cities, backed by token police chiefs, Dem Mayors and Dem Governors, backed by the insanity of stood down local policing; has confirmed the obvious. The orchestrators backing away from their inventions and calling for federal assistance.

Minneapolis was rehabilitated by 8,000 Trump (different compositions) National Guard in an hour. The handlers of Biden paid the bails of those arrested from campaign funds. What message is delivered here.

Seattle was cleared by the token Police Chief and Dem Mayor, two days before Trump authorized the deployment of 15,000 National Guard. 

Chicago was cleared by its Dem Leadership [sic] just prior to Trump having authorized the deployment of 75,000 National Guard to sweep the city clean of excrement.

There are still a number of small inner cities suffering from Democrat and Token Rule. The reality of what would happen under Dem Federal Control.

As in Portland; federal agencies (DOJ, FBI, CBP, DHS, ATF, DEA, ICE, and Federal Marshalls) are acting to clear violent perpetrators from the streets under Ops. Surge and Legend. The Liberals don’t like the methods. But oo many people have been murdered by The Left sponsored anarchy and violence gangs protected by The Democratic Party. Apart from the devastation of small businesses in the areas.

There has to be an end and accountability for young children hacked to death in the street. And other young children shot in the face. Even while sleeping. 

Trump: due to the sectarian Dem frauds enveloped in the various relief packages put to Congress; has chosen a path of Executive Orders. The Senate and The President blocking whatever devastating legislation runs through The House. 

The electoral frauds perpetrated by The Democratic Party in 2016 were found proven by; WH, DHS, and Electoral Commission investigations. I previously detailed the intercepting and reversing of numbers by Brennan’s CIA, between the electorates and the tally room. Fortunately the will of The American Silent Majority prevailed.

The 2018 election delivered The House and almost The Senate, to the massive electoral frauds perpetrated. The House, its Committees and the events of power plays have been clear to this day.

The damage caused to The US through its Fifth Column Dem Front and its Fourth Estate Propaganda Platform is very clear.

In contravention to The Constitution; The Dem House attempted an impeachment. Thereby The Executive could only exist at the pleasure of The House, at the time being. Another desperate impeachment is being attempted in the last hundred days of the present administration. This time with even more ridiculous minutes: racism.

Black white silence

If The Democratic Party believed; even with its planned massive electoral frauds in place; that it had an opportunity to swing The US to its final socialistic demise, it would wait the hundred days.

What often appears to be Bipartisan is in reality Sectarian. Particularly in the supposed Two

Party political System, popular in The West. There is no Left-Right Paradigm. Only self-interests and extensions along the line of Power Base Governance by Elitist Controls of variously defined Totalitarianism. 

I was personally involved in The 1968 International Student Protests. I observed the more recent Occupy Movement, and the more recent Trump Era events from 2016 to the present. The Post Sitcom Obama Era.

During 1968: we protested against The US Led Bombing and Chemical Genocide in South East Asia. The US and partners in crime, vanquished by Russia and China, in Korea in 1953, and in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos in 1975. Were further vanquished by the same opposing forces in Syria in 2018. 

Trump advising that “We kept the oil” in Syria; refers to Israel’s Occupation of The Golan Heights from 1967. The looted oil pumped by Rothschild Genie Oil & Gas. A town has been named after him. And The Israeli genocides of Sabra and Shatila have been forgotten.

In fairness: Trump was not involved in the toxic war history of The US. But many of his current postured enemies were.

As one example: The MS13 Drug and Violence Gangs in The US; protected by The Democratic Party; were derived from The CIA Mano Blanco murder gangs, originating in El Salvador. Subsequently spread and enhanced by The Obama-Biden-Holder Op. Fast and Furious. And of course: Iran-Contra is in the background. The guiding hand of GHWB always in the dark light.

Syria being a US State, CIA, NATO, genocidal operation for the looting of oil and the corridor access for pipelines from Qatar.

Trump Syria Endless war over

(The Qatar-Turkey pipeline was a proposal to build a natural gas pipeline from the Iranian–Qatari South Pars/North Dome Gas-Condensate field towards Turkey, where it could connect with the Nabucco pipeline to supply European customers as well as Turkey.)

(The opposition being Russia’s NordStream supplying Europe and Russia owning the five fields in Northern Iran bordering The Caspian Sea. The rhetoric concerning Iranian nuclear ambitions being as fraudulent as those of North Korea. And indeed the hoax of Iraqi WMDs leading to The Oil For Food Genocide. In which I was a negotiator for the delivery of Hospital and Medical supplies. Blocked by GHWB.

The master of all that went wrong in The US and The West; from the murders of JFK, RFK, MLK, and many more, to the formation of The CIA controlled international drug cartels from 1981, to False Flags as 9/11, and its Project Hammer looting of US Treasury Bonds, the looting of The S&Ls and much more.

The current war on those CIA International Drug Cartels by Trump has succeeded. Which in turn has fuelled the vanquished interests to further politically attack Trump by unrest and violence to supposedly remove him from office on 3/11/2020. 

Trump deployed The US Coast Guard supported by The US Marine Corps sweeping along the entire East Coast from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, The Caribbean and The GOM. I wrote of The USN supporting the withdrawal of Argentine Troops from The Chinese Sigint Facility at Tierra del Fuego. 

The beginning of the real reasons for The Houston to The Chengdu Sigint Posts closure and further. Not an issue of spies alone, or IP theft.

Further confirmed by isolation moves against China from its positions of resource control in Africa and elsewhere. It’s control of some forty-four million tonnes of The World’s seventeen Rare Earths, giving it the leverage over the world’s technological age. 

Its control of the world’s pharmaceuticals, giving it a distinct control, that is being broken. The research on the ever mutating (no vaccine: rather immune boosters) SARS-CoV-2 therapeutics being the break required. 

Mexico, The Philippines, Vietnam, and India, to be the low cost manufacturers of essential medications. Trump’s recent signing of the four Executive Orders taking back control of The US Pharmaceutical Industry; with its fifty-one year Congressional Lobbyist cost monopoly; is the major step of breaking that elite protection zone.

The US bases in Australia, being on First Strike; the breaking of communications; has passed with the passing of The Missile Age. The World having now entered The Bio War Age.

Down Riots pandemic COVID-19

Russia has broken with its BRICS partner by downing Chinese Intel Satellites. Trump’s Space Force being a political toy to posture standing aside of its essential ally, Russia.

The US never had Full Spectrum Dominance (waffled by Obama). The RSA downed eight US Satellites in one strike. Israel downed US missiles fired from Iraq, and further silenced US satellites in The Vela Incident. NASA  was not able to trace the launches or track the early Sputniks (The Kettering Grammar Affair). I have written about all these matters.

The prior meetings of Trump and Johnson, was a persuasion for The UK to join The US Trading Bloc, and not BRICS. Further confirmed by Putin, that Russia, India and Brazil, would be gradually moving away from China.

Biological Warfare (Smallpox) was employed by what became The United States during the genocidal Indian Wars. The circle has now returned after visiting the nuclear and missile ages.

During the First Phase of The World At War; The First World War; Spanish Flu was a runnaway success for The US. Fighting as usual, on foreign soil. Yearning, jingoistic, obtuse, Cannon Fodder. With no loss and only economic gains for The Usual Suspects.

The war to end all wars. Triggered by the assassination of an obscure archduke in an obscure land for an obscure reason. And so the tale advises.

Part one ending with an armistice. A cessation of hostilities. With an inevitable part two. 

The manipulation of The Federal Reserve with a restructured Federal Internal Revenue Service; as independent entities; to feed The Usual International Banking Suspects. A concocted economic collapse, with a triggered, devastating decade long depression, naturally ensuing. 

During which time The Usual Suspects were able to use looted US assets to purchase all that remained for virtually nothing. 

The political lies and deceptions continued unabated. To the point of The US Administration winning office on the promise of not being involved in The Second Phase: World War Two. Triggered by the orchestrated hoax of Pearl Harbor.

David Dees

Off to war runs The US. Bombings, Gassings, and Flames continue, with natural genocides to follow throughout the invention of Third World Europe.

As Russia defies its further determined fate and sweeps Europe to Berlin; The US tests its latest genocidal weapon. The World moves to the elitist club of The Nuclear Age. The Totalitarian UN is manufactured from the failed League.

The fake moral posture of The West; led by The US; is protected by select public theatres. 

The lootings of Goering and Yamashita are in turn looted by Donovan and form the new and independent sovereign CIA. NAZI political and scientific elites are moved to The US to aid its future notions of a world empire. The elites unable to further assist are retired with appreciative benefits to South America. Those sold as dead; were not.

In addition; chosen elites from The Land of The Rising Sun, were also moved to South American Retirement Villages.

The US, manipulating controle at Bretton Woods; then agreed; of The World Reserve Currency, manipulating The Middle East and other oil fields, eventually inventing the failed Petro-Doller to replace the hoax and worthless US Dollar, commences its toxic journey of bankrupting The West and its forced sycophants, by ridiculous, failed economic deficit theories and The Power Base forced socio-ecnomic insanities, to this day.

Incursions, Invasions, Interventions, Infiltrations, Occupations, Regime Changes, Genocides, War Crimes against innocent non-combatants, and unprovocted Acts of War, rage by The US. Murdering some one hundred million, in some one hundred nation states in a century of; hoaxes, deceptions, and false flags.

No visible; reparations, rapprochements, appeasements, or concessions. Morality and Diplomacy at the point of a gun from the moral high ground and economic deception. Treaties, Agreements, and Accords, broken by The US manically demanding compliance, with its obtuse inventions.

Failed theories piled onto failed theories. Shock and Awe, The Domino Theory, and The Heartland Theory. All dramatic failures.

Over the past week I note that what I wrote concerning the murder of Harry Dunn by CIA Anna Sacoolas has reached MSM. Well at least part of a sanitized version. I note that The MH-17 False Flag has partly been identified by a court. Whoopy for them being just six years behind what I wrote. There seems to still be grunting noises from the sheltered workshops of over-thinking omphaloskeptics concerning MH-370. And of course there are choking noises coming from the deeply confused over Obama’s Methane Clathrate Affair of 2015. 

And of course there is so much more. One hardly knows where to start…

G Squared
G Squared
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