Mike Stone – As Covid Hoax Falters, Is an Alien Invasion Next?

Have you noticed the sudden increase of UFO sightings and stories appearing in the MSM lately? Could this be the beginning of a fake alien invasion?

by Mike Stone — (henrymakow.com)

UFO program

“Do you believe in UFOs?”

My answer is always: “Yes, I believe they’re real, but they’re not from outer space.”

The late researcher John Judge called UFOs “Unidentified Fascist Observatories.” He noted that the Germans developed disc-shaped aircraft in World War II and that the rocket scientists behind those aircraft – Wernher Von Braun and others – all went to work for NASA after the war. Von Braun also did some work for Walt Disney.

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Martin comments: After personally keeping the Blue Beam agenda light burning for a decade now, it’s extraordinary to see how many media sources and individuals with open eyes and minds are suddenly catching on. This Henry Makow article the latest in a growing line.

Thing is, the COVID agenda has been less of a success for the Powers That Be than it might have been because of the very information technology that “they” unleashed on the public in the first place. Many years ago, Serge Monast was just a lone lunatic whistleblowing on a paranoid fantasy, so he met with a heart attack and the world didn’t even blink. Now, the technology Monast explained has become reality, and the “mark of the beast” part is coming to pass via DNA harvesting and the Reset. Who remembers this “lightshow” put on by NASA a few years back: Project Azure…sounds awfully like Project Blue…

aurora experiment
Project AZURE, allegedly to study winds in the upper atmosphere….BUT WHAT COLOR IS AZURE? Hello, WAKE UP!!

I’m betting that, just as with COVID, there will be a good number of people who won’t be fooled by either invading aliens or religious visions.

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Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of theCONTrail.com community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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Tue Jun 15 , 2021
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