What’s Causing the Big Northern Hemisphere Freeze?

It’s been news headlines around the world: Much of the Northern Hemisphere is blanketed in snow. Is this, as the MSM reports, “Man made Climate Change”?

Polar vortex 2021: Startling numbers reveal the rarity of the frigid temperatures across much of the US https://www.msn.com/en-us/weather/topstories/polar-vortex-2021-startling-numbers-reveal-the-rarity-of-the-frigid-temperatures-across-much-of-the-us/ar-BB1dHFTt

Northern freeze

Heavy snowfall hits Syria, Lebanon, Israel in winter storm roads Syria Lebanon snowfall Snow | The Independent

And ironically, some of the “emissions free” technology has fallen victim to this Global Cooling:

Green Folly: Berlin’s City E-Buses Leave Passengers Out In The Cold…Diesel Buses To The Rescue. (notrickszone.com)

So, political propaganda aside, what is causing this weather?

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A check of SpaceWeather.com reveals the real answer: We are in the midst of a Grand Solar Minimum and we’ve just hit rock-bottom. Hardly any sunspots this past year or two. And that spells cold weather and a potential “Little Ice Age”. SpaceWeather.com — News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids

Sunspot number: 0
What is the sunspot number?
Updated 17 Feb 2021

The really sad part of all this, is that the measures being rapidly initiated to “combat Global Warming” have come right at the time when we really need all that CO2.

“For reasons not well understood, global temperatures dropped approximately 1°C around the year 1400. By the 1500s, the temperature drop had reached 2°C, resulting in extreme weather events. England’s historically temperate Thames River froze over five times between 1400 and 1550, and between 1551 and 1700 it was covered in thick ice 12 times. A freezing winter followed by a dry spring and hot summer desiccated the largely wooden structures of London in 1666, resulting in the Great Fire, in which 80,000 city dwellers lost their homes.

a fair is held in london on the frozen thames
A fair is held in London on the frozen Thames in 1814. IMAGE: HERITAGE IMAGE PARTNERSHIP LTD/ALAMY STOCK PHOTO

Harvests failed during this period, and for a social world largely centered on grain production, this was a disaster. Peasants starved and could no longer pay their masters. Various “messiahs, seers, occultists, witches, magicians, and charlatans” proffered explanations of nature’s nervous breakdown, and a frenzy of finger-pointing led to rampant torture and burning of scapegoats. Blom suggests that the crisis in agriculture led to a vast reorganization of land use and land ownership, which changed social structures and power relationships. Farms and estates that once operated in a self enclosed system began to produce more efficiently and to look to long-distance trade. To facilitate the new system of production and far-flung markets, regulatory bodies were established, and roads were built. European powers looking outward identified whole continents full of natural resources that they enthusiastically plundered, ushering in the age of colonialism…READ MORE

The Industrial Revolution coincided with the Little Ice Age of the 1700s, as a response to extreme cold and summerless years. The irony is that while the IR caused immense pollution and the concentration of dwellings caused disease and squalor, it also saved lives.

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Thanks to progress in making technology cleaner and more efficient and improvements in healthcare and food storage techniques, we ought to be in a much better position to deal with the return of the cold weather. We aren’t. Because we’ve put all our eggs in the wrong basket.

We have focused on reducing CO2 output at the expense of more important environmental concerns.

Various “messiahs, seers, occultists, witches, magicians, and charlatans” proffered explanations of nature’s nervous breakdown, and a frenzy of finger-pointing led to rampant torture and burning of scapegoats.” Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

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