Biden: From Masked Marvel to Vaccine Messiah

Is it just me, or does Biden look younger? Maybe it’s the latest round of plastic surgery, or has he been hitting the Adrenochrome?

Weekend at Biden's
Masked marvel: What are they hiding? Black eyes maybe?
Joe Biden speech in full: It is time for us to come together as a nation -  The National
Vaccine Messiah: Are they grooming Joe to be “the man who saved the world from COVID?

Two weeks ago he was appearing fully masked AND with dark glasses. His muffled words required subtitles. About as charismatic as a shop-window dummy. Then comes the big election day and the mask falls away to reveal all-new “GI Joe” with special jogging-action stage arrivals. Just to demonstrate how youthful he is.

How Joe Biden 'underwent a cosmetic overhaul to make himself more appealing  to voters' | Daily Mail Online

I’m already hearing mutterings about clones and stand-ins to go with the looped “we love you Joe” yells from rent-a-crowd. Everything seems fake about this election, including the fairy-tale dream win for the Dems.

The MSM attacks on Trump have reached kindergarten-level silliness. Claims that Ivanka has tried to dissuade him to admit defeat amount to a Tweet about accepting legally counted votes. Either the reporters are unable to read between the lines or are wilfully misrepresenting her statements.

And now this vaccine from Pfizer has taken centre-stage. The head scientist ecstatically claiming what a great day it is for all humanity. I’ll swear I could see the dollar signs in his eyes and hear the jingle of cash registers.

How vaccine and Biden victory will impact shipping - FreightWaves
Doctor Biden’s Snake Oil Elixir!

But even the vaccine news couldn’t escape the golden glow of Biden’s glory. Makes me think the timing of the announcement is a bit convenient. Have Pfizer handed the announcement to Joe by prior arrangement? The NZ media gushed about how “presidential” Biden looked as he announced the new miracle medicine (read ‘Snake Oil’). Biden the fake Messiah. Just as the New World Order required.

Trump, meanwhile, is still out playing Golf. Hardly the act of a man under stress, no matter what the news merchants claim.While the MSM is acting as if Biden were already the POTUS, lets remember it isn’t over yet. They’ve thrown everything at Trump and nothing has stuck. Is his number up or is he still one step ahead?

Documents: Donald Trump golf course damaged protected sand dunes

The MSM make me sick with their failure to acknowledge the good things about Trump’s Presidency while being quick to point out the perceived bad.

COVID deaths are laid at his feet as if he were some mass-murdering tyrant, yet this man has been the first US President in a long, long time NOT to go waging war on “rogue nations” to fill coffers of the banksters and the war profiteers. How would Hillary Clinton have handled the North Korea situation? I shudder to think.

News anchors burst into crocodile tears as they describe Trump’s presidency as the “darkest years” (you need to travel back to the Dark Ages, dude…or WW1…or any other genuinely “dark” time…). But as Biden bows to his hidden masters and prepares to unravel Trump’s good work, I think genuinely dark time may be just around the corner under a Biden-Kamala administration. Lets see what Trump’s next move brings.

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