The Freedom Ride is Over

The ride to freedom has ended. As Stalin observed: it is not the votes of The People that have meaning: but the deception by those who count them.

by G Squared 10/1/21

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In 2016: the lie that HRC had won the popular vote was destroyed by The Electoral College. In 2020: Trump having won the popular vote was destroyed by The Electoral College.

There are many contenders for The 2020 Benedict Arnold Awards: Roberts, McConnell, Milley, Barr, and the grand Swamp Fox Pence. But their enemy was not the postured Trump, but The People. 

There are no Solzhenitsyns in The West. There can be no Western Bloc Gulag Archipelago. There is no Russian Orthodox Church with the quiet ear of The People. 

The Catholic Church: long corrupted and owned.

You are not only unable to handle the truth, nor even being entitled to it. You are required to absorb propaganda, and respond accordingly, or your empowered enemies who surround you, will have you dealt with to your detriment.

Billy Kool Aid MSM

The gutter has been empowered, and has heightened to its manufactured reality.

It is now never The People who speak. It is the very few given the perceptive promenace. The People are now mute.

All about you and to befall you is formulaic. There was never a need to hide or distort. The ground was well prepared.

Fat Lady Sing Obama Marx

Regime Changes always needed the element of the captured corrupt of Government. They were always Government defeating The People.

There have been some fifty clashes between The People and The Enemy Within. You are not informed. You are now formally deprived of Information. Your lot is the consumption of Propaganda.

The Enemy Within: Our Relationship With Fear | by Derek Francis | Medium
The Enemy Within!

Rest assured, as your life is incrementally destroyed without perception.

The former Middle Class of The West: provided The Government confiscation of capital by taxation, and the further control by punitive regulation.

The Middle Class provided the major employment of the economy. It functioned despite Government, and never as a consequence.

In Government usurped totalitarian configurations: the essential assets of that class are transferred to the evolved ruling class of Government. Capital has no comprehension of frugality and functional use. Capitalism is destroyed.

Economies are not controlled at the functional level by Government partnered Corporatism. 

As the denied, Government caused depression, grips, and the economic support foundations are devastated; the Oligarch class is invented. The management tool to further distance The Government Ruling Elite Class from the now captured People.

The journey is permanent and has no return. The notions of an intercessionary, just, and protective Industry of Law is beyond a proven fiction. Corrupted leaders of the fawning complicit, looting their trusting patrons.

Totalitarianism is a mobility. It is never static by incremental accomplishment.

The errors are from 2017: as I have repeatedly written. America now falling, is the permanent loss of The West. The tripped civil war in America, was recoverable and meangless attrition to its Owners.

Issues of Reality transcend notions of political theories and illusions of Freedom. I warn that The West will be gripped by an enduring and devastating Depression, unseen in the past. The Ruling Government Class has its protective Power Base. The hidden Enemy Within has emerged. Peace never defeats aggression. The moment of 2017 was lost. Squandered in hope and theorized trust.

Freedom ride over

The People never needed convincing to surrender their lives and future. Overt threat to the leading five hundred and purchased ownership of a functioning five thousand, was the cheap price. The logic of The Loaves and Fishes.

The contamination and denial of Information, a major and sustainable weapon.

As Government Totalitarianism is derived by formula, so to is its unrecognized product. As economies function by value adding, its denial is the guarantee that Utopianism can never function.

Trump was The People. The opposition in its various disguises was The Enemy Within; Government.

Defunding The Police was a controlling mechanism. Throughout America: clashes between Police supported by National Guard and allied entities against The People are defined as unreported isolated criminal activities. The denied civil war to be bluffed to control. The gradual disarmament and expunging of a Constitution and Bill of Rights. America and The West are lost. 

At the present; drowning lemmings cannot be saved, as they fight for their right to drown. They can never be saved. Issues must always first be recognized.

The World is populated by variously damaged people, and compassion is an art which fades with the years.

Trump periodically lost the principal that he was The People and not himself. On two main occasions he turned away as The IC performed its function. When Hayden attempted against FLOTUS in Scotland, and The HRC Arrest Affair of 9-11/2016. I have written about both these matters.

The IC guided him through 2016. He stopped listening in 2017. The slow path to losing all.

In 2017: The IC was there to enforce the real world. Words such as Deep State, The Swamp, and Fake would not have led to Mueller, Impeachment, nor the idiocies of Academia, Law, Science, and Media.

Trump and The GOP removed from media platforms, with The Fourth Estate parading a success over s230 and the demise of The First Amendment, would never have occurred.

The Best Movie Lines | Rider quotes, Peter fonda easy rider, Best movie  lines

Pelosi deciding to remove gendered language, would not have occurred. The absurd response by Franklin Graham of the analogy of the first to God, being as ridiculous as its initiation. Job is a contorted sylogistic failure. The vengeful God of Old Testament Judaism, is not.

Tulsa Pelosi out of touch
Hypocrisy: “Mother, Grandmother” removes gendered language.

The Reset will happen. The Globalist EU and UN are salvaged.

Totalitarianism is a momentum. Now confirmed in America to capture The West. Trump is to be moved to a theatric of Trial by a Commission. As occurred in The Mandela Corporate Usurpation of South Africa. And we know how every African nation has fared under that delusion.

He to be led to a postured populist consensus of guilt. Not difficult if a hundred million armed, can be disenfranchised in their faces, and told it moral to comply and surrender.

Trump to be executed as the final victory of public recognition of wrong being right, and right being wrong. The execution of The People, on the high altar of evil.

A continuation of the believed renditions of Hussain, Noriega, Marcos, Gadaffi. Following from; Sikorsky, Hammarskjold, Duvalier, Samosa, Diem, Kirk, Holt, Arafat, Sadat, Rabin, JFK, RFK, MLK, et al. And coup threats against Whitlam, Asaad, et al. From before Op.Ajax to the present day.

In 2017: a major ticket cancelling enterprise should have been established. If swamp dwellers run in fear by a phone call or a casual visit; trough their alleged security perimeters, they are easily owned and controlled.

The stupidity of Trump telling the disenfranchised to remain calm, in the face of an insanity for a drive-by Impeachment.

Washington Wrath

As CIA run ANTIFA and BLM run laps of honour through a staged occupation on 6/1/21; five innocents are proforma murdered by Police.

The targets lifted from Sleazy and The Moll. Too little, too late.

Eggs are naturally broken to bake a cake.

2017 to be remembered as Christmases Past.

The Legacy of 'Easy Rider'

Trump missed every opportunity to honour his 2016 mandate from The People.

The diffused Sino-US War by the surrender of The US, allows China to continue the infiltration of Asia-Pacific. Russia, The UK, and India, moving back to their territorial interests. Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and The Philippines, left to their own devices. Despite assurances. As Food Wars are conducted against smaller nations as a policy of genocidal colonialism. 

While The US frauds its way to oblivion.

Freedom ride
The Ride is over
G Squared
G Squared
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Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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