The State of the Nation and Hunter Biden Scandal Updates

A deluge of commentary on recent events in US Political scene as the elections loom, from regular contributor G Squared.

(plus additional links and updates on Hunter Biden)

The FBI had Hunter Biden’s MacBook Pro, and a hard drive on 9/12/2019, following a subpoena served on the repair shop. Hunter had left the computer for repair on 12/4/2019. Not in April 2020, when it was allegedly dumped there. Nothing was done. A parallel to The 2016 HRC Email Affair.

The FBI Director who arranged for this evidence confiscation; after being advised; was Christopher Wray. To be fired at the end of 2020, over many indiscretions, during his tenure at The FBI. A parallel to The Comey Affair. 

The computer and drive have already been downloaded by White Light Intel prior to The FBI 7th. Floor Mafia, gaining access. The devices were personally left at the shop by Hunter Biden, who signed the repair docket. He was not in California 3,000 miles away, but twelve minutes away hiding in one of his father’s houses. He had absconded during child maintenance proceedings where he filed fraudulent evidence. 

Apart from the $1.5 billion from The Bank of China link, The Burisma Directorship Affair, the $3.5 million from the Moscow Mayor’s wife, Joe’s quid pro quo having the Hunter Biden Ukrainian prosecutor sacked, the $5 million non payable pretend loan by The Chinese Communist Party to The Biden Family, The Kazakystan Affair, the links to Joe’s brothers Frank and James, there is also evidence that not only did Joe know all that he has lied about in Huntergate, but was ‘The Big Guy’ referred to in the communications, Indian Fraudster Kamala Harris is mentioned as a lead contact, and of course the evidence that Hunter had a penchant for ‘molesting’ young Chinese children.

In Oct. 2016 HRC’s Presidential aspirations were destroyed by Weiner’s computer. In Oct. 2020 Joe Biden’s Presidential aspirations are destroyed by Huntergate.

The DNC put forward the deeply corrupt and baggage laden, insane HRC. And the exact failed formula was repeated in 2020.

*Martin’s note: Those of a strong constitution may wish to follow the link below. The girl is allegedly Hunter’s 14 year old niece. SEXUAL CONTENT ADVISORY, be forewarned:

Much more “incriminating evidence” is set to be uploaded to the above channel, emerging from Gnews in Taiwan apparently. MH

Read more here:

Ultimate battle between the Truth and the Evil

The Entertainment Section. The insane won’t leave her dissolve back into the slime, so why should the sane?

They all like being other people. Bipolarity is a polite explanation.

Bill Clinton is Bill Blythe.

Hillary Clinton is Hillary Blythe.

Barack Obama is Barry Soetoro.

Michelle Obama is Michael Lavaughn Robinson.

Eric Holder is Lou Alcindor.

Loretta Lynch is Elizabeth Carlisle.

Victoria Nuland (Kagan) is Victoria Nudelman.

Anthony Weiner is Carlos Danger.

Most of those on the Dem joker’s list, have also been adjusted on fake Wikipedia. It helps block the young generation from finding the truth behind the postured heroes of deception.

The problems are far deeper than initially might be perceived. We find ourselves arguing with people who actually believe the stupidities they are articulating. When simple independent studying, will deliver truth for them.

If you have been asleep, or ideologically deluded, and are not by now aware that the entire leadership of The Dem Party is insane, let this be an introduction, and reclaim your innate Rational and Critical Thought Processes.

The forthcoming election has nothing to do with liking or disliking Brand Trump. It’s outcome has grave consequences for the entire West.


Trump was sounding out running for President from 1980. He had one aborted run, and joined The Democratic Party. Joining the enemy, is always a good Intel reconoiter. He also worked to the forefront of visual media. Which he understood he would need in developing his Brand.

Having developed a Brand, he was approached by a ‘conservative’ consortium, to begin a run in 2015.

The damage had been established with The US as the end target for the final rounds of the century run efforts of Totalitarian Globalism. 

The Usual Suspects emerging from the shadows of The 1913 (Dem Wilson) privately owned FED and IRS, and WWI. Through to the destruction of The Roaring Twenties, following the massive 1929 Market Frauds. Dem FDR causing the following decade of The Great Depression, by insane taxation and economic regulations destroying all attempts at recovery.

The US involvement in WWII having already been determined before FDR began lying about non-involvement as a campaign platform. Pearl Harbor the essential trigger caused by the blocking of sea lanes. And the jump to The European Theater to allegedly save those actually targeted by The US.

Dem Truman, following with the formation of the privately operated CIA, and the incessant wars, from Central and South America, to The Middle East, to South East Asia.

FDR also looting The US of all public and private gold assets. A parallel was later manipulated in The UK by Totalitarian Brown and removed cohort Blair, in the looting of the privately owned (1998) BoE assets.

Europe being captured by the same proven disastrous Totalitarian agenda, unravelled towards its bankruptcy with BREXIT. The projected financial support was to come by continuing the looting of The US Economy began in the contemporary by Blythe and Soetoro. The needed election of HRC in 2016. The last hoorah in 2020.

Trump was enhanced as his brand, and projected to front Nationalist Populism, as the opposition to the moralized and intellectualized, Utopian Socialism, disguised Totalitarian Globalism of The Usual Suspects.

A very close battle from 2015 against a developed Fifth Column. Including; Deep State, The Fourth Estate, the intellectually, morally, and ideologically captured, and the vengeful and resentful. Variously couched as; Progressive, Liberal, and Left Leaning.


The affairs of Andrew Cuomo in New York, are far more insidious, than can generally be revealed. Particularly during The SARS-CoV-2 Affair of early 2020. 

As the lie by misuse of s230 of The FCA, by Twitter and Facebook, concerning the blocking of The New York Post stories of Biden corruptions, posturing the evidence as deceptive, similarly; Cuomo’s management of his SARS-CoV-2, responsibilities have been distorted by The Fourth Estate.

The latter being left to rest, as a difficult reality to be absorbed by most.

The reality of Andrew Cuomo’s purposeful placing of SARS-CoV-2 infected in nursing homes was an act of Progressive Policy Euthenasia that the vast numbers could not yet comprehend. He is guilty of a genocide. 

To suggest that Trump had not considered Science in his decision making but Cuomo did, is part of the big  open lie. The lies of needing 40,000 ventilators, the construction of The Unused Central Park Field Hospitals, The Army Corps of Engineers conversion of The Unused Javits Centre, The delivery of The US Comfort and its subsequent wasteful conversion also Unused, and the refusal of military medical personnel. All by the two brothers pretending to hide and emerge from their abodes, while photographed; jogging, partying, and cavorting with girlfriends.


The SCOTUS Packing by The Dems is not in protection of State Sponsored Black American Genocidal Abortion or LGBT alleged rights, but to do with the banning of all written and visual communication, not state censorship approved. The two main cases lost by just 5-4. The Dems to revisit and push the cases by 7-5.

The reversal of The 1st and 2nd Amendments are a short vote away.

And what occurs in The US reverberates throughout the sycophant West. 

The banning of books (communication) is hardly a new totalitarian agenda. But then how many are able to revisit innate Rational and Critical Thought. 

This election is hardly about Trump’s personality. It is The West lemmings standing on the cliff’s edge.


HRC’s 37 years in public office, is outperformed by Joe Biden’s 47 years of equal corruption. 

As HRC was unelectable against a non political, non Deep State, non corrupt, non Totalitarian, owned puppet, the same equation presents against Biden.

Those attempting to moralize or intellectualize by the second presidential debate, have mental issues that cannot be so easily resolved.

Should Biden steal The Executive on 3/11/2020, Mexico will complete The Wall, to protect itself. Except for the one way gate from the south to the north.


US v Google. The real issue is the removal of s.230 of The FCA, which has allowed Big Tech to monopolize and damage The 1st.


The Great Library of Alexandria established in 285BC fell into decline from 145BC suffering direct politically motivated purges, and was burnt in 48BC.

Membership ceased in the 260sAD, and was further damaged during The Alexandrian Rebellion of 270-275AD. The allied Serapeum being vandalized and demolished in 391AD.

Through history, there have been many Totalitarian regimes that began their radical Utopian delusions through violence, the control of information and free speech, and propagandizing the compliance of the fearful and captive.

The last century has been a journey down this path. It peaked with the end of Stalinism, the end of Keynesianism, the end of The Frankfurt School and Critical Thinking, the dismemberment and bankruptcy of The EU, the restructuring of NATO, Putin in Russia, Johnson in The UK, Trump in The US, and uprisings in Hungary, Italy, and France.

The final throes are here.


With the compromised HRC controlling The State Dept., $40 million was slung to Soros, in one traunch, to destabilize Albania. That didn’t occur. But he did fund the riots following the 8/11/2016 elections and the frauds leading to it. As he funded the frauds of the 6/11/2018 elections, the 2020 riots and the frauds afoot of the 3/11/2020 elections.

The Tides Centre, a non-profit in San Francisco has given over $170 million to BLM. Organizations linked to Soros’s Open Society Groups, are linked through The Tides Foundation; hidden under 501(c)(3). The Left Wing Cash Clearing House. A decentralized organizational model with an infrastructure for sustainability. 

The former sponsor and model being The Thousand Currents Organization to 2016. It still lingers, as in April 2020, it fraudulently accepted $10,000 from the federal Covid-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan Emergency Advance Fund.

Tides has received millions in federal grant money through Deep State funders. The Tides Centre was gifted $34.1 million in government grants from 2008 through 2020. Including frauds on The Agency for International Development ($18.47 million) and The Dept. of HHS ($12.57million).

The $170 million BLM funds included $139 million in direct government frauds between 2008 and 2020.

Separate matters include amounts of $3.4 million in 2001 and $19.2 million in 2018, used to create new activist groups.

In a 2018 IRS form 990 filing, The Tides Foundation listed an amount of $101.5 million as net assets, derived from The Soros Open Society Fiundation. Allegedly for; lobbying. Asking organizations if they engage in activities to influence foreign, national, state, and local legislation. Attempting to influence public opinion on legislative matters. 

The Tides Centre granted $931,000 to organizations for lobbying efforts, and $732,000 for ‘direct contact with legislators, their staffs, government officials, or a legislative body.

From 2002 there are recorded amounts paid directly to Pelosi. Firstly in her 8th. District, then her 12th. The Tides Foundation founded in 1976, by Drummond Pike, includes personal payments directly to her in 2011 and 2012. A ‘Progressive’ Wall Streeter as a conduit to The Usual Suspects. A philanthropist as; Gates, Soros, The Rothschilds, et al. 

Of the top twenty political donors through Super PACs, fourteen support The Dem Party, three give equally to both, and three support The GOP.

Currently The DNC has received $422 million and The RNC $189 million. Not votes against Trump et al, but towards the buyability of Biden et al.

In 2017-2018 $987.5 million was paid to Dem Party activities by dark money specialists, Arabella Advisers. Including the funding of; The 1630 Fund, The New Venture Fund, Demand Justice, $5 million to block The Kavanaugh Appointment, and a recent $1 million to block The ACB Appointment.


The Dem postured fixations of SCOTUS; Gonzales v Carhart, Planned Parenthood v Casey, and Roe v Wade, are nonsense propaganda diversions for the fearful, soft of mind. If Roe were struck down, New York and California would replace it.

Similarly with the manic LGBT fixation of Obergefell v Hodges.

The reality of The Dem stacking of SCOTUS, concerns DC v Heller, which upheld The 2nd by just 5-4. And Citizens United v FEC, which upheld The 1st by just 5-4. Religious Liberty was thinly upheld in Little Sisters of The Poor v Pennsylvania, Salazar v Buono, and Burwell v Hobby Lobby.

Similarly The 14th Amendment has been attacked. And Zelman v Simmons-Harris on 5-4 protects School Choice to remove children from being trapped in failing Dem created ghetto schools.

Abortion and Gay Marriage are non issues. The 1st, 2nd, School Choice, Voting Rights, and Religious Liberty are.

The nauseous Dem fixation of the confection of Recusal, is beyond cringe. The reality of 28US Code 455 & 144 is very clear. The attempts by Dem Committee Seat Warmers to elicit promises from persons to illegally compromise themselves, to posture implementation of obtuse Dem policies is beyond ridiculous.

Amplified views of a small minority from a postured radical base have no justification, and no substantive argument to convert to reality. The conflation of ideological insanities, given power base credence can only cause the socio-economic devastations they will.

The journey leading to the banning of political comment, the banning of religion, non parental consent for uninformed children trapped in LGBT affairs, economic devastation by absurd taxation and regulation, and the alien floodgates to The US becoming an unsalvageable Third World State. Finally having an enslaved and entrapped peasant class under the ownership of The Usual Suspects through their Political Elite Classes and the management of Elite Oligarchs.

And of course some four hundred million privately owned small arms will religiously be handed to non compliant police, military, and allied agencies, on demand, as part of this progressive, liberal journey to hidden enslavement. 

Welcome to the second US Civil War, also caused by The Democratic Party. With the broader theatre of Russia and India fighting China, in the first instance.

Perhaps The Democratic Party should fold up shop (Long overdue) and reform, as I wrote a few years ago?


HRC has spoken of overturning Heller, FDR had previously attempted to stack SCOTUS, Obama pursued The Little Sisters Case which Biden has spoken of overturning together with The Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Biden has variously committed to performing all about which he has lied. Including by the lunacy that “The American People don’t deserve to know”.

Those focussed on Trump as the raison d’etre have swallowed the bait and hook. The return journey is a long one.

In the second debate, Biden was not dozing away: he was too drugged for that. He was focused on his earpiece so he didn’t repeat the previous mistakes of childishly saying the last phrase he heard.

G Squared
G Squared
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