Space Odyssey 2021: The Big Failure

On July 11, an outstanding news shook the world. The space race between two notorious millionaires Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson, was allegedly won by the latter. Branson went up into space nine days before Bezos. In response, Blue Origin refused to recognize Virgin Galactic’s voyage as a space flight.

By South Front 13 July 2021

Via Global Research, July 15, 2021


Unfortunately, a closer look at such incredible news should make readers more disappointed than impressed. In fact, even despite the wide popularization in recent years, nothing has happened in the field of space exploration for decades, nothing other than large PR campaigns.

Today is July 12th, 2021. The end of the first quarter of the 21st century is approaching. The first satellite was launched more than 60 years ago, back in 1957. The first man went into space in 1961. Americans landed on the Moon in 1969.  A major breakthrough was made in 1977, when a space probe U.S. Voyager 2 was launched to study the outer planets and interstellar space beyond the Sun’s heliosphere. It reached Uranus back in 1986 and Neptune in 1989.

This series of revolutionary discoveries ended with decades of fiasco. What happened next? A small US satellite called New Horizon, which is almost twice as light as Voyager 2, was launched directly to Pluto only 25 years later, and reached it in 2015.

The real aim of this “historical mission” can be seen in the stuff that the probe was filled with. A place that could be used to install more scientific equipment on board of the New Horizon was used for displacement of:

  • a capsule with ashes of astronomer Clyde Tombaugh, the discoverer of Pluto,
  • a CD with 434,738 names of people who participated in the NASA campaign “Send Your Name to Pluto”,
  • two coins,
  • two US flags,
  • a fragment of the first inhabited private spacecraft Space Ship One,
  • a CD with photos of the device and its developers,
  • a US stamp of 1990 “Pluto: Not Yet Explored”.

What did those who sent this stuff into outer space think about? Did they expect that the American coin, flags and some ash would impress a potential outer space civilization, which might collide with this half-ton piece of metal somewhere beyond our galaxy? Obviously not. There are much less dummies in NASA than in the White House. Unfortunately, NASA reports to the White House, and not vice versa.

Sending trash to the outer space by the New Horizon was a large PR campaign, designed to shake up the information net on Earth. Indeed, the Voyager 2 was sent for scientific purposes. The New Horizon launched had two main goals:

  • money laundering;
  • shaking the global MSM.

Thus, today, there is nothing more than another campaign aimed at shaking of the global net, which serves as a bouncy castle for two representatives of the global oligarchy, Bezos and Branson, accompanied by Musk.

Branson, who published his famous book “Loosing My Virginity” back in 1998, finally built a super rocket and managed to rise it to an altitude of less then 100 km, making the second acrobat Bezos pitching a fit. What a sensational news in 2021!

Let’s remember the legendary epic “2001: a Space Odyssey”, filmed back in 1968 by Stanley Kubrick, such geniuses of science fiction as Arthur Clarke, Azik Azimov, Robert Heinlein, Stanislav Lem, Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, Ivan Efremov and others. All of them, who evaluated the potential directions of intensive mankind evolution in the second half of the 20th century, could not imagine that in 2021 Bezos&Branson PR would replace all really important achievements in the outer space exploration.

The social processes we are facing today are not an organic way of evolution, but they are deliberately moderated, since harnessing the energy of the solar system would dramatically change our reality. Overcoming of the closed system we are living in is the only way to achieve the real implementation of the ideal of universal equality, which socialists dreamed of in the second half of the 19th century.

The ability to go up into space not at someone’s own whim, but to achieve the common good, available to those who deserve it because of their knowledge, desires and physical capabilities and not because of their wallets, is what human progress is missing, while following the elite’s child play.


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Martin comments: Musk to Mars, Branson and Bezos into orbit…now we just need to make ’em a one-way ticket…and find a suitable destination for Bill Gates. Suggestions are welcome.

Ps One may note a distinct pro-Socialist agenda lurking within the wording of the article: “the ideal of universal equality, which socialists dreamed of…the common good…” Yeah, unfortunately for the Socialist ideal, wealth is always going to concentrate into the hands of the few who are talented with entrepreneurship and capital-building (making money). The problem isn’t the accumulation of wealth so much as how the wealthy utilise the money and assets. Not quite sure the “my rocket’s bigger than yours” antics are particularly productive. Hence my initial comment. The world is better off without overinflated egos and their agendas.

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