‘I never thought this would happen in France’: day one of showing Covid vaccine pass

Day One of The New Normal in France. The awakened knew it would happen. Welcome to the Covid World Order (actually it’s more like chaos) MH

Covid certificates

From The Guardian (link below)

Showing a health pass or negative PCR test is obligatory if people want to access cultural venues

There are teething troubles on day one of France’s controversial health pass for accessing public places. Outside Montpellier’s main art gallery, the Musée Fabre, a security guard squints at a visitor’s smartphone. “I can’t see your pass,” he says. The visitor tries shielding it from the severe Mediterranean sun: “I don’t see anything either. I can’t even see whether my phone’s unlocked or not.”

From Wednesday, showing either a health pass, or proof of a negative PCR test dated to within 48 hours, is obligatory in France for anyone wishing to access any cultural or leisure facilities with a capacity of more than 50 people. This includes cinemas, art galleries, libraries, museums, sports centres and work-related events. Cafes, restaurants and trains will fall under the measures at the beginning of August.

The measures are part of Macron’s push to reignite France’s flagging vaccination drive amid a fourth wave of the pandemic. With 18,000 cases reported in the 24 hours prior to 20 July, French government spokesman Gabriel Attal described the Delta variant-driven surge as “stratospheric”; the national week-on-week infection rate has jumped 125% to 86 per 100,000, well above the national alert threshold of 50.

As holidaymakers flock to the coast, the southern Occitanie region is one of the most seriously affected. The infection rate in the Hérault department, of which Montpellier is the capital, has risen to 202.7 per 100,000, more than a 200% increase week on week.

A calm queue has formed in the cavernous foyer of the Mediathèque Emile Zola, the city’s main library – except for one grumbling pensioner. “I’ve had one injection,” the old man protests. “I’m afraid you need two,” he is told. He storms off, carping to himself.

Seham, a 26-year-old student, is also turned away, because she doesn’t have the necessary certification. She thought the measures started in September. “It’s wrecked my day a bit,” she says.

Sipping an espresso outside the glass doors of the cinema Diagonal, manager Charlie Pereniguez, 36, points out that the new health pass has already caused a drop in advance ticket sales nationwide. “It’s really dropped us in the shit having to check everyone...READ MORE

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