“Was COVID Our Biggest Scam of 2020?” from The BFD

It’s a toss up between the COVID scam and the Climate Change Emergency scam. I cannot decide which is worse, but surely 2020 will go down as the year of the scams.

by Suze at TheBFD

“Crazy People Pulling Strings Behind the Scenes Are Ruling the World” – Reiner Fuellmich

While we slept, politicians, scientists and experts constructed batches of snake oil, taking advantage of a dozy/lazy media “where inoffensive newspapers compete for drabness and commentators are all but united in adoration of Jacinda Ardern” and “you’ll struggle to read a word of dissent in the four daily newspapers.”

Early in April 2020, we were the envy of the world with one solitary COVID death. The prime minister gloated and gave us credit for sticking to rules while we applauded her for dodging tens of thousands of COVID deaths. We were encouraged by the equally dozy/lazy international media who reported that overseas applications for NZ citizenship were skyrocketing as people clamoured to live COVID free and join the flocks of kiwis coming home to escape overseas COVID hell holes.

New Zealand, a small island country with a population of just under five million, is halfway through a month-long lockdown aimed at not only containing the virus, but eliminating it. And so far, the approach appears to be successful.

We are turning a corner,” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said in a speech Thursday. “And your commitment means our plan is working.”

The PM’s “corner turning” statement is ludicrous when eight months later Aucklanders wear mandatory masks on public transport, businesses have failed, jobs have been lost and our borders closed indefinitely. Back in early April, and a week into the first national lockdown, Grant Robertson warned that the economic fallout would be worse than the 2008 global financial crisis.

GDP is going to take a serious hit, as will unemployment,” Grant Robertson told a parliamentary committee…

The extreme decision to shut down the country and the borders was made using faulty scientific modelling, not that we knew this at the time, but we sure know it now.

Still, the government plods on rolling out restrictions and hinging our border reopening on COVID vaccines that there has been no time to thoroughly test. What could possibly go wrong? Oh yes, thalidomide.

But going back to that pesky PCR test used worldwide to diagnose COVID, which is making some people an awful lot of money.

It turns out, not only is the test improperly used solely to diagnose COVID, at last count 6.4 million cases worldwide, but the test itself is fatally flawed and does not pass scientific scrutiny.

The scientific paper in fact was approved in a record 24 hours and it is the basis of the PCR test, but a group of international scientists have called for a retraction citing “10 fatal flaws at the molecular and methodological level.”

The paper “Detection of 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) by real-time PCR” was published 24 hours after it was submitted to Eurosurveillance, clearly evading peer review. Its lead authors were Christian Drosten and Victor Corman, which is how it took on the title  “Corman-Drosten paper.”

It provided the “recipe,” or work flow for the Covid-19 diagnostic test, quickly applied all over the world, after it was accepted as the standard of testing by the WHO.

German scientist Christian Drosten was also a co-discoverer of the SARS-associated coronavirus, and developed a test for it in 2003. Drosten, who heads the Charite Institute of Virology in Berlin, and a team of fellow scientists in Europe and Hong Kong, moved very quickly, as soon as cases of the illness were being reported out of Wuhan in December of 2019.

They submitted the paper on Jan. 21, it was published in Eurosurveillance on Jan. 23,* and was immediately accepted as the standard of testing internationally, by the WHO, which began sending test kits to affected regions. (Fact check: was it 24 hours? Corbett says yes.)

In the harrowing months that followed, amid lockdowns, economic collapse, school closures and widespread panic, few were aware of the immense problems with the paper, which tragically offered a testing method that would yield between 80 and 97 percent false positive results, due to a non existent gold standard.

On 28th November 22 international scientists wrote to EuroSurveillance who had published the paper in undue haste presumably because some people stood to make an awful lot of money.

One of their 10 challenges is the stunning fact that EuroSurveillance published the paper 24 hours after it was submitted back in January.

Twenty-four hours,” Dr. Corbett said incredulously. “That never happens. It takes months to get a review done. They turned this around in 24 hours. It was waved through, it was not peer-reviewed. There’s no standard operational procedure for this test. There’s major and minor concerns about this paper and we go through it all here. it should be retracted. If they retract it, it means the whole thing falls to bits. The whole edifice collapses. It’s a house of cards built on sand and we’ve just moved the sand.

I reached one of the authors, Dr. Kevin Corbett, at his home in London. He spoke simply and with controlled apoplexy. He confirmed and cast additional light on the shocking fact that the paper was written in the absence of a viral isolate, among many other problems.

Every scientific rationale for the development of that test has been totally destroyed by this paper. It’s like Hiroshima/Nagasaki to the Covid test,” he said.

When Drosten developed the test, China hadn’t given them a viral isolate. They developed the test from a sequence in a gene bank. Do you see? China gave them a genetic sequence with no corresponding viral isolate. They had a code, but no body for the code. No viral morphology.

Newsflash: the PCR test incorrectly used to diagnose COVID is inherently flawed!

The economic, social and health costs of grossly overstating COVID cases would be laughable if the cost wasn’t so horrendous.

We have been scammed! Why didn’t the ‘experts’ ask the obvious questions when it was clear, months ago, that actual COVID mortality rates did not meet mortality predictions?

I know, I know! Pause please while I raise my hand in the air and wave it wildly! Jacinda Ardern and her COVID crew happily basked in worldwide media adulation as our media gloated about eliminating COVID while the rest of the world succumbed. It was all a lie, of course.

But our smug media are still evident every evening news broadcast when thousands of cases are currently diagnosed daily (using the extraordinarily faulty PCR test) because the US and UK are in seasonal flu epidemics causing them to squabble about the necessity for lock down.

The most common response to unwelcome government imposed stringent measures there and here is “Well, it’s better to be safe than sorry”. I ask, “At what cost, dear idiots?”

German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich who is central to a growing group of lawyers, scientists, politicians, and even secret pharmaceutical whistleblowers, said in an interview, “We believe that in order to make this house of cards collapse, we have to attack the PCR test. The fact is, there are no asymptomatic infections.

The reason why I decided to speak out is that I didn’t want these crazy people who are pulling the strings behind the scenes to rule the world.

I had no idea when I came out with my first video that these people and their corporations were such a powerful block. We are up against some really powerful and devious and bad, evil people. But they’re not a united front. We on the good side so to speak, I am firmly convinced that we have the better people, who know much more not just intellectually. The thing is . . . we’re humans, and they’re not.


Now, about those vaccines where some people stand to make an awful lot of money…

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Martin comments: A great independent News Media site, please checkout TheBFD for a wide variety of interesting articles, not just politics! Hats off to author Suze for this piece.

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